Monday, 19 September 2016

Hearthfire 12th - Hearthfire 18th

What a week! I'm totally exhausted!

Monday I had work in the evening. I didn't do much else than that. Spent time on the internet mostly.

Tuesday I had a staff meeting in Stockholm so I had to get up at 6am to be there on time. Luckily I didn't have anything else to do this day so afterwards I went straight home and then I spent the day reading my book and also watching Dracula from 1931, The Wolf Man from 1941 and Night of the Living Dead from 1968. I was too tired to do anything special.

Wednesday was a busy day. First I had another staff meeting so I had to get up at 6am again. Afterwards I worked opening hours until 2pm, and after that I rushed to the train station to catch the next train home and get all the way to the centre and be on time for my tattoo appointment at 3.30pm. I made it in time and recieved my first tattoo ^^ The Deathly Hallows logo on my right wrist. It's not properly healed yet so picture will have to wait a bit. After getting a new tattoo each we had dinner at the Japanese restaurant in town. In the evening we watched Star Wars episode 2: Attack of the Clones. It's better than episode 1 obivuosly, but come on. I read in an interview once that George Lucas thought of the whole story for Star Wars when he was 15 years old. As a writer myself I can tell you that it's painfully obvious.

Thursday was a short day at work. When I got home I spent the day playing the new DLC for The Witcher 3.

Friday was a long day at work. In the hours between shifts I played Pokémon Go, but nothing fun and new happened. But I'm very close to a lot of fun and new things so I just have to keep playing to catch up. When I got home I watched Frankenstein from 1931 and The Mummy from 1932.

Saturday was yet another long day at work. I spent the time between shifts playing Pokémon Go, but still nothing fun and new. This work day was crazy. If you have never worked a job in service then you have no idea how incredibly stupid ordinary people can be. The tourist info desk at the department store is located right next to the restrooms. You need to pay to use the restrooms there, which is quite standard in Sweden. You're paying for a public restroom, but in exchange the restroom will be clean. Anyway, we deal with the visitors to the restrooms as well. This day I had a line going from inside the restrooms all the way out onto the floor of the store, for 2 hours. It felt like all of Europe was going to the restrooms in the store. Ofc people had left their ability to read along with their intelligence and their ability to see at home before going out. It's Saturday no need to think at all! So despite there being a sign next to the card machine for the restrooms no one could read it apparantly (there's probably less than 1mm between the sign and the card machine). So no one managed that basically. And since no one even bothered to read what it said on the screen of the card machine either it all ended up in the card machine going out of order. It said Out of Order on the screen of the machine, but seeing as no one could read this day people kept putting their cards in the machine and then getting angry with me when it didn't work. *sigh* So I took a piece of paper wrote "TEMPORARILY OUT OF ORDER" in capital letters and taped it on top of the card machine. That did the trick. They stopped trying to use the card machine, but instead they came to me to pay and complaining about the queue. *sigh* Basically, everything was my fault. All day. When I got home I watched Creature from the Black Lagoon from 1954 and Nosferatu from 1922.

Yesterday, Sunday, was another long day at work, and I once again played Pokémon Go during my break. Less people in the department store this day, which was a relief. I had company this day too and we spent most of my hours there talking about Japanese grammar, and writing. Practically analysing kanji and their radicals is a lot of fun. I also introduced this colleague to keigo, the three extremely polite ways to speak in Japanese which are required by societal circumstance to know how to use. He didn't know about keigo, his teachers hadn't talked about that yet. I have never really been somebody's senpai in Japanese, but now I am and I quite like it ^^ When I came home I watched one old movie (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from 1931) and a new-ish movie: The Woman in Black from 2012. After the newer movie was over I spent about 1½-2 hours watching nothing but horror movie trailers, which made me very jumpy. Especially so since just as one trailer ended a neighbour came home. So after having watched a bunch of creepy horror trailers I hear steps outside my door... O_o Creepy... When Toni came home we spent some time on Youtueb together and then I went to sleep. Totally exhausted from this week.

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