Thursday, 17 February 2011


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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The world is broken

I feel bitter. I've been feeling bitter for the last few days and I don't know why, but I'm gonna talk about it here so whatever readers I have will have to put up with me being bitter, OK? Here goes:

The world is broken. The human society part of the world is broken. Don't be fooled by all the pretty words. Don't be fooled by what the politicians tell you. The world is broken. Made broken by those people desperate to take any action against some new Holocaust. History repeats itself and it's boring. There's nothing that's new in this world. Don't fool yourself, you're not unique. Everything you do is according to plan. You try to stick out, try to think outside of this huge box? Sorry, kid, but it's all been done before. There's nothing new you can add, just another layer of the same old story. What we call indie today was created before our parents were born. We just adopted it and gave it a new name.

There's no such thing as Human Rights. They were made after the industrialized countries' standards and the developing countries don't have a chance to catch up, cause we are so damn busy making ourselves more important than they are. We are so much better than they are. Why? Why are we better? Think about it. Because the area where we live happens to have more resources than they do. By chance we have gotten further than they have. By chance. That's no reason to gloat. Luckily our forefathers found a way to make paper out of trees. Luckily they found a way to make some rocks into iron. We are not better than them, don't kid yourselves.

The UN is broken. The US have the right of veto alongside Russia and China. Do you really think they could agree on anything whatsoever? All the meetings they've had about taking action to save the environment have all ended in them agreeing upon that something has to be done. Well. Congratulations. Morons.

Morals are not based on religion. If people without religion would be immoral how do you think the world would look? Look at Norway! How are they doing? Churches are closing down because too few people are visiting and at the same time they have one of the highest GDPs in the world. Whadd'ya know! GDP is a corrupted number, by the way. It's the best they've got, but don't trust it.

The senate in USA wants to give the president the power to shut down the Internet. The Internet has gotten too dangerous in their eyes, especially after WikiLeaks. Maybe they should have thought about that when the public gained access to the web, friggin' 15 years ago! The Internet is anarchistic. Anyone can do anything and be whoever. Doesn't make it bad, you know. Just different from the rest of the world. Different does not mean bad.

Then we have the issue of equality. Let me summarize this in one sentence in basic language, easy for everyone to understand. Whether you're black, white, red, yellow, brown, female, male, Christian, Muslim, Jew, homosexual, heterosexual or whatever you like you're still a person and you're still just the same. Why is that so hard for everyone to understand?

School should be for the state to fund to give a similar result from all over the country and stop making a difference between rich and poor people, cause that's just ridiculous. By chance some people have more money than others. Doesn't make them better. Just means they have more money to spend on useless things.

To round this up, read this page.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Caught up!

As usual when I get stressed out I tried to do too much at the same time. I finally figured out that's the reason why I haven't gotten much done the past few weeks, especially when it comes to studying. But today it finally all fell into place. I finished off all my assignments and even got a good look at what we're going to do this coming week. I feel a little proud and very relaxed.

I've also come to realise that however much I'd like to be I'm no longer on top and it feels a little weird to not be the one able to answer all the questions perfectly. I've lost so much more of my French than I originally thought; I have basically no vocabulary left, but it melts my brain to try to push everything old back in at the same time as I'm trying to push all the new stuff in as well. Still at this point no matter how I try to organise my studies they always come out as too much. I enjoy studying the grammar actually, that's the most interesting, and the literature is OK too. But the social studies of France are just too annoying. There's so much to do for one week, so much vocabulary to learn, like citizenship and capitulation... I'm sure it'll all be useful...

I'm just wishing that everything will have fallen into place by May and the exams.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

This is gonna be great xD

If this is what her new album is gonna sound like then it's gonna be great. Her new single has me hooked anyway - both lyrics-wise and music-wise :P And the video reminds me of another video...

9 years earlier....

