Monday, 16 January 2017

Week 2 of 2017

Reading: I'm continuing reading The Shining by Stephen King, though that will be finished soon. I also finished the e-books A Fall of Stardust and Blood Monster, both by Neil Gaiman. As well as started on another e-book from his Humble Bundle called Ghastly Beyond Belief, which is one of the first books he ever published. I also decided to catch up on One Piece, which I haven't read since November 2015. I didn't quite manage, but I will be caught up soon.

Gaming: I've only played Elder Scrolls Online this past week. I even started a new character! My dungeon raiding group is still awesome and I love hanging out in the guild they all come from. I've been recommended for promotion there! Though, I have no idea how that's coming about or if it's even going to happen. Still I feel really at home there :3

Working: Three days this week. I've been in a good mood mostly throughout this week so no emotional drama from me at work this time :) I also sent out 10 cold applications to different hotels looking for full-time employment :)

Watching: I saw the old movie The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari from 1920. Toni and I went to the cinema on Wednesday evening and saw Rogue One, and of course we also watched the latest episode of Sherlock S04.

Fun stuff: The cinema definitely counts as fun stuff. During the hours between my shift ending at work and the cinema starting we were originally supposed to go to the Sci-Fi bookshop and have a look, but they were closed due to taking inventory :P So instead we ended up at The Royal Armoury. The admission is free and it's the oldest museum in Sweden, and I think such places are so cool! Clothes, armour, weapons and other things from all the old monarchs! It makes history feel so vivid. The first display was the clothes king Gustav III wore during the masquerade ball where he was murdered - old bloodstains on display and everything. Seeing the actual stuff makes history less like stories and more like something that actually happened. It feels like the people were really real and not just made up characters. It really helps that the place is located in the cellar vaults of the Royal Palace :3
Then on Saturday we had a kick-off party at work. I haven't laughed so much in in a long time; it was great :D And all of us got pretty hammered. We started with a Jeopardy style quiz about Stockholm and tourist-y things that we should be aware of. My team lost, but it was lots of fun anyway. Afterwards we turned into a music quiz thing, which started off as lots of fun when we were guessing songs from a "Best of 00s" playlist on Spotify, it turned less fun when the boss of the playlist was changed and we started guessing among songs from the toplists from the past 3-5 years... I don't know anything about any toplist music. Haven't listened to the radio since 2004. I've heard Adele's "Hello" only once - that might give you an idea of how much I know about mainstream music. But the mood shifted as soon as old songs started popping up again. All in all it was an amazingly fun evening :3 Here's a song we sang along to more than once.

Annoying stuff: The weather on Wednesday! The one day we pick to spend together in Stockholm turns into a grade 2 storm warning with lots of sleet and sudden gusts that almost made you fall over on the icy streets. Cobble stone and ice don't mix!

Stuff bought: Nothing except for food! Economic week! :D

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