Monday, 17 April 2017

What I did for Easter holidays

On Thursday I got up at 6am to get to the train station and get on the train south to Malmö. During the 4+ hours on the train I read Necroscope by Brian Lumley and also slept a bit. My mum picked me up at the train station in Malmö where I greeted her with tulips and a gift (it was her birthday). Picked up the dog from my dad's office to bring her home with us and then spent most of the afternoon and evening watching TV and reading my book. Fell asleep around 10pm completely exhausted.

Got up early on Friday to tag along on one of my parents' traditions. Well, not really theirs, but around Easter it's tradition for artists in the county to show off their works and hopefully get some buyers. The tradition originated on the eastern side and I'm told that over there it's so packed with people that you can hardly get anywhere. So we stayed on the less crowded western side. I'm not all that interested in art and I hardly know anything about anything on art, so I just looked around and went with my instinct in what I liked. Some places didn't have many interesting things, but it was a great opportunity to look at some really old places (don't care about art but old things are great, lol!), and also to make me realise that the one thing I miss from home living up here in Stockholm is the wide open spaces. Being on the road up here means your view will be mostly obscured by thick evergreen forests or rock walls, while back home it's acres upon acres of fields and farmland, or airy leafy forests.
When we got back home we played a round of Ticket to Ride (my parents favourite board game, they've hardly even put it away since I gave it to them about 6 years ago). In the evening we celebrated my mum's birthday a bit more, by going to a somewhat fancy Italian restaurant. Started off with escargots, which was followed by amazing steak, and I had some pannacotta for dessert while my dad had ice cream and mum just a cappuccino. After that we went to a bar close by and had a drink before going back home.

On Saturday I slept for as long as possible (11am) and then got up to get ready for when the grandparents and my sister with bf arrived at 1pm. There was a lot of talking and a homemade three-course lunch. When al the people left around 6pm, none of us really felt like eating, but we had some sandwiches, and then sat ourselves in front of the TV. I read Necroscope while watching the second Jurassic Park movie.

Sunday was a relaxing day. Spent most of the day reading my book, which I finished, played some more Ticket to Ride, and then in the evening we watched the third Jurassic Park movie on TV.

Today my dad drove me to the train and during the 4+ hours of travelling home I started reading my next book; A Game of Thrones. I arrived home around 4.30pm and collapsed in front of the computer.

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