Monday, 26 September 2016

Hearthfire 19th - Hearthfire 25th

Another hectic week has come to an end.

On Monday I only played The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, and also watched two episodes of Star Trek TOS.

On Tuesday I played The Witcher 3 until it was time to go to work. I worked the closing shift so when I got home at 10.45pm I went straight to bed.

On Wednesday I worked the opening shift so I got up early and went in to work. After work I had lunch and then spent a couple of hours catching Pokémon. Nothing exciting happened, though. I got home around 5.30pm and then we had dinner and afterwards I started playing The Witcher 3. Toni had the night shift so I stayed up late playing until 2am-ish.

On Thursday we went downtown to buy a few things and have dinner at a restaurant. We walked down and I managed to catch the last Venonat I needed to evolve into Venomoth! :) When we got home we dyed each other's hair and afterwards we spent the evening playing. I played The Witcher 3.

On Friday we got up relatively early to get ready and pack a few things. We met up with a few friends downtown and then took the train to Stockholm and there met up with more friends and had dinner together at a restaurant. We then went to the harbour to get check-in and board our cruise ship. We went for a 23-hour cruise, back and forth between Stockholm and Turku, Finland. The occasion was a friend's birthday. This evening ended with all of us getting completely shit-faced xD

Woke up several times during the night to Saturday. I managed to snap a picture of the harbour when the ship was docked in Turku before dozing back off to sleep. Woke up with ravaging munchies and went to the tax free shop to get crisps and jerky, and then ate that while watching Disney Channel in the cabin. Around 4pm we met up with a couple of our friends to have dinner at the ship. We ran into a couple of other friends working on getting shit-faced again, but the four of us were really not in the mood for that. The ship docked back in Stockholm around 6pm, and we started on the long trip home. Got home around 8.45pm, unpacked, and then isolated ourselves in front of a computer each. Both of us needing to recharge our batteries after being surrounded by people for so long. Silence and solitude ♥ Went to bed rather late.

On Sunday we woke up and started playing games. In the evening we met up with Toni's parents for dinner at a restaurant downtown. When we got back home we returned to our computers. Around 9pm we snuggled up in the sofa and watched the latest episodes of Fear the Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory and Agents of Shield. Those were over around 12.20am and that's when we continued playing our games. I played Oblivion until bedtime.

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