Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Hearthfire 26th - Frostfall 2nd

On Monday I had the day off and spent the day watching House on Haunted Hill, the new episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Once Upon a Time, and playing The Witcher 3.

Tuesday I had work in the evening. I spent the day doing nothing much. Blogging and watching Star Trek. Had the closing shift and it was to be an early morning on Wednesday so went to bed as soon as I came home.

Wednesday I had work in the morning. Afterwards I wanted to go for a walk and catch Pokémon but it was raining so I went home instead and started playing ESO. The point of it was to play the new DLC but instead I did everything but :P In the evening we snuggled up in the sofa and watched the new episodes of The Big Bang Theory, Fear the Walking Dead, and Agents of Shield.

Thursday I had the day off and it was mostly spent playing ESO. Although I was kicked out of a group by an elitist bastard because I wasn't good enough for him. I play to have fun, not to become the best in an imaginary world. Sorry if my build doesn't do enough damage for you.Sorry that I told you beforehand that my level wasn't as high as yours and you still invited me in. Idiot.

Friday I went to work as usual, but due to the storm the previous night the ship, whose passengers I would be helping with information about the city, was over an hour late. I called my boss and she said I could choose to wait around for it or leave. The cruise ship company ought to have known about the delay for hours - they should've informed us of it but as usual their communication ability is very bad. Since I had work in the afternoon too, and I wouldn't have the time to go home and then back again, i decided to wait around. The ship was supposed to dock at 10am. It arrived past 11am. Then I went to the office to drop off the cashier and then it was time for lunch and some Pokémon. Not a lot of fun happened there, but at least I hatched the last Nidoran I needed to evolve into Nidoqueen :) Always something. Then it was time for work again, which went well. Mostly because I had company. When I have company I'm less preoccupied with hating the shoppers. We have a tourist information desk inside a department store. It has two big signs on the wall saying clearly that we're tourist information. Still we get to act as customer service, department store reception, lost-and-found, department store information clerk, and cashier. And the shoppers all act as if they're shopping at the most exclusive, elite, bourgeoisie place in town. It's Åhléns. There is one in every single town in this country. You're not special. Get off your high horse and speak to me like I'm a person. I told Toni all this when I got home and he said it sounded like I was getting sick of my job. I'm not. I really enjoy helping the tourists, giving them advice, information and directions is great. And that's my job. Not all the other bullshit the shoppers throw at me. In any case, when I got home I went back online and continued playing ESO.

Saturday was work again, and it was crazy. But for some reason I was in a really good mood this day and not even the constantly bullshit-spewing shoppers could get me down from that. So although it was Saturday + Justin Bieber concert x2 in town + extreme amount of people in the store, and it felt like the whole country plus a lot more were converging on the toilets next to our desk, resulting in a queue from inside the toilet area all the way out into the store proper, and that meant people complaining to me about the queue (as if I could do anything about that), I still didn't get into a bad mood. It was great. When I got home it was ESO time again.

Sunday was also work, and it was similar to Saturday. I was in a sort of good mood this day too, but that feeling was slightly dimmed by the fact that this day I encountered so many Swedes who didn't understand me when I spoke Swedish to them. I made one customer angry, I think. She thought I said "code" when I said "card". And after I had said "card" the way I usually do three times and she still didn't get it, I changed and said "card" in Stockholm dialect and then angrily added: "Do I have to change my dialect for you to understand me?!" She was far from the only one. I don't understand you people. What's so goddamn hard?! I don't even speak a lot of dialect. I've lost lots of it during the three years I've lived here, and I didn't speak all that much dialect to begin with. It makes me so angry when people repeatedly don't understand me. Thanks for making me a stranger in my own country. I was born and raised in this country. I have ancestry 300 years back in this country. But thank you for making me feel like this isn't my home, and that I don't belong here. Really appreciate it.

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