Monday, 1 February 2016

Morning star, week 4

What a week!

On Monday I went to work as usual, but I was deadly tired, and when they asked me to stay behind to work for a little while longer I felt like crying from exhaustion. But it all went well. When I got home I played some Dragon Age: Inquisition and watched a new episode of Call the Midwife and some episodes of classic Doctor Who. I fell alseep around 9pm.

I woke up after 14 hours of sleep and almost immediately started playing Fallout: New Vegas. Toni had the night shift this day so I played long into the night.

Wednesday was spent gaming, preparing for travel, and watching the last episode of Heroes Reborn and the three last episodes of Under the Dome. Kind of glad to have Under the Dome out of the way, and although the series was cancelled before the proper ending arrived, the last episode of season three really felt like an ending either way, so it was kind of satisfying.

On Thursday I went up early to catch the train to Malmö. Because of some problems north of Stockhom every single train going from Stockholm was delayed. First I had some trouble getting to the train station from which the long distance trains go, and then my train was delayed. But I caught it in time, and managed to get to my parents place not too late. Went to bed farily early.

On Friday I got up around noon and then I had breakfast and read some before my dad came and picked me up and went around some errands to fix things before going to Germany. Around 8pm we were picked up and then we went to the ferry.

For what happened on Saturday and Sunday read the respective posts from Germany :) I've had a blast so far!

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