Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sun's Height, week 4

On Monday I didn't do anything special. I mostly watched Toni play Dark Souls and then I did some packing.

On Tuesday we got on the train to Malmö. Four hours. Yay. I spent the whole journey reading Anansi Boys. When we got to my parents place we were awarded for the long journey with dinner and strawberries. My parents had a bunch of stuff they wanted me to look at and then tell them if I wanted. The stuff came from my mum's aunt's place. She's got Alzheimer's and is moving from her flat to a home, so she can't keep all her stuff. And since she has no children of her own, my mum, my sister and me were first in line. Luckily my mum is at least aware that I've grown up. When my grandmother moved from her big house to a flat (in 2011) and wanted me to take some things she had decided that I still wanted cute little porcelaine figurines like I did when I was 8. This time I was mostly interested in old books. Like my Musketeers set. In the end I decided on a pair of cool ice cream bowls, a cute looking metal case, a 19th century Bible, and a set of two books of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. And then I finished Anansi Boys early in the night.
The top of the metal case I got :)

On Wednesday we had planned a full day in Malmö. I started the day by reading Career of Evil. In Malmö we first went to the Sci Fi book shop. I found lots of books that I wanted of course, but I decided on a new Gaiman book, Interworld, the first book in the series that inspired the Witcher games, The Last Wish, the next book in the Mass Effect series, Ascension, and the next book in the Dragon Age series, The Calling. Afterwards we met up with T, who we usually camp with at Sweden Rock, and we had fika at Espresso House. Around 5.30 we met up with J and W, also from Sweden Rock, and went to Rosegarden for dinner at their Asian buffet. After dinner we moved on to Lilla Torg and the Scottish pub DrumBar for drinks. We got home around 1am.

The majority of Thursday was spent doing nothing. I mostly read Career of Evil. Then Toni wanted to buy Coke for the rum he bought on Wednesday and so we decided to walk to the centre and buy some. The dog needed walking so we took her with us. Best behaved dog ever. She likes to say hello to dogs if they're quiet and calm. But if they start jumping around, pulling the leash or barking, she just looks at them and walk by without any troubles. She's getting old now (turned 10 this April), but she still likes to chase after sticks and balls, though she tires a lot faster nowadays. When she was younger she could keep going forever. Anyway, when we got back we did some rum&coke and after dinner we went to the annual little festival in the village. There we met up with J and W again :) We saw Bonafide and Perikles (they are almost traditional by now), and then we stayed a little for the once-famous trio in the end (Mikael Rickfors, Anne-Lie Rydé, Dan Hylander), but it didn't sound good so we left before that gig ended.

On Friday I had two friends to meet. At first we met up with L. I met her for the very first time last year, and despite being ten years younger than me we have some common interests. Except for HP there's a lot of Japanese stuff that we both like, and when we get over the initial awkwardness she's always nice to talk to. In the evening all three of us met up with H. I've talked to him online, but I hadn't met him before. He was a lot more shy than I expected, but still very nice and I'd very much like to meet him again sometime (for a longer time) so we can get over our awkwardness a bit more. It's always easier to talk to people online, but no matter how much you talk to them before meeting it's always awkward. Never changes. I don't think H knows, though, that when he smiles it makes him instantly likeable. After sushi dinner with L and H, we got on the train home and after a few drinks and more Career of Evil we went back to the festival and saw Backyard Babies with J and W.

I started Saturday with going to a flea market with my mum and her best friend. Flea markets are huge in the south. As soon as the sun comes out in March and all the way until September, there are flea markets and ordinary markets everywhere. Can't say the same for this area around Stockholm. It had been years since I last went to a flea market and it was a lot of fun! None the least to look at all the junk people try to sell. In the end I found eight books that I bought. Seven of them were Alexandre Dumas and the last one was Mark Twain. Most of Dumas was a six-parter of the Count of Monte Cristo, and the other Dumas was The Last Chevalier. The Mark Twain book was obviously Huckleberry Finn. Pokémon Go was also released in Sweden this day and I had a lot of fun with it in the car on the way there and back. After fika, dinner, and a couple of drinks at home we went back to the festival and saw Markoolio and a Kiss tribute band with J and W, then we went back home. I had a lot of fun with J and W playing Pokémon Go. Toni's phone is too old to handle it :P On the way back home we stopped at the local poké stop: the church (it's a small village. I counted maybe 5 poké stops in total over the map there). At the church we ran into several other young people running around with their phones. During the night I watched the gym at the graveyard (lol?) change teams every five minutes.
Above: My 19th century bible and (below and up): Two parts Anna Karenina by Tolstoy, Six parts The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, and The Last Chevalier by Alexandre Dumas (note Alduin and Garrus in the background). Also my list of Pokémon on the first day of release.
Below: A short clip of Markoolio.
On Sunday we went back home. I had Pokémon Go on when we were driven from the village to Malmö and the change in amount of gyms and poké stops was amazing. Sooooo many!!! :o Four poké stops just around the central station. Like wth xD I was hoping that I could use Pokémon Go while on the train, because it worked in the car. But it turns out that the train moved too fast and my phone couldn't keep up the GPS tracking because it switched too fast. I tried turning it on every time the train stopped but the time it stood still was too short for me to be able to make use of it. So sad. So instead I spent the entire trip reading, and finishing, Career of Evil. When we got home we unpacked and had some noodles for dinner. Then I went to bed early. Holidays were over. Work started again on Monday.

I spent most of the week having this song stuck in my head:

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