Monday, 29 August 2016

Hearthfire, week 2

On Monday I had a few errands to run, but was otherwise free. First I went to my old job to give back the work clothes and my tag. Then I took the train to town and went by my optician to get an appointment there. Then I walked home. During my walks to and from the bus and then home I played Pokémon Go. Nothing much happened, except that I caught that last Slowpoke that enabled me to evolve into Slowbro :) When I got home I played Oblivion.

On Tuesday I only had work in the evening, so I spent the day playing Oblivion, then went to work, which went well, and then went home. When I got off the train I realised that the bus wouldn't come in over 20 minutes - and in that time I could walk home. So I walked. Hatched an egg on the way, a Doduo, which enabled me to evolve into a Dodrio ^^ Then I played some more Oblivion.

Wednesday was a short day at work. Afterwards I played Pokémon Go for a while. Next to Fotografiska there's a gym that I always walk past when walking from work to the centre. When I got there it belonged to Valor, so I decided to take it over for Mystic. When that was done I noticed that three Pokémon had spawned while I was battleing. While I caught them Valor took back the gym. I looked around and noticed a guy sitting with his phone. I was standing with my phone. He looked up and saw me. None of us said anything. Then I took over the gym again. Five minutes later he had taken over the gym again. So I took it over again. And then once more, before I decided to let him have it and started walking. When I turned around a few minutes later I saw that Instinct had shown up out of nowhere and taken the gym from him xD On my way into town I managed to catch the last Clefairy that I needed to evolve into a Clefable :) But that was also the only interesting thing that happened. For the rest of the time when I was out nothing but the most common Pokémon showed up and they refused to be caught. 5+ balls later and they ran away :/ So I got pretty fed up with the game and just went home. When I got home I just played Oblivion for the rest of the day.

Thursday was another short day at work, but I was so tired that I decided to go straight home afterwards. I finished reading my book on the train and then it was just Oblivion.

Friday was a busy day. We started with going downtown to buy liquor and also made an appointment at the tattoo salon :o My first ever coming soon! :D Then we went back home to freshen up and fix the place up. Afterwards we took the bus back downtown to have dinner with friends at O'leary's. Then went back home with said friends for a pre-party before going out. It was a lot of fun ^^

Saturday was spent only playing Oblivion.

Sunday I started with playing Far Cry 3. Then we went for a two hour walk, where I managed to catch a Hitmonchan and hatch a Tangela :) After we got back home I played some Oblivion while Toni fixed dinner. After dinner I started playing The Walking Dead: Michonne on the PS4 :) Then we watched the new episode of Fear the Walking Dead. After that, though, Toni was tired and went to bed and I went back to Oblivion for another two hours before I, too, went to bed.

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