Monday, 5 September 2016

Hearthfire, week 3

Monday I had the day off work and the only thing planned was my appointment at the optician. It went well. No changes! That never happens! :o Then I went to buy groceries and make food for 2 people for 5 days xD After dinner I just played Far Cry 3.

Tuesday was a short day at work and afterwards I played Pokémon Go. I hatched a Chansey and caught a bad Vaporeon (so I'm keeping my last Eevee until I can evolve it into Vaporeon). When I got home I kept reading my book and finished it the same day.

Wednesday was another short day at work, but this time I had a trainee with me and after work we had to come by the office, so no Pokémon Go that day. When I got home I continued reading my next book and finished it the same day. With a break for dinner and a 2-3 hours walk with Toni. Then we watched the new episode of Fear the Walking Dead, and I played the first episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne.

Thursday was also a short day at work and during my Pokémon Go walk afterwards I caught the last Magikarp that I needed to evolve into Gyarados! Finally! :D Afterwards I just had lunch and then went home. Spent the rest of the day playing Oblivion.

Friday was a long day of work. In the break between my shifts I took a walk with Pokémon Go and caught a Kabuto! :D When I got home in the evening I started writing and then spent the evening until bedtime doing some work on my story.

Saturday was also a long day of work. Between my shifts I took a walk, but didn't really catch anything interesting. When I got home I had planned on continuing writing but I was too tired and spent the whole evening watching The Tribe.

Sunday was my last long day of work for a while. As with the day before I didn't catch anything interesting during my Poké Walk, and when I got home I was too tired to do anything other than organising my music library on iTunes :P

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