Sunday, 15 October 2017

Week 41

Can nothing ever go smoothly?

Well, most of the week went fine. Got a visit from the taxfree people and had a talk with them. Finished reading my book. Picked up two parcels at the post office (a new wintercoat and collections of Sarah's Scribbles).

On Wednesday we had a get-together with a few of the people from hotels all over the city and travelled to Stockholm Quality Outlet. We went with the Hop On Hop Off sightseeing buses there and on the ride we had amazing mozzarella/parma sandwiches and wine. We got there and after a nice little presentation we each recieved a goody bag, that among other things contained a gift card. There was also coffee/tea and cakes (not in the goody bag, but during the presentation). Afterwards we went around the outlet (it's like a quaint village with shops all around, very cosy) and looked around for something we could use the gift card for. I decided to go with Happy Socks :P The ride home contained more sandwiches and more wine. Lots more wine. And an impromptu karaoke session because we knew songs on the radio. I got home quite late and went directly to bed.

Friday was the 13th, and while I'm not superstitious this day everything just went to hell. I arrived at work and the electronic tag we use to open and close the storage lockers was gone. Completely vanished. I called the guy who closed up the night before and he said he put it where we usually put it. I had gone over the whole desk. It was nowhere. So I called down to security hoping that they'd have an extra we could borrow. They said they didn't. Called the superintendent hoping he'd have an extra. He didn't. Called the on-call number for in-store emergenices hoping they'd have one. They didn't. But the girl on call immediately started running around the store looking after solutions. In the meantime I put up signs saying we didn't have any luggage storage today. On top of dealing with annoyed customers due to that situation I had to chase down more parking tickets (buy stuff in the store for over 1000 SEK, get 3 hours free parking, we hand out the three hours parking tickets), which is always a circus, so we wouldn't have to deal with annoyed customers over the weekend when there's almost no admin staff present in the building. In the evening, not long before my shift would end. Two colleagues came by saying they'd seen the footage from the surveillance camera so they knew what had happened with the tag. So then we knew the tag was completely lost. But on their way in they had talked to the security and found out that they actually had a backup tag (the girl I'd talked to just hadn't known about it). So we made a deal with them that we'd borrow their tag in the morning and then hand it back in the evening, until we could get a new one. That could've solved the problem that morning and finding out about it hours later having had to deal with annoyed customers the whole day, made me quite annoyed. Can anybody in this building actually know what they're doing?!

Turns out not. On Sunday I got an email from the store manager asking me if we could give a tag to the on-call people since they were supposed to have one and they didn't. So I had to explain the whole situation to him and then he asked if we had planned on manufacturing new keys any time soon. We have no contact with the people who are responsible for the lockers. None. We just deal with the lockers because our desk was placed right next to them. He's the top guy. He should know this. But as usual. Nobody in this building knows anything.

I was extremely relived to go home. I spent the evening watching Buffy/Angel and trying out the original Tomb Raider and the original Fallout, before settling into ESO.

Yesterday I mostly did nothing but play Shadowrun Dragonfall and today I finished the game. Now I'll watch an old b/w movie before bedtime.

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