Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Week 7 of 2017

Reading: Only The Stand by Stephen King. 1300+ pages takes a while. Especially since I've gotten into the habit of not rading every day but only when I'm on the train to and from work.
Gaming: Mostly ESO, but I also completed The Walking Dead: Michonne. Both great games.
Working: Five dys last week, and most of them morning shifts, which I'm not used to after working middle and evening shifts for so long, so I've spent the entire week being constantly tired.
Watching: I've watched Call the Midwife S06, Grey's Anatomy S13, and I finally caught up with The Vampire Diaries S08. And we also watched the new episode of The Walking Dead S07. I also watched Rosemary's Baby from 1968.
Fun stuff: Nothing special tbh. Since I've been mostly tired I haven't felt up to anything.
Annoying stuff: A colleague who ended up being extremely late and I still don't know why. He aways sends a text if he's gonna be 5 minutes late. But this time there was nothing. 10 minutes after he was supposed to be there I asked if he was on his way. He said yes, but 10 minutes later he still hadn't arrived. Luckily a new guy who we've been teaching to do the job was there too that night (although almost 15 minutes late himself), and he said I could leave. Which I did. Still don't know when that colleague actually showed up.
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