Monday, 24 October 2016

Frostfall 17th - Frostfall 23rd

On Monday I went to  the dentist for the annual check-up. Apparantly I have very good teeth. When I got home I read my book, watched the new episode of Once Upon a Time and some episodes of X-Files, and also played some Dragon Age Inquisition.

On Tuesday I had work in the evening so for this day I just watched some X-Files and played Dragon Age Inquisition.

On Wednesday I had work in the morning. After work I went for lunch and then went home. When I got home all I did was to play Dragon Age Inquisition, and later in the evening when Toni went to the night shift I watched some X-Files.

On Thursday I woke up with a light migraine (meaning I had all the pain, but not the sensitivity to light), but since this was going to be a very short day at work anyway I decided to ignore it and go to work anyway. When I got home I spent the rest of the day playing Dragon Age Inquisition. In the evening we also watched the new episodes of The Big Bang Theory, Agents of Shield and Westworld.

On Friday my migraine was still there and so I called in sick and spent most of the day playing ESO.

On Saturday I woke up migraine free, and played ESO the whole day. Ended up in quite the nice group and we spent most of the evening farming bosses in the world in the chance of getting loot containers containing special items for the Halloween event.

On Sunday I also only played ESO, but I completed the new DLC so there'll be a blog post about that, and after wrapping things up in ESO I'll move on to something else until I return.

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