Monday, 17 October 2016

Frostfall 10th - Frostfall 16th

On Monday I watched the new episode of Once Upon a Time. Then I had work in the evening, which went well. When I got home I played ESO.

Tuesday was a lot like Monday. I watched The Black Cat movie, went to work and then came home and played ESO. I had had trouble falling asleep on Monday night and was awoken early by some people moving just outside, except that it sounded like they were trying to pull apart the whole building with the wrong end of a hammer. The whole day I had that kind of headache you get when you haven't slept properly. When I was going home in the evening it was a mess at the store. So I missed the train I usually miss, but because of the mess at the store (elevators not coming, people all over the place being in the way, taking up space...) I also almost missed the next train. This meant I had no time to buy something to eat fromt he convenience store next to the station as I usually do when I work late. So I hadn't slept properly and I hadn't eaten in 8 hours. I was in a fantastic mood. Toni met up with me at the train station and bought fancy hot dogs with mashed potatoes for me at the gas station down the road. After eating that I felt a lot better (and was less likely to kill somebody).

On Wednesday I spent most of the day playing ESO. Toni and I then took a walk downtown and had sushi for dinner. I continued playing ESO when I got home, until it was time for snuggling up on the sofa and watch shows. And then there was more ESO.

Thursday was also all about ESO.

On Friday I watched Les Yeux Sans Visage and then went to work. It went well, no big hang-ups this day. When I got home I played ESO.

Saturday was a long day at work. Halfway through the day an old lady comes up to me and asks me where something is in the store. I say that I don't know and she smiles sweetly and says demeaningly: "But you work here, sweetheart." Well, if you're gonna be demeaning then I'll be unpleasant, so I said that "No I don't. I'm outsourced so I suggest you go find someone who does." I don't work for the store. We're allowed to have a desk at the store, but we don't work for them or in there at all. I'm not a reception and I'm not your guide to the department store. It says "Tourist information" on two places in big letters (along with the green info sign that comes with it) around the desk. I have suggested a big blinking neon sign with an arrow that points to us and says Tourist information. I'm not sure I'm joking about that anymore. When I finally got home it was ESO time.

Sunday I got up early for the morning shift. I've never worked mornings on weekends at the department store before, but I know that there are usually a lot of people there during the weekends. 30 minutes after opening every single storage locker was taken. Got a few tourists in, mostly Asian and German, but also a couple that sounded Dutch, which was a nice surprise. Dutch people are very nice, mostly. After work I had a late lunch and then went to check out the temporary Harry Potter shop at the Central Station. Cursed Child was released in Swedish this week so the publishing company put up a temporary shop for all the books in Swedish. I went to just check it out. I already have all the books in Swedish :P But I wanted to see it anyway. I found that they had also every colouring book available along with a table set up with pens and crayons where you could start using your new colouring book immediately. A girl about my age sat there colouring with a little girl who looked to be about 7 y/o. The girl my age was saying how happy she was with all this, and the 7 y/o was looking at her like she was crazy. There was also a place where you could dress up, complete with scarves and robes from the houses, and a Sorting Hat. While wearing the robes you could try riding the Firebolt and have your picture taken. I kinda sorta wanted to, but not right there, and besides I'd already done something similar (but bigger) at the Studio Tour in London. They also sold Bertie Bott's Beans and the shop assistants were dressed in Gryffindor robes. A little piece of heaven just like that. I caught myself smiling like an idiot looking at all the stuff. A dad was standing by the piles of Swedish books with his daughter who looked to be around 8-9, looking at them and probably debating whether to buy. The shop had a package deal for all the seven books for a 1000 SEK (that's a little less than €100). I decided to buy to colouring books that I didn't have and when I payed I asked the shop assistants if I could take a picture of the whole thing. They agreed and I went around the place for a while trying to find an angle that didn't include people's faces. This was the best I could do:

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