Monday, 28 March 2016

First Seed, week 4

Monday was work. It went very well and I was done and leaving by 1.30pm :) When I came home I watched X-Files and then went to sleep early.

On Tuesday I went downtown and bought a birthday gift for my mum. When I came back I started playing Portal. It's my first time and I only played for a little over an hour. All the portals made my head spin xD But I'll finish it soon and then move on to Portal 2. I'll try to deal with my humongous backlog now that I don't have any big amazing games coming out soon. (Or maybe I do but I don't know about it yet). After dinner and X-Files I started up Skyrim instead. I have downloaded a new quest mod called Falskaar and as soon as I'm done with Dragonborn DLC I'll get started!

On Wednesday I mostly spent the day watching Toni play Uncharted.

On Thursday I met up with Anna in Stockholm. We went for coffee at Espresso House in Old Town and then walked across the road to spend some time in the Sci-Fi bookshop. Hadn't seen her in over a year I think so when we started talking (getting past the initial awkwardness) we talked about what we had been doing since last time and also a lot about TV shows that we both like (she got me into Once Upon a Time, I got her into Doctor Who - fair trade :P), and also about books and authors in general. She was the one who recommended me John Ajvide Lindqvist and I recommended her Neil Gaiman, also a fair trade. While there I bought two new books (Half a War by Joe Abercrombie (finally!), and Agnes Cecilia by Maria Gripe), the original Harry Potter colouring book, and a Garrus Pop Vinyl figurine (finally! that one has always been sold out when I've been there before). After a quick trip to Comics Heaven a short walk away and some time sitting out in the fading Spring sun we went back to the Central station and went our separate ways. It was a really nice day and I hope it won't be over a year until we meet again :)
When I got home I watched Toni play some more Uncharted and then we watched the new episodes of The Walking Dead and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

On Friday we got on the train to Malmö. Due to construction/reparation work on the tracks we had to wait for a transfer bus from Stockholm before the train could depart from Södertälje, and thus we were 20 minutes late. But by the time we arrived in Malmö we were only 7 minutes late so they made good time :) Arrived to my parents place and got delicious dinner and then spent most of the evening reading on the sofa :)

On Saturday the family arrived for Easter dinner. Easter still means Easter eggs for my sister and me from our grandparents, and they always include our SOs. So that meant 2 eggs each for all the "children" (of which the youngest is 22 and the oldest 31). When all the grandparents and sister + her bf had left we watched The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared on tv. I haven't read the book, but the movie was fun so it seems promising. Maybe a new Swedish author to discover this year? :)

On Sunday we got on the train back to Södertälje. Originally the trip takes about 4 hours, but due to the train being redirected because of construction/reparation work on the tracks also in the south the trip was now estimated to take almost 6 hours :/ On top of that we were 20 minutes late from Malmö. Awesome. But I had my books and the train managed to catch up to those 20 minutes and we arrived right on time in Södertälje. Toni's mum picked us up at the station. She was going to get Chinese food on her way back so we decided to get some too since we hadn't eaten on the train. So ride home + Chinese food = win :) When we got home I watched Toni play some more Uncharted and then I went to sleep.

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