Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Week 6 of 2017

This past week was dominated by ESO, so I didn't get much else do.

Reading: I've only been reading The Stand by Stephen King. It's really good, but it's sooooooo long it's gonna take a while.

Gaming: Only ESO. Been having lots of fun with my guildies, and I've possibly peaked the interest of starting to play in three friends.

Working: Four days this week. Also got two interviews with the same place, and I'm optimistic I might get it, but I still haven't heard back from them so who knows. On a different note, I now have no more evening shifts this month! \^o^/

Watching: The Big Bang Theory and Containment. Nothing much else. Been watching a bit of TB's Co-Optional podcast as well.

Fun stuff: Saturday was gaming night! :D It was supposed to be a boardgaming night, but in the end we didn't get to do any boardgaming. We started with Worms W.M.D on the PS4, which was hilarious. Then there was a few rounds of Zombie Dice, and a game called Who in the Room, and then there was some Spank the Monkey.

Annoying stuff: The day when no trains were going south from Stockholm. That was slightly annoying but mostly an involuntary adventure in how to get home.

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