Monday, 14 March 2016

First Seed, week 2

Monday was a really nice day. Everything went smoothly at work, and then during all the 15 minutes it takes to walk to the bus stop me and a colleague talked about Mass Effect and Dead Space, and also sci-fi in general :) It was a lot of fun ^^ Got home and made dinner, and then I watched the season finale of Call the Midwife, as well as the new episodes of Once Upon a Time, Grey's Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals :) And then I felt like playing something, but I couldn't think of what, so instead I spent an hour downloading patches for Elder Scrolls Online, while watching classic Doctor Who, and then I spent a few hours playing ESO with a new toon. It's been a while and it was a lot of fun, though I basically only got through the prologue and like half of the starter area. I have this headcanon that one and the same toon has lived through all the games. A wood elf that thanks to vampirism has been around for a lot longer than she should have. So basically she's around 1000 years old by the time we get to Skyrim :P (If I count correctly, Tamrielic eras are weird). So long periods of vampirism and occasional bouts of getting cured and living a while as a mortal, and occasionally as a werewolf, is how she's lived her life. I'm seriously considering writing a fanfic on this premise.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were mostly spent playing Fallout 4. On Thursday we also watched the latest episodes of The Walking Dead and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as an episode of The Strain.

On Friday I had work in the morning, and when I got home I played some more Fallout 4, before Toni asked me to dye his hair and then we went downtown for some fancy, delicious dinner :3 380g burger was a bit too much, but also very awesome. When we got back home I played some more Fallout 4 :)

Saturday started out with playing Fallout 4, but a little over 5 pm I got on the bus to go to a party north of Stockholm. It was a party with colleagues from the tourist agency, most of whom I had never met before but it was still a lot of fun. We turned on the TV to watch the finale of the Swedish competition deciding our participant in the Eurovision Song Contest :) (Which I realised was the reason why there was so goddamn many people at the central station in Stockholm, they were all going to the show). Tbh I don't follow the Swedish competition, but I always watch ESC, so this became the first time I watched it this year. Most of the songs were boring, rip-offs of earlier years, or just plain bad. After the winner was announced I decided it was a coup because Sweden can't afford to win two years in a row :P (I thought this was the best song of the evening). The best part, honestly, was the medley towards the end of old hits that first saw the day of light in this show, throughout the years. Nostalgia deluxe! Most of the songs were from the last decade (02-09) and during that time I followed the Swedish competition more closely. Let's just say I knew all the songs (and I rediscovered an old favourite!). Another beautiful thing was the performance of last year's winner of ESC as a sort of anti-bullying campaign - gave me goosebumps. Here's the nostalgia medley:
Since it was a party with the tourist agency, during the evening we also had a quiz about Stockholm. I lost, which was expected. Questions about restaurants? I've only briefly flicked through the restaurant pamphlet and I never eat at fancy places in the city :P Questions about streets and squares? I don't even know the street names of Malmö and I grew up there! Questions about museums? I should know this, but the others were quicker - I blame the wine. Questions about the history of Stockholm? Yes, maybe something I know! This is where I got my only question :P I got the answer right to what happened in Stockholm in the year 1520. That's easy. The Stockholm bloodbath :P In the end I had to leave early, because of work the next day, but I had a lot of fun while it lasted. 

Sunday was work again. First time in a really long while that I worked on a Sunday at the food box place. What I like about working Sundays there is that we have a set time when we're done. On Mondays we just keep going 'til everything's packed and shipped and ready, and that sometimes takes a while (sometimes the machines keep acting up, or someone is new on the job and makes mistakes, or some food stuffs haven't even arrived on time so we have to wait for them). So Sundays are nice in the sense that we know when it's done, and can thus make plans for the rest of the day. During the walk to the bus, this day, my colleague and I talked about the Witcher-series. It was a lof of fun for me to finally be able to point out flaws in the storytelling in Witcher 3 and how there's so much that doesn't add up between the first two games and the third one. I love Witcher 3, but it feels separate from the other two games, and that bothers me. In the evening we met up with Toni's family and had dinner at a restaurant, because it recently was his mother's birthday. After the food was finished, his younger sister and I both felt like we wanted dessert, but none of us felt like we could manage one alone. So we decided on sharing (we have done this before, it's great). But since we wanted dessert, some of the others also decided to have dessert. The sister and I got baked cheesecake with passionfruit, which was a good choice, easily the best out of the whole dessert menu. Toni got the vanilla pannacotta so I got to taste that too. It was good, but not as good as the cheesecake. Yum!

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