Best way to treat a bad day

I had a generally shitty day yesterday. Had too little sleep and as a result a headache all day. As if that was not enough I was in school between 9am and 4pm. First lecture was three hours long and the first break wasn't until after two hours. That's when I had a cup of coffee and a chocolate bar, which made me a little less of a zombie. After the three hour lecture I went to the library to study for the two hour break (yeah, very balanced and nice school day -.-') and for lunch I also had another cup of coffee and a chocolate bar along with my sandwich. After another two hour lecture I got home to study. By then the chocolate and the coffee had stopped working so the headache was back and the drowsiness too, along with feeling like I might throw up because two cups of coffee in one day is too much for a non-habitual coffee drinker like myself.

I felt a little better after eating a little and then I had to continue study before we went to Malmö. On the way there I bought an energy drink so I wouldn't be too slow.

I was in Malmö to watch a friend's (unsigned) band's first gig and it was awesome. I loved it! They rocked what crowd they had and seemed to be having a great time as well as playing great music. The concert made me feel a whole lot better and as per usual after a concert I was high on endorfins all the way home. Since I don't have the cord for my mobile I can't upload my video from the concert, so you'll have to make do with the two pictures I got and their MySpace. I love their sound and I sincerely hope they are on their way to greatness, it would be such a waste of talent otherwise...

On the other hand I had planned to study my brains out today, but woke up with a headache, feeling sick and generally miserable, so after only studying a bit I gave up. I think I'm coming down with something again.... worst timing ever....

Friday, 4 February 2011

Missing Tokyo

I had a dream tonight. I dreamt I was walking down Shibuya in Tokyo, shopping, eating and making use of all the wonderful vending machines.

I miss Tokyo constantly. It's not something that comes and goes, it's constant. Everything I do reminds me of that thing's counterpart in Tokyo. What would I do in Tokyo? How would I do this in Tokyo? Being on the bus or train makes me think of the underground. I even miss the morning rush and the jam-packed trains. Eating pasta makes me think of udon, ramen and yakisoba. BBQ makes me think of yakiniku and sushi restaurants makes me think of kaitenzushi; sushi bars with the sushi pieces going round and round on an assembly line. I miss all the delicious food so much. I have yet to find some Japanese food that I don't like. I even liked nattou d^^;

I miss the drink vending machines and I miss some of the ridiculous drinks they used to have; lovely fermented water, Fanta milk, Fanta japanese grapes, chocolate milk, royal milk tea, cold café au lait, peach nectar, strawberry milk, lemon water... There was always something new to try, not one vending machine stocked the same drinks as another. And I miss the sweets and the buns. Because they are not like our sweets. Tokyo was fantastic in that way - I was constantly eating and/or drinking and still losing weight while I was there, however that worked out xD Their sweets are not as sweet as European ones and not as wet in its structure, Japanese sweets aren't gelatinous, they are like sweetened food stuffs... Probably the best way to describe it...

I miss walking around in Tokyo and always finding something new to look at, no matter how many times I had already walked up that street. I loved the greenery and parks inside the city and how all the urban noise disappeared as soon as you got into one of those parks... I miss how every house were built differently and could have whatever colour possible. The house I lived in was pink. I miss the konbini (Japanese for convenience stores) where you could buy anything from stationery to food and alcohol, pay your bills, buy tickets for concerts or games, or just have lunch. I miss having the shop staff yell Irasshaimase (welcome) to me when I enter a shop. I miss the surprised faces on the Japanese people every time I told them I know Japanese. I miss the karaoke bars, purikura, Sweets Paradise, melon soda, Starbucks, HMV, the temples, the people, the atmosphere, the cultural heritage...

I guess the logical reason for me to miss it this much is that I was living a dream, I had wanted to go there for 6 years when I finally was able to and it was everything I had ever hoped for - and more. I had wanted to stay there for a year, maybe find a job and wait forever to come home. But then I wouldn't have what I have now, I guess to gain something you have to lose something. But on the other hand Tokyo will always be there waiting for me to come back, while what I now have here wouldn't have waited forever.

I can't wait to go back. It might take some years until I can afford to, but I want it to be as soon as possible, even if it's just for a summer...

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