Monday, 23 January 2017

Week 3 of 2017

Reading: I finished reading The Shining and picked up my next King book; a short story collection called Skeleton Crew. I also continued with Ghastly Beyond Belief, and I managed to catch up on One Piece and FairyTail.

Gaming: I played some Baldur's Gate this week, and now I have managed to get into the story and the characters, though I'm sure I've made some mistakes along the way, but that's bound to happen the first time you go into a major RPG. I've also played some ESO. Yesterday I tried some PvP for the first time in a long while, and for the first time ever it was actually fun.

Working: Six days this week. It's been the standard way this week. I wake up intent on being positive at work, and by the time half my shift has gone I'm ready to just pack up and leave because people are idiots. Not the tourists, I don't blame them for anything (except for being rude and angry with me for not knowing their language - yes I'm looking at you Finns), but the shoppers are a constant pain in the ass who left their brains at home before going out, if they ever had any. And why do all the rich old ladies look like a mix between Mrs. Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances and Ellinor Dahlén from Rederiet?

Watching: I've been watching lots of The X-Files S07 as well as two old black-and-white movies (Carnival of Souls and Black Sabbath). We also watched the last episode of Sherlock S04 together.

Fun stuff: Nothing special this week.

Annoying stuff: See "Working" above.

Stuff bought: Too many snacks.

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