Monday, 10 October 2016

Frostfall 3rd - Frostfall 9th

On Monday I had work in the evening. Before I went to work I did some blogging and watched the new episode of Once Upon a Time. When I got home I played ESO.

Tuesday was a day off, but Toni had the night shift. I spent the whole day doing some writing, blogging, watching Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, and watching several episodes of Digimon Adventure 02. I also went through my wardrobe and threw out a bunch of things.

On Wednesday I first went by the doctor's office and then did some shopping. When I got home I had planned on playing ESO but Update 12 was rolling out and the servers were thus offline. Instead I did some writing until the servers came back up in the evening and then started exploring the new stuff of Update 12.

I had a bad day on Thursday. We did some cleaning and then took a walk downtown to buy some things. During our walk I caught the last Squirtle I needed to finally evolve into Blastoise. In the evening I played some more ESO.

Friday I had work in the evening. Before work I watched the new episode of Grey's Anatomy. When I got home Toni was playing GTA V with some friends (not my type of game) and while I felt like playing something I really didn't feel like being surrounded by people, which would be the case in ESO, so instead I booted up Dragon Age Inquisition and continued the playthrough I started months back.

Saturday we were going to a party. I found some time to play DAI before getting ready. We met up with some friends at the Japanese restaurant in town and then got on the bus to our friend's place where the party was. The party was a lot of fun and we got home around 3.30am.

Sunday was a day of general relaxing. Spent most of the day playing DAI. We had pizza for dinner and in the evening we cosied up on the sofa and watched the new episode of The Big Bang Theory, the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead, and the first episode of a new show called Westworld that seems cool. Afterwards I continued playing until bedtime.

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