Monday, 20 August 2012

Beach :)

Toni came to visit me on Wednesday and stayed until Sunday. I had a great time with him, as I always do. Now that he's gone I feel so lonely, as I always do. But ofc we did have time to do stuff :)

On Thursday we took a trip to Malmö. We went by the Sci-Fi Bookstore and I got myself two new Abercrombie-books (Best Served Cold and Heroes), The Hunger Games and the first season of Sherlock on DVD. After that we had some time to kill so we took a walk down by the beach. I walked around in the water for some time, but Toni stayed on the beach :P After some time we walked back to the city to go to the cinema. We saw The Dark Knight Rises and it was just as awesome as everyone says. That's the third superhero movie we've seen together: The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises. Some pictures from the day:

On Friday I had to work so Toni stayed at home gaming all day and I spent the day wishing I could go home. When I got home I had pizza waiting for me, and cuddles ofc ;) Great end to an otherwise quite tough and boring day. My dad got the idea that we should try and sell madkaps this year. Yeah, right. Love and I had them on for some time and then gave up when people started walking around the stand and not making contact.

On Saturday we didn't really have anything planned. But we took a trip to the festival. It was 30 degrees outside and terribly sunny. After a walk through the festival, some nachos and some churros, we decided to go back to the beach we had been at on Thursday. None of us had thought of going there beforehand so ofc we didn't have any swimwear or towels. But we walked around in the water for some time, Toni too this time around :) And got to watch the sunset :D  Some pictures from the day:

On Sunday Toni dyed my hair. That was long overdue. I promise a picture on Sunday at the very latest :) Spent the rest of the day gaming. Toni tried the original Rayman on a GBA for my DS, while I tried out the expansion pack for The Sims Medieval that I just had discovered (yes, I'm slow with these things). I walked Toni to the station in the sweltering heat and left the station with that big empty hole that comes every time he leaves or I leave him. The rest of the evening I spent gaming.

Today I've been keeping myself somewhat busy. I got up relatively early, cleaned up a bit, rehearsed some Japanese and played the game for some hours. Well spent day according to me.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The generation that doesn't fit

I'm tired of it. Seems like society just refuses to understand that we're a large generation, largest since the 40's, and there's just never enough room for all of us. It always seems to come as a surprise to the politicians and other officials that we're a huge group. I would like to be able to say that I don't notice it that often. But I do. All the time. And I have noticed it throughout my life. Let's take it from the beginning.

Daycare. There weren't enough places at my parents' first choice of daycare. So I got to go to a smaller one. A religious one. Although my parents aren't religious, but it was the only place that was still available.
School. The classes were always too big. I'm assuming that's because they really didn't have enough room for all of us and that was the only way they could manage. Anyhow, from pre-school and all the way to sixth grade my class always had between 27-30 people in it. In 7th to 9th grade they fixed the classes and we were at a comfortable 24 people. Instead, the school had too many classes and too few teachers.
College. Too few places. My class ended up having 32 people in it. We were a handful for the teachers to handle. I don't know if it was us or just the sheer amount of people in one class that made us difficult.
University. Once again too few places and then too large classes. And then too few classrooms that could hold that many people.
Work. It's widely known that the Swedish youth is largely unemployed. Too few jobs. The baby boomers of the 40's seem to refuse to retire, which means that there aren't enough jobs for the second baby boom. It's impossible to just walk into every store in the city with your CV and expect to get a job. Probably you wont even get a call-back. Too many young people ask for jobs daily. They don't even bother calling you up to tell you you're not getting the job
Flats. There are no flats. Well, there are if you happen to have about 100,000 SEK (~€12,000) in your back pocket and you can afford to buy one. If you can't afford one and want to rent one. Then you're in trouble. I've queued for a flat in Malmö for three years. In October I'm finally moving in. Lund is worse. Here you have to queue for 7-10 years to get a flat. The one I and Love live in now, we had to go through the contacts of his dad and there really wasn't much choice. You want one? Then take this one or you wont get one.
Babies. The older people of my generation have started making families. The hospitals can't support them. Not enough rooms for women who just gave birth. Not enough rooms for new dads to stay in after their wives/girlfriends just gave birth.

Are you starting to see the pattern? There probably won't be enough room at the graveyards for all of us in the end and the burial grounds will be sold off at auctions to the highest bidder.

If I want to I can even blame society's refusal to realise we're a large generation for what happened to me in school and how miserable I were. I was very shy and socially awkward as a child. So when school started and I came from a different daycare I was the outsider. Being that shy I never managed to quite fit in and all the other kids already knew eachother from daycare. I was the outsider and I stayed the outsider. And I could blame it all on society. Isn't that just fabulous?

I'm not bitter.

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Friday, 10 August 2012

Misanthropy at work

This post is to let off some steam. I just need to get it all out before I explode.

WARNING: Explicit content. (I feel the need to use a bunch of swearwords alright)

I hate small children. And their parents. I do. Can't stand them. Especially not when I'm working. Don't the parents teach their children anything at all these days? Call me naive, but I think I'd do a better job at raising a kid than most of those idiots. Call me old-fashioned, but what the hell happened to parents' nurturing?!

