Thursday, 15 September 2016

Hearthfire 5th - Hearthfire 11th

On Monday I was supposed to have the day off, but I was contacted and asked if I could work closing hours. I was reluctant to because it was meant to be my only day off before the weekend, and if I worked on this day that would in the end mean 11 consecutive work days for me. A little too much imo. But according to my boss I was really her last hope of getting someone to stand in, and in exchange she said she could take my shifts for Wednesday and Thursday instead. I was ok with that. So working in the evening. Instead of cooking dinner like I'd planned I went and bought a bunch of ready-made meals instead. Put one in and watched a few episodes of Tribe before going in to work. After work I did some writing and then went to bed.

Same shift on Tuesday. Spent the morning playing Oblivion and then had dinner and watched Tribe before going in to work. After work it was time for Far Cry 3, which I finished.

Wednesday I had the day off and I spent most of the day gaming. First Magicka (which proved really hard) and then Oblivion. Toni made special dinner and then in the evening we watched Fear the Walking Dead and The Strain.

On Thursday I had the day off and did nothing but playing Oblivion.

On Friday I had a long day at work. During the break I played Pokémon Go, and manage to catch an Omanyte and evolve into Starmie :D Got home and played Oblivion.

On Saturday I had the day off, but went into town to meet up with Tiffany. First time in three years! :o We did lots of walking and talking :P First we went to a café and had coffee and did some catching up. Then we walked to the Sci-Fi book shop and while I tried to be very economic I did buy two books that I just couldn't ignore. Two books in Japanese written by a Swedish girl living in Japan. She writes about all the things in Japan that are weird and/or different from her perspective, and I'm sure I'll like them! I've read books about foreigners in Japan before and how they feel about different things and I can always relate. This is gonna be fun.
Afterwards we took a short walk through Old Town and then got on the boat to Djurgården where we sat on the grass and just talked. We then took the boat back, planning on taking the bus to a Korean restaurant I knew of. Turns out there was a friggin half-marathon in town that day so getting to the bus was a real hassle. Runners covering the road and there being blockades all over so that the runners could run their marathon safely. But we managed and got to the Korean restaurant, and then I had bibimbap for the first time :3 Afterwards we split up and I went home. Later at home Toni and I watched several episodes of The Strain.

Basically all I did on Sunday was read.


What's the first thought in your head after reading this? Let me know!