Monday, 4 July 2016

Sun's Height, week 2

Alright, let's try this again :)

On Monday I had work until 2pm. It went really well (nice change of pace) nad I learnt a lot of new things as preparation for when the boss is on holiday and she wants me to be one of three people in charge during that time. I also spent a lot of time talking about E3, VR, Skyrim Remastered, Mass Effect Andromeda and Portal with a colleague while we worked. That made everything a bit more fun :) I got home around 4pm and spent the rest of the evening finishing the last season of Once Upon a Time (I'm way behind) and also watching 7th Heaven.

On Tuesday I started up a new playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition. I got to the Hinterlands and met Mother Giselle before it was time to make dinner. The rest of the evening I spent doing laundry and watching 7th Heaven until Toni got home and I instead watched him play Dark Souls on the 360.

On Wednesday I was supposed to work, but I didn't get any sleep at all during the night because of a bad cough that just showed up out of nowhere. I finally fell asleep just after my alarm went off at 6.30am and when the next alarm went off I just decided to call in sick. And it wasn't just the cough. I spent the whole day with a stuffed nose and a dizzy-heavy head. I spent most of the day watching Toni play Dark Souls. Then he went off for the night shift at work and I spent the rest of the evening watching 7th Heaven and Charmed.

Thursday went a lot like Wednesday. I did some writing before dinner, and then I spent the evening watching Toni play Dark Souls, until we decided it was time for the weekly cosy-thing and watched the last episode of Game of Thrones as well as an episode of Agents of Shield. Then I went to bed.

On Friday I was back at work. It was a lot of fun. I really like working at the tourist information desks around town. After work I went to the Sci-Fi bookshop to buy a birthday gift for Toni. I had already bought him one thing, but he knew what it was because I had to tell him so he didn't buy it himself :P So I bought one more thing for the sheer surprise of it ^^ Took the train all the way to the centre and met up with Toni. He bought some alcohol for the weekend and then we had dinner at the Steakhouse :3 When we got home I asked Toni if he wanted his gifts today or on the actual day. He wanted today so he unwrapped Uncharted 4 Special Edition and Deadpool Complete Collection vol. 4 :) And then I spent the evening watching Toni play Dark Souls until bedtime.

Saturday started with more work. Then I got home and watched Toni play more Dark Souls. In the evening we teamed up with a bunch of friends and first played Golf With Your Friends and then CS:GO. Golf was a lot of crazy fun, but CS not so much. It was the first time ever I played CS. Ever. And while Toni has a lot of experience with older CS titles, he is practically completely new to GO. Our friends were the complete opposite. They knew the maps. They knew where they could listen for sounds. They knew where you could utilise glitches and shoot through walls. They knew every single hiding spot for sniping. And all of them used friggin sniper rifles of some sort. So here I am, brand new, with my friggin AK not even being able to aim properly before I'm shot in the head. So it turned into an evening of being cannon fodder. I was being farmed. And in the end it wasn't fun. In the last round I had 1 kill and 13 deaths. Yay? -.- The rounds I didn't die was when the other players carried me. Toni and I had played for an hour earlier in the day so that I would have some idea of what to expect, and when it was just him and me against the bots I had a lot of fun. I know I'm being a sore loser, but how could I be anything else when I didn't even stand a chance?

Sunday was my last day of work before my holidays started. I spent the day being the administrative boss, basically. Around 1pm they were done with packing boxes and they all left. I was all alone in the building waiting for the truck drivers to come along and load the pallets, and then get their signatures before they left. I realised when I was all alone there and the worst of the nerves had disappeared that I actually enjoyed the administrative stuff a lot more than the hard labour, stacking boxes on pallets stuff. And for the first time in a very long time I left that work place in a good mood. When I got home I watched Toni play Dark Souls until I fell into bed, very happy with the thought that I was now free from work for two weeks straight ^^

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