Is it alright to leave your two or three-year-old alone? Is it alright to let a kid of that age wander off on their own? Is it friggin alright to let them do whatever they want? Doesn't anyone teach their kid to look with their eyes and not with their hands? I have fucking ten-year-olds touching everything while their parents calmly watch them. WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?! Aren't children supposed to know how to look with their eyes by the age of ten? I have two-year-olds putting stuff in their mouths and their parents aren't saying a fucking thing, but when that same kid grabs a wheel-stick and runs off with it that's when the parents interfere and start talking about "theirs and yours" and "stealing". Really? Really?! You want to teach a two-year-old the definition of stealing?! But it's alright to put stuff that isn't yours in your mouth?!

A child says that s/he wants something. Parents say no. Child starts screaming and crying. They walk off. Two minutes later they are back and the parents buy the friggin thing so that the child stays silent. Yeah, that's a great message to send to your child: keep wailing and I'll give you everything you ask for.

Parents are idiots. Don't ask your child what s/he wants if you're not going to fucking listen! "What do you want?" *child says some weird flavour* "I don't think you'll like that, let's go with strawberry." Don't ask if you're just going to overrule him/her!!!!

Also it's alright to not say "thank you", it's alright to be impolite to strangers. But if grandma/granpa buy you something then you have to say "thank you" or your parents will nag you until you do. Actually I'm so used to children being rude to me (cause they don't know me, I hope) that I'm thoroughly surprised when a child actually comes to my workplace just to thank me for helping them earlier. "Surprised" is the wrong word. "Stunned" is more appropriate for the reaction I have when a child is polite.

Aren't children encouraged to read anymore? They point and ask me what flavour it is. I tell them. They ask about the next one. I ask them to read the sign (if the child is obviously older than 8). The child turns to their parents and ask them instead and they just tell instantly. Reading is one hell of a necessary ability. Aren't parents supposed to encourage the reading of their children?!

And if you mention something of this to their parents. You'll get an ear-full of how rude you are. Don't tell parents how to do their job - obviously (*cough* sarcasm *cough*) they know how to better than some insubordinate 21-year-old. Well, I can tell you all that I've certainly learned what not to do when I get to raise a child during these 8 years that I've been selling confectionary.


There I think I'm done. This is what I've had on my mind for the last two weeks. Had to get that off my chest. Still want more? Here's more.

Oh, and there's one more thing related to my last two days of work: if I hear one more word about how many wasps I have on the sweets I'll shoot myself. Yes, wasps like sugar. Yes, there are many wasps. WAY TO POINT OUT THE OBVIOUS. No, I really don't mind. They don't mind me if I don't mind them. So would you kindly stop waving your fucking arms around?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

So sick of it

I finished my dissertation some weeks ago and got the result that I didn't pass. He wanted a corrected version of it by August 22nd, which is impossible since I'm pretty much working all the time during August. I asked him if it would be alright if I tried to finish it during the next semester when I'll be studying Japanese. He said it would be alright although he thought it was a shame to stop now. He doesn't understand that I'll probably write a way better dissertation without a quickly approaching deadline looming over me, being completely stressed out from both work and studying. So no, I'll wait 'til autumn and that's final.

But honestly I'm so sick of French. I just don't want to anymore. I'm sick of the language and sick of the culture, sick of the people at the French institution. I know I should try to finish off the last French course and I will do that the next semester and I have also told myself that I will try to keep up with the French and trying to get better. How does audiobooks sound? Passing French will open so many more doors than just passing Japanese.

I'm sick of it and I just want to get rid of it. Having French looming over me is stressful and I hate having that dissertation poking me at the back of my head all the time. I just can't stand it.

It was a dumbass decision to start French again. Couldn't someone have told me that 1½ ago?
I only made stupid decisions 1½ ago...

Monday, 6 August 2012

The First Law, work, Harry Potter and Alice Cooper

Alright, so I don't really know what to do with this post. But I bet it'll turn into something... Probably something random.

Finished reading "Before They Are Hanged" by Joe Abercrombie last week and continued with the third and last book in the series: "Last Argument of Kings". I have already read half of it. The series is great. There are a lot of things happening that you did not see coming in the beginning, but he starts giving hints just before it's about to happen and in that way I start guessing what's going to happen and I get really pleased with myself for guessing the right thing :P Probably exactly the way it was intended to. I'll definately buy more of his books. I think there are two stand-alone novels he's written too.

I've had two days off this past week and I'm so very tired. Feels like I'm working full-time during my summer vacation and it's way tougher than studying full-time... How will I survive employment after graduation? xD

I went crazy today btw and pre-ordered Harry Potter Wizard's Collection...

