Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent DLC (no story spoilers)

I was so busy playing The Witcher that I didn't even know this DLC existed until three days before its release xD But yesterday I was so wound up over it. I waited and waited and waited until the time was 5pm. I thought it would be released the same time as Jaws of Hakkon, but no, nothing showed up. Drove me crazy. I waited some more and tortured myself with un-spoilery hints on Twitter from people who played it on Xbox One where it arrived hours before it arrived on PC and PSN. Then, finally, it showed up at 7pm and I bought it and started playing.

It was first when I started playing that I realised how much I had missed all things dwarven in Inquisition. It was so elven based (elvish pantheon there, elvish artefacts here, elven ruins there, elven legends here...)! I hated going into Orzammar and the Deep Roads in Dragon Age: Origins. I hated the Broodmother and the ogres and all of the friggin darkspawn that just wouldn't - leave - me - alone! But as I descended into the Deep Roads in this DLC I was excited and it felt a bit like coming home. Talking to one of the new dwarven characters about conditions in Orzammar, mentioning choices I made in my playthroughs of Origins, and even talking about the Hero of Ferelden made me feel nostalgic and at home. So yes, I was pretty hooked.

It didn't hurt that it was the most beautiful and diverse Deep Roads expedition I've ever been on. Origins and 2 are laughable in that context and even Valammar in Inquisition falls extremely short of the breath-taking underground beauty that is The Descent DLC. Like wow.

It's a seamless dungeon all the way throughout the 5 hours of game time of this DLC. Completely in the Deep Roads. It's also set up as an old-school dungeon so it gets progressively more difficult the deeper you go. I loved it :)

Also, since it's the Deep Roads it calls for a creepy progression of the quest as you go deeper and deeper. The first time I heard the poem in Dragon Age: Origins I wanted to just NOPE and turn off the game. Something similar to that happened in The Descent as I entered a new area called the Bastion of the Pure. Eyes in the darkness... Disappearing when I get too close and then reappearing and multiplying further away... *shudder*

The only thing I didn't like about the DLC is the lack of old companions. It's the Deep Roads! We could've met any one of the Wardens from Origins or Awakening. I'd love to meet my Hero of Ferelden, or Nathaniel (whom we actually met in the Deep Roads in 2), or Sigrun (would've made so much sense) or even Carver/Bethany! Having Oghren back in the Deep Roads would've been interesting as well. But no. I have to make due with second-hand references to Origins instead... *pout* I was also disappointed that The Architect wasn't involved in some way. Would've loved to see him return in some way like Corypheus did.

But I have to say, my overall feeling is of approval, and I think I like The Descent a lot more than Jaws of Hakkon - despite Descent being shorter.

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