Monday, 29 February 2016

Sun's Dawn, week 4

Monday was work, but we worked fast and got off relatively early. When I arrived at the bus stop afterwards, there came a bus with the sign "not in service", but the driver noticed another driver walking by my bus stop and stopped there, allowing his colleague to ride with him. The driver then asked me where I was going and allowed me to go with them since they were going the same place xD First time riding on a "not in service" bus xD When I got home I watched the new episode of Call the Midwife, as well as some episodes of X-Files.

Tuesday was work and after a really slow day I got home and played Fallout 4, and that's basically it xD

On Wednesday I was free and I spent most of the day playing Fallout 4. But the day ended with new episodes of The Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead.

Thursday and Friday were both work. But I had some issues with the card terminal on Thursday so that was interesting. Enough to keep me occupied anyway. After work I came home and started playing, you guessed it, more Fallout 4.

On Saturday we had plans, but not before the evening so I spent most of the day playing Fallout 4. After dinner we joined up on Skype with some friends and acquiantances and played Cards Against Humanity for a couple of hours, then we switched to Left 4 Dead 2. Both of which included drinking alcohol so towards the end we weren't especially agile while dodging the zombies xD We finished playing around 3am, but Toni and I didn't get into bed until almost 5am, spending almost 2 hours talking in the sofa, which was incredibly cosy.
Screenshot from the evening

Sunday was spent being hungover. Still, I had to get up early so I could go to bed early the same evening. Spent the first few hours reading my new book, and then started up my first ever game of Fallout Shelter on my phone. Surprisingly good graphics for a phone game. It sort of feels like Banished, but in the Fallout universe. Too bad the game works like a Tamagotchi and demands my attention every time some room has produced something, or a kid is born, or a kid grows up... And my explorers of the Wasteland keep dying because I'm not there to monitor them. But overall everything worked fine in my Vault the last time I checked in on them :P After Toni woke up I went to play some Fallout 4 before bedtime.

And then it was Monday again...

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