Monday, 9 January 2017

Week 1 of 2017

Trying something different for my weekly updates. Let's see if this is more fun to write. The ones from last year got boring.

Reading: This week I've read two small e-books from Neil Gaiman's Humble Bundle, and I've also started reading The Shining by Stephen King. I've seen the movie several times, but this far the book is very different. Though I still see Jack Nicholson in my head for the main character. The Wendy in the movie is an insult to the Wendy in the book though. Book-Wendy's got a lot more spunk. The first Gaiman e-book I read was his contributions to a short-lived comic book called Rare Bit Friends and they were basically comics based off of his actual dreams. They were extremely wonky and a lot of fun to read. Too bad it was so short. The second was called Sculpture Stories and was basically a short-story collection, most of which I've read before in other collections, but with little drawings and illustrations to go with. It was nice. I also started reading another of his e-books called A Fall of Stardust, which is a compilation of short stories and poems related to the world of Stardust and with illustrations by Charles Vess. It's promising this far. On top of that I also found a new Harry Potter fanfic to follow, which seems promising but not as good as other fanfics I've read. It's called The Potions Assistant. And yes, that's more Snamione if you didn't figure it out by the title ;)

Gaming: I've been playing Skyrim Special Edition and Elder Scrolls Online. I decided that I would consider Skyrim done and completed by the time I had gotten all the achis. After that I was supposed to continue with Baldur's Gate, but a friend of mine picked up ESO and I wanted to play with him and then I fell back into it. Now I've found and amazing dungeon group in one guild and a really nice group for raids (trials) in another guild. I'm not gonna allow myself to get stuck in ESO again and only play that for months and months, so I'll try to play other things as well.

Working: 5 days this week. And I've been feeling tired and easily annoyed the entire week, so people have pissed me off more than usual this week. Basically, not a good work week. The fact that it snowed and public transport can't handle snow althought it happens every year, didn't improve my work mood.

Watching: Doctor Who Christmas Special (which was amazing), Call the Midwife Christmas Special (which was really good and I'm so looking forward to the next season), Penny Dreadful S03 (so sad that it's over), Sherlock S04 (yes!!! finally it's frickin back!!!), The Big Bang Theory S10 (continuation since autumn, this show gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling), and The X-Files S07 (getting close to the end of the original run now, sadness)
Start at 0:40
Penny Dreadful parallells

Fun stuff: Met up with a friend after work on Wednesday. We had lunch and coffee and then went to the Sci-Fi bookshop where we accidentally spent over 2 hours just talking about books, shows, and movies, and buying stuff.

Annoying stuff: Spending the first week of the year with a cold counts as annoying. Toni spent the week home from work, but I don't have the luxury of paid sickleave so I continued working. Just pop some pills and go to work!

Stuff bought: When I was at the Sci-Fi bookshop with my friend I bought one of Neil Gaiman's latest, a book recommended to me by my friend (which I had heard about from somewhere before), plus a book I found randomly that interested me.

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