Monday, 15 August 2016

Last Seed, week 4

Monday was work as usual. On the bus home I caught a Charmander that finally enabled me to evolve into Charmeleon :D When I got home I mostly just watched Charmed until I went to bed.

On Tuesday I finished Moonpath to Elsweyr and then started up yet another playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition as intermission between games on my list. The question is whether I'll actually go through with this one or if it will be added to my pile of started but uncompleted playthroughs. But that's basically all I did this day.

On Wednesday I started up a new Skyrim quest mod called Pit Fighter and started playing. In the evening Toni and I went out for another three hour walk; he to play Ingress and I to play Pokémon Go. During the walk I hatched a Lapras and caught another Eevee that enabled me to evolve into a Jolteon :3 I also managed to take over a few gyms - for a few minutes.

Thursday was work, but it was a short day so after work I spent some time in the Royal Gardens catching some Pokémon. The only new Pokémon I caught was Grimer. When I got home I played Pit Fighter, which I also completed.

Friday was a long work day. In between shifts I managed to evolve into Dewgong and Parasect, and I also caught a Porygon! That was cool. I was on the bus when Porygon showed up and two ten-year-old boys behind me sounded like they might pass out from excitement when Porygon showed up. It was a lot of fun ^^ When I got home I was very tired so I spent the evening watching Toni play Dark Souls 2 and then I went to bed.

I was originally supposed to be free on Saturday, but a colleague asked if I could take his shift in exchange for his next week, and since I didn't really have anything planned for this day I accepted. So I went off to work for a 5 hour shift. My first hour I had company from the girl working the shift before me (first shift ends one hour after the middle shift starts and the middle shift ends one hour after the last shift starts), and we talked about Pokémon Go for most of that time. My last hour I had company from the girl working the shift after me and we talked about France, French and French people most of that time. It was interesting because while I like the language I'm not really a fan of the French, but she is. When I got home I just had dinner and then went to sleep.

Sunday started at 4 am. My last ever Sunday at my other job. I walked to the train station and took the first train leaving at 5.30am. When I got to the station I had some time left so I spent about ten minutes taking down the gym there and then taking over it. I got to keep it for a good two hours this time - probably due to the early hour when I got it xD Work was chaos, though. The meat that we needed for packing the food boxes was supposed to arrive at 9.30, but it didn't show up until almost 11. Our first departure was at 12, so we had to hurry. At 11.15 the first driver shows up and tells us that if we're not done within 30 minutes he'll leave without our pallets. Excuse me?! You have a friggin job to do and if you leave here without our stuff you're not really doing your job, are you? But we stressed like crazy and he could leave with all his pallets before 12. Ha! But wait, the bad stuff isn't over. The meat that arrived at 11 wasn't all the meat we needed, just part of it. The next batch didn't arrive until 1-ish. So once again we were running late. The last drivers were supposed to leave us with their pallets before four o'clock. 5.45pm the last driver left. In the end we only got 15 minutes overtime, but the whole day was complete chaos. As with Saturday I just had dinner and then went to sleep when I got home. Monday would start at 4 am.

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