I'm kind of sad that I will miss the Alice Cooper concert in Gothenburg this Wednesday. I work Thursday morning and I was planning on taking the train to Gothenburg and arrive in the afternoon, see his show, then take a night train back home and still be in time for work. Well, guess what. Last train from Gothenburg leaves 8.40pm and the frist train in the morning departs 5.40am and arrives 20 minutes before my work starts. No way I'd make that in time. Why no night trains? Cause it's a friggin weekday. Thanks a lot. My dad got the idea that I'd check the flights too. But a flight return ticket arriving at an appropriate hour cost over 4 times the return train ticket. Awesome. I do love Cooper, but it's not worth it. I guess I just have to wait 'til next time. And hopefully there'll be a next time. Too many old rockers are dying these days. At least I've seen him once

I can't wait 'til it's October! I want to move into my new flat! I'm so excited about it!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Catching up some

It's been ages. I'm really not that good of a blogger during summer. I'm honestly more busy over the summer than during semesters. So what's happened since last time? Quite a lot.

July 17th: I worked a bit in the morning. Then when I got home I started up Heroes of Mana on my DS and I think I played it through all the way almost till the end. But the last battle I was on was ridiculous. One of my hero along with two people I was going to protect weren't allowed to die and I was going to battle DRAGONS while the enemies kept stealing my resources and I never had enough to call in the heavy fighters and keep exploring the area at the same time. After failing for the 6th or 7th time I rage-quitted and went to bed in protest.

July 18th: We had nothing planned for today but when we woke up I decided I wanted to go to Copenhagen with Toni and just have a look around and walk down Strøget. On our way along the street we came across the Guiness World Records Museum, and since we had nothing better to do and no time limit we decided to take a look. Just for the heck of it. It was pretty interesting all the way until I caught a glimpse of a sign saying "Platform 9 3/4" and immediately rushed ahead of Toni towards the little Harry Potter corner. IT. WAS. AWESOME. Couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day :P We exited the museum and continued walking until we ended up in Nyhavn and decided that it was time to go back over the bridge over the sea. Some pictures from the day:

July 19th: Since a few days back we had decided to go bowling this day. Me, Toni and Love. But first we took a trip to the Sci-Fi bookstore where I found a book by Tim Burton, Cirkeln and a comic book called Courtney Crumrin and Stardust. Stardust I had since before but I wanted it in English and the same edition as my other Gaiman books :) We went bowling at O'Leary's. The mall it's in has only been around for about three or four years and the place felt really new and fancy. I won the first round and Toni the other two:

July 20th: Friday. We had some friends over for a boardgame evening, which turned into a drinking evening. We made a drinking game out of Zombie Dice and then it just went downhill from there :P The evening ended with Subway.

July 21st-22nd: Two days spent doing nothing but gaming and watching movies. Shawshank Redemption, Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary and Edward Scissorhands.

July 23rd: This day I had work. It was an outdoors concert and I got to see ZZTop as well as earning some money. ZZTop isn't one of my favourite groups, but they're cult so getting to see them was kind of cool. I recognised way more songs than I thought I would, but the only ones I could sing along with were Gimme All Your Lovin and La Grange.

July 24th: I did some working and then in the evening Toni and I got on the train north. I slept most of the train ride so I guess I wasn't much of a company to him xD But it was nice being back at his place. Always is.

July 25th: This day we went to visit Kajsa. She stays with her mum in Stockholm during the summer. She had found a swing, just like one we played at when we were younger, and just had to give it a try again. Turned out we couldn't ride for as long as before (could spend hours on that thing). But it was great fun. There was also a small playground version of a cableway that was fun to ride :) Yes, we are ridiculous.
I also got to meet Kajsa's mum and her little poodle doggy, Elsa, for the first time in ages. But it's always great fun. Too bad we couldn't stay longer.

July 26th: We decided to go to Gröna Lund. I LOOOOOVE roller-coasters and we went on every single one of them. Except the new one, "Insane", cause it goes up-side-down. Toni doesn't like it and I don't want to go alone :P But that's alright. It was a great day anyway. Roller-coasters, cotton candy, soft ice and a boat ride. Just great :) In the locker room I found this poster from last year when Alice Cooper did a show there. Some pictures:
The sign on the boat said not to touch the gate. Of course I had to touch the gate. Just cause I can. It felt interesting getting on a boat. For some (obvious) reason a boat always feels a lot less secure than a plane. I've been on a plane almost every year for as long as I can remember. I think I have more fingers than the amount of times I've been on a boat. Still I do love water, lakes, oceans, rivers... So although I'm always nervous, I always enjoy it too.

July 27th: I finally got to go to the beach! Or well, they called it the beach. To me a beach is along a coastline and you go swimming in the ocean. This was lakeside and it was swimming in a lake. But it was still great to finally be able to soak in water outdoors for the first time in 2 years. And it was really cosy doing it with Toni :) Hopefully we'll be back.
Later that evening we went to a birthday party at one of his friends' place. That was an evening with some booze, some crazy people and A LOT of nerd talk. No complaining :P

July 28th-29th: Last two days with Toni. Spent them being cosy, gaming and watching BBT. That series is kind of growing on me. Felt horrible getting on the train. It always does.

Then we have the last couple of days. Went for a check-up at the dentists, then worked yesterday and some today. Been doing everyday normal stuff.