Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Week 5 of 2017

Reading: I finished Skeleton Crew by Stephen King, and started on The Stand by the same man. During one night when I couldn't sleep I also read some Neil Gaiman shorties from his Humble Bundle: Feeders & Eaters, Free Speeches, and Gods & Tulips.

Gaming: It's been only ESO the past week. Did a trial with some peeps from the guild, and also lots of dungeons + saving up as much gold as possible to prepare for the Housing release.

Working: Five days last week. Three days closing hours, and opening hours on the weekend. Nothing special happened during those days really. Except for the time when a colleague stayed way, way, way past his shift just because he didn't want to go home and study, and then he stayed and studied with me, because it was Japanese so I could help him. It was a lot of fun and sort of made me miss studying Japanese.

Watching: I watched Call the Midwife S06 and Grey's Anatomy S13. Toni and I also watched The Big Bang Theory S10 and some Containment S01.

Fun stuff: That would be the Japanese I think. Also ESO. And the fact that I got a call-back from one of my cold applications asking if I could come in for an interview.

Annoying stuff: Only the fact that I couldn't sleep for two days and I have no idea why that happened.

Stuff bought: Only lots of tea and coffee aside from the necessities.

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