Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Games I'm playing

I find myself playing a whole lot of games lately. Or rather I have loads of games that I've started and should finish in some way or another. Each description of a game can contain spoilers if you haven't played that far. Although I haven't really played that far on any game tbh...


Skyrim. Well, I guess you all know about this one xD I'm a level 40 dark elf mage. On top of being the Dragonborn I'm with the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood and I'm a Nightingale. I'm the Archmage of the Mages' College and I'm the Harbinger of the Companions, and also - I'm a Werewolf. I'm with the Legion, but I've helped some Stormcloaks escape Skyrim as a sidequest from that old woman selling jewelry at the market in Whiterun. I help both Greybeards and Blades (actually I cheated so I didn't have to choose, by deleting the quest to kill Paarthurnax). I've defeated Alduin once and I've captured a dragon in Dragonsreach. I've tried three times now to go through Skuldafn Courtyard and I've actually managed once to get past the two dragons, all the Draugr Scourges and all the Draugr Deathlords. But when I finally got inside the Skuldafn temple I had run out of Health and Magicka potions so I couldn't continue since there were more Draugr Scourges and Deathlords up ahead. Great. So I'm postponing that a bit, although I'm kind of scared that if I get to a higher level the Scourges may be exchanged for Deathlords and the Deathlords may be exchanged for Death Overlords. I don't wanna! *pout* Anyway, instead I'm working on the big quest for the Dark Brotherhood to slay the emperor and I'm halfway. But before I can continue I need to get my Speech up to level 100, cause the people of Markarth are grumpy since I killed a person, and they want to bring me to Cidhna Mine prison, but I've already broken out of that prison along with all the Forsworn so they can't and we just stand there staring at each other going through the same conversation over and over again. So yeah. That's when I stopped playing, cause grinding never was a strong suite of mine.

The Sims 3. I decided to give the third installment another chance. I created a Sim, gave her a career, after much ado I even gave her a husband and twin boys. And that's when it stopped being fun. I'm not sure whether I like the open neighbourhood or not. It's nice not having to wait for loading screens every time I want to go somewhere with my Sim, but at the same time it makes it kind of stressful and difficult keeping track of more than one Sim at once. Because of that creating a large family suddenly isn't as appealing anymore. I like that they have wishes and that the wishes have effects on the mood in a much larger scale than they did in two, but if I only want that then I can play The Sims Medieval. So no. Still not a fan of three.

The Sims Medieval. This game got another go when I discovered the Pirates & Nobles expansion pack. I loved the new quests and I've made great kingdoms both on Toni's computer and my own. I really enjoy playing as the Witch, the Bloodletter and the Blacksmith :) They make for very fun quests and their day-to-day responsibilities are funnier than most. But sometimes it's nice playing as the Monarch and get to kill people for offending you. That's kind of fun too xD

Empire: Total War. I bought this recently. I wanted a newer version than Medieval II: Total War. I haven't played that much yet, but it's larger. I play as Sweden, back when it was an empire, and I've just started a war against Russia. Or well, they declared war against me and then I captured Moscow. Well, don't piss me off, okay? If you don't then maybe you'll get to keep your cities *evil laughter* What had me totally dumbfounded when I started playing was the fact that the soldiers and all the playable characters spoke in Swedish. Real, clear, non-accented, Stockholm Swedish. I was like: "WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!" when I first heard it, now I just think it's hysterical. In Medieval II, the characters and soldiers all spoke in English, but depending on the country it was heavily accented English. I also love that it's not just Europe anymore. You can continue to expand your empire all the way through Asia, Africa and America as well. Awesome :3 Another thing is that I have yet to figure out how to cheat with money on this game so I have to build and recruit carefully and actually think about what I'm doing xD I feel more at home at the European map and it doesn't feel like they've tried to make it over-the-top-fancy as they did with Total War: Shogun 2 (although I did enjoy the painted landscape that showed non-charted territory).

Dragon Age: Origins. I bought this at the same time as I bought Empire: Total War, but it took longer for me to install it. I had only heard about how great it's supposed to be and hadn't really any clue how it looked or worked, but I figured it would be like Skyrim. How wrong I was. So I created my character: an elf mage (I like mages alright) and I did not expect to immediately be plunged into battle the way I was when put into the Fade for my Harrowing. I had a hard time with the fighting style first, since I expected the fast-paced fighting of Skyrim and instead found me with abilities having to recharge and all that stuff. But I had got it figured out (I think) by the time I got to Ostagar. What I do have a problem with so far is that the story seems a little predictable. I did predict that Mouse was in fact the demon, and now I'm predicting that Jowan will become one of the demons or evil mages I'll have to fight later on when I'm more involved with the Grey Wardens. After I got to Ostagar I stopped playing and I haven't really had the time and energy to sit down and get into the story and the world. Might have time this weekend.

