Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Last Seed, week 2

On Monday I had work, but got off early so I was home around 1.30pm. I was very tired and spent most of the day watching The Originals and finishing the latest season.

On Tuesday I had the day off and decided to give in to my temptation and start a new playthrough of Oblivion. I spent most of the day playing that.

On Wednesday I went to work and after work I walked my usual route from work to the Royal Gardens to catch Pokémon. I managed to evolve a few. I also caught a Kadabra just like that. When I got home I helped Toni clean the flat, the T showed up. Our friend from Sweden Rock who we met up with in Malmö. He had been on a motorbike trip around Sweden and on his way home he travelled along the east side. So he asked if he could stay the night with us. Toni had the night shift but I thought it was ok. So we went to eat and then watched Toni play some Dark Souls 2 until he went to work. Then I fixed the last bit of laundry and then we put on Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl and watched that until bed time. I hadn't watched it in years, because back when it was new I watched it so many times that I knew all the lines in all the scenes from start to finish in the correct order.

Thursday worked a lot like Wednesday. After work I went to catch Pokémon - Flareon, Tentacruel, Cubone, Seel, Machop, Oddish, Diglett, and Venonat! - after I came home and dumped my bag we walked downtown (I caught Pokémon on the way, Toni played Ingress). First we had sushi for dinner and then we went to buy alcohol and BBQ supplies. When we got home again I spent the evening playing Pokémon Go in the sofa :P Just an incense and some waiting, while watching Toni play Dark Souls 2.

Friday was another day of work and catching Pokémon - Seadra, Wartortle, Dratini, Dragonair, Seaking, Gloom, and Hypno! - and then when I got home I showered and changed into a dress. We made the flat look nice, and started preparing the food. Around 5.30pm people started showing up for our BBQ&party night :) However, after we went inside when we had eaten I got a really bad headache, which completely destroyed my attitude to drinking that night. No matter what I did it wouldn't go away and it just kept getting worse. So around midnight I gave up and went to bed. The party continued without me. I told them they wouldn't need to stop just cause I went to bed, I'd be able to sleep anyway. And I did fall asleep as soon as I lied down.

On Saturday I had the day off and we didn't do anything in particular. Toni played Dark Souls 2 and I played Game of Thrones - until the power went out. It was only out for about 15 minutes, and when it came back we went back to playing. We had pizza for dinner and after dinner I just relaxed on the sofa until it was time for me to go to sleep, around 8pm.

Sunday was work and I got up at 4am so I would have time to walk to the train station (buses not running yet) and take the first train going at 5.30am. Work started at 7am, but because of Sunday traffic combined with summer schedules I was there already at 6.10am. With nothing to do for 50 minutes I booted up Pokémon Go and used an incense to catch some Pokémon. Didn't manage to catch anything impressive, but it was still fun and passed the time. Work went smoothly this day, and as I was responsible I was the one who stayed behind when the rest of them left. I could leave the building at 4.45pm when the last driver had left with the last pallet. On my way home Toni called and said he'd been out walking playing Ingress. We decided to meet up downtown instead and have dinner at the Japanese restaurant there. On the way there I managed to evolve my Metapod into a Butterfree. Then my 10km egg hatched to reveal a 1200 CP Snorlax!!! :D Dinner was delicious ofc (pic below), and on our way to the bus I managed to catch a Primeape! As soon as we got home I went to bed. Another day would start at 4am on Monday.

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