Friday, 21 July 2017

So that happened...

So almost two weeks ago both of our computers decided to go on holiday. I'm currently on my ancient laptop, which is extremely slow doing anything and everything. Playing any game newer than 2008/9 isn't possible.

On the 8th (Saturday) we had a party and everything worked great. Went to bed about 4 am and there was nothing weird. The next morning we wake up and I start up my computer, which is placed in the bedroom, and it worked fine. Played ESO for a little while. When Toni went to turn on his computer, though, we discovered that there was no power in the living room. Went to look at the switch board and discovered that the switch for the living room was off, which is most probably due to thunder. Flicked it back, and power came on. Toni's computer, however, started acting up. The computer turned on fine, but it couldn't find his monitors. Weird, but decided to wait until the day after to figure out what was wrong. Went out to dinner and when we came back I went to continue playing Trine 2. A short while into my session my computer lost connection to my monitor, and then it started sounding like an airplane taking off. Turned it off. Tried waiting for about 30 minutes and turned it back on. Everything was back to normal, until I turned the game back on and the same thing happened. I knew for a fact there was nothing wrong with the game, I had played it several times over several days earlier.

The next day (Monday) we decided to clean the inside of our chassis of dust, hoping that it would fix whatever problems we had. We even removed the fan of the processor in my computer to thoroughly clean it. But when we went to put the fan back, we couldn't. The plastic around the pegs just bent, and so we couldn't plop the pegs back into their holes. Broken processor fan, time to buy a new one. Only that we were going away in two days and it wouldn't arrive before that so we waited. After turning Toni'scomputer back on after the cleaning, one screen came on, but not the other. He tried to check the settings in BIOS, but there was no change. Tried changing which output the monitors were plugged into and nothing. And then for some reason when we turned on his computer the monitors both came on, but on a reset screen for Windows, prompting him to press enter to accept the reset process. Except that while that screen was on it couldn't find the keyboard or mouse. Starting the computer into BIOS and it found both keyboard and mouse fine.

So we have no idea what's going on with Toni's computer. He has some ideas, but nothing is fixed yet. As for mine, I'm hoping it was just dust. Otherwise the hardware update I had planned for this autumn will have to come a few months early. Because if it's more than just the dust (which is now cleaned out) and it still sounds like an airplane taking off after we've plugged in a new processor fan, then I'll just go with a hardware update. I've needed a new graphics card for a while, and if I get a new graphics card I'll need a new and more powerful power supply. And if I get both of those I might as well get replacements for my ancient harddrive and monitor.

It was just such a weird coincidence that my computer decided to turn strange the same day Toni's did. We think Toni's may be due to thunder, because the switch had gone off for the living room, but my computer was in the bedroom (different switch, which wasn't affected). It's just weird. And it's probably not a virus, since neither of us hade downloaded anything whatsoever in over a week or so.

So in the meantime, Toni is playing the new Zelda on Nintendo Switch (instead of Mass Effect Andromeda), and I'm playing Fire Emblem Awakening on my 3DS (instead of working on my huge backlog, which was my original plan for July). I did decide to bring out my anicent laptop, though, and clean out a whole lot of useless files on it as well as uninstalling a bunch of stuff and going through it with CCleaner, and it's actually slightly faster than when I first turned it on. That said, it's still going in tortoise speed, instead of snail speed.

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