Monday, 25 July 2016

Last Seed, week 1

On Monday I went back to work. It was my first day of me being responsible of things because the boss was on holiday and so I was really nervous. Nervous to the point that I kept imagining the worst-case scenarios and I got about 1 or 2 hours of sleep that night. Turned out not so bad. Everything worked amazingly smoothly. During the summer we don't have as many boxes to pack so the others were done around 11am, and then I just had about 5 hours of waiting to do. Waiting for the drivers to come and pick up their respective pallets. Of course there was one idiot who was a complete imbecile. He was supposed to pick up 10 pallets and arrived in a friggin delivery van rather than a truck. His manual forklift was a joke that could barely lift anything, hardly more than a toy. And he managed to break a few boxes while trying to squeeze the 10 pallets into the van so we had to repack them. And while the boss's brother was busy chewing him out for being incompetent he was just standing around smiling like the idiot he was. He looked like he was barely 20 and had just recieved his licence for heavy vehicles. All of the drivers were supposed to have picked up their pallets at 4 pm. But of course another idiot was late and didn't show until five. Luckily I got a ride back home so I was home before six. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten home before seven. Got home, ate, watched Toni completed Dark Souls, and then fell asleep before my head touched the pillow. Then I slept for 16 hours.

On Tuesday I didn't have anything special planned. I spent most of the day just clicking around online. In the evening we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant downtown. I'd had a craving for Chinese curry for several days. When we got home I started up The Sims 4. Several new packs, updates, and expansions had been released since I last played so I had a lot of fun discovering all the new stuff. I decided to try to recreate my family from The Sims 2, but I'll miss all the different sort of people you could be in 2. Later in the evening we watched a couple of episodes of The Strain.

On Wednesday I was back at work at the tourist agency. After work I walked from my work place to the Royal Gardens (about 3 km, see post) while playing Pokémon Go and then I spent about 30 minutes in the Gardens sitting between two poké stops with lures catching everything that showed up. I then went for lunch and then went home. When I got home I started up a new game. The RPG of Game of Thrones. No, not the Telltale game. The other one. Released two years earlier. After dinner I continued playing The Sims 4.

Thursday was also work and looked a lot like Wednesday. I spent half an hour at the Royal Gardens catching everything. Then had lunch, then went home and continued playing Game of Thrones. And once again, after dinner, I played some more The Sims 4. I've made a beautiful transgender teen, and right now I'm working my hardest to get the dad abducted so I can get him impregnated by aliens. Since aliens are the only alternative people in 4 (as for now) I really need at least one in my family.

On Friday I was free and I spent most of the day playing Game of Thrones. In the evening Toni and I went out for a very, very long walk, and I chased Pokémon while we walked. Even caught myself a nice Aerodactyl, and my 10km Egg hatched into a CP 500+ Pinsir. Nice! :D When we got back I played some more Game of Thrones.

On Saturday I had work in the afternoon/evening, but since we stayed up so late on Friday I didn't get much time at home before going away. I mostly watched Toni play Dark Souls 2 before it was time to go. Work went fine. It was my first time being responsible for closing up shop at my new tourist info desk so I was a little nervous about it, but it went very well I think. I got home after a horrible train ride where I was seated in the same area as about a dozen loud children +  a small dog that wouldn't stop yapping -.-' When I got home I joined my friends in playing Cards Against Humanity and later Golf With Friends, where I scored my first Hole in One :D

Sunday was also work at the tourist agency. I had taken on a double shift and so I was there for 7 hours. I was on closing duty again, but it went smoother this time than the day before. Got home around 9pm and then all I had to do was prepare for Monday and go to sleep.

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