Monday, 25 January 2016

Morning Star, week 3

On Monday I got a ride to work from a colleague for the first time since I started that job in November 2014. Felt pretty amazing to be able to sleep until 3.30am rather than just 2am :) I was still very tired when I got home, though. I wanted to play something, but I didn't have the energy to play Fallout where I would have to actually concentrate, and so I started up a new playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition instead.

On Tuesday I picked up my new passport. The picture turned out alright, even though I thought I looked tired and haggard and ten years older when I took the picture :P For the rest of the day I played Fallout.

On Wednesday and Thursday I mostly spent the day playing Fallout. We did have our weekly cosy day on Wednesday too. We watched episodes of Heroes Reborn, The Big Bang Theory and Under the Dome.

On Friday and the weekend I worked in the morning all three days and then spent the rest of the days playing Fallout: New Vegas. I'm really getting into it. This weekend I completed the side quests portion of the game, as well as discovered every available location. Now I'm working on the unmarked quests as well as the DLCs before I decide what to do with the main story and complete that. I still love the in-game radio. It was awesome in Fallout 3, and it's awesome in New Vegas as well :)

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