Spore. I blame PewdiePie for this. After watching his video I had ro re-install it and give it a go. It had me entertained for the whole evening - before it crashed. Luckily the game autosaves so everything I did will probably still be there. I've played through this game once before and gotten to the space stage. That's when it stopped being fun. Maybe got too sci-fi-y, I don't know... I'll try to play through the entire game once again. Wonder what happens if I clear the space stage? I currently am at the creature stage, but will very soon clear that stage and move on to tribal stage. Honestly, the funniest stage of this game is the cell stage xD

The Sims 2. First I couldn't decide whether to add this one or not, but I did in the end. This game is henceforth banned to only be played on my laptop. With all the other games all the expansions of two takes up way too much room on my HDD. I'm still working on that family that I've been on since last Christmas. My fourth generation is coming along nicely, albeit a bit slower than the others due to my lack of playing. I do enjoy this game occasionally and that's why I'm keeping my saves and continue this game on my laptop rather than on my stationary computer.


Alice: Madness Returns. I originally played this game on the computer, but I was told that it would probably be easier on a console. So Toni bought it for me to play on his 360. I've come further than I ever did on the computer and I'll soon be done with chapter 1. I'm currently out looking for the Hatter's legs that were stolen by the Hare. I previously retrieved his arms that were stolen by the Mouse. And after I'm done with that and have put the Hatter back together I believe I'm done with chapter one. I'm excited to see what comes next :) I still think the game is beautiful and I love that you're collecting teeth and roses. The Madcaps remind me a lot of the Gnomes in the first Harry Potter computer game, but they're the most fun ones to fight. I really really really don't like the Eyepots. But the Insidious ruins and the Menacing ruins are alright. Mostly because they look cool xD I love how the game is girly and cool at the same time. I love how Alice hiccups every time she drinks the shrinking potion, as if she were drunk. Simply - I love this game despite how difficult it is and how many times I fail and rage quit. Could someone please remember to remind me of that next time I rage quit? ;)


Heroes of Mana. It was a while ago I bought and played this. I spent an entire day playing through it and when I got to the end I spent forever trying to do everything at the same time. In the end I rage quitted and threw my DS across the room. I like that the game works a bit like (what I conclude) Starcraft 2 does. You build bases where you can recruit creatures. Some of these creatures fight for you, others collect materials that are needed to recruit more creatures and build more bases. The fighting isn't turn-based, which has been the case to most games I've played on my DS. Like Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. Anyway. I got all the way and had just saved the princess when her mother dies and while she's paralyzed with shock and sorrow I have to protect her and the spaceship and the bases of my creatures. While the opponents creatures steal away all my resources so I don't have enough to recruit enough troops to help me fight. Simply, I grew crazy with it. But the game was way better than I had originally anticipated and I will finish it - at some point. 

Pokémon SoulSilver Version. This is my favourite version and I think I'm on my fourth attempt at a playthrough. I love that there are only the first and second generations of Pokémon (the best ones) so I feel at home right away cause I recognise them all from when I was little. What has me stop playing every time is the grinding momento. I don't want to go *shuffle shuffle shuffle* through the tall grass all the friggin' time. But I will get to the Pokémon League at some point!

Rayman 10th Anniversary. Some years ago I found out that the original Rayman game was on a GBA-game called 10th Anniversary along with another Rayman game. I immediately turned to the Internet and found one at Swedish eBay (Tradera). So worth the money. I've come further than I ever did when I could still play this game on the computer (stopped working after Vista since it's a DOS-based game). My favourite world is still the Band Land, although I'm getting strangely attached to Picture City as well. I only ever play the original game, thus I actually have no idea which is the other game on the GBA. But on the other hand I haven't liked a single Rayman game since the original either (except for Raving Rabbids, but that doesn't really count as Rayman anymore). They fixed the game although it wasn't broken :( I love the music to Band Land. Here's a YouTube sample

Other games I have to finish on my DS: SimCity Creator, Overlord Minions, Pokémon White Version, Plants vs. Zombies, Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party
Games I have to start playing on my DS: Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO, Harry Potter LEGO Years 5-7, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time


I haven't played on my PS2 for ages. But the games I do have to finish are these:
  • Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
  • Disney's Donald Duck Quack Attack
  • Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles

Well that's it for all the games I'm working on xD 
Now you know what I'm up to when I'm not blogging or studying xD

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