Sunday, 31 July 2011


I've had this song on my head for a while and I like the message it carries. 

And here's what they sing:

Youth is about never stopping
to trying to fall in love
Youth is about letting your feelings flow out
and not holding them back

Look, that guy is famous
That girl is beautiful and rich
Their envious lives
Lives that other people often look at

No more complaints
No more worries

The dreams still have more more more more to go
The 20s and 30s still have more more more more to go
More, more
Don't give up

Hope still has more more more more to go
Big brother and big sister still have more more more more to go
More, more
Don't give up

Youth is about comparing 
that girl's boyfriend
Youth is about wanting to slim down
and not holding it in

Look, the news are also getting interesting
I don't understand those difficult things
The things the people on TV are saying
are they all true?

Well, let's recieve it
with my antenna

The dreams still have more more more more to go
The 40's and 50's still have more more more more to go
More, more
Don't give up

The future still has more more more more to go
Father and Mother still have more more more more to go
More, more
Don't give up

The dreams still have more more more more to go
The 60's and 70's still have more more more more to go
More, more
Don't give up

The future still has more more more more to go
Grandpa and grandma still have more more more more to go
More, more
Don't give up

And don't pretend those "mada mada mada madayade" don't get stuck in your head!

Friday, 29 July 2011


A few times now I and some friends have been going through funny YouTube-clips and I just wanna share a few with y'all.

So we'll start with this:

And then the classic:

Most awesome version of Dragostea din Tei (all you need to know in Japanese is that "noma" kind of means "to drink"):

Epic Sax Guy:

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hating on people

(old work pictures to the left to make you understand what it is I'm talking about)

Parental behaviour. I've noticed that it's when I work that I hate the most about people (it happens otherwise too, but mostly when I work) and the people I hate the most on are parents. Especially parents of small children, but also bigger children. Sometimes when a family is buying four strips (always special offer on four) they ask their children what kind they want. Then when the kid say something like Sour Apple or Bubblegum the parents say that "You don't like that let's take Strawberry instead". Even my dad dislikes that. If the child is not going to get to choose in the first place, then don't ask the child what he/she wants! I know it all comes down to that the parent doesn't want to be stuck eating something that he/she doesn't like cause the child didn't finish it. But if you don't trust your child's taste, then don't ask in the first place!

Also teach your child to look with their eyes and not with their hands. It pisses me off when ten-year-olds come to the stand and have to touch everything at least twice before they leave. Either they're there alone or their parents don't say a word about it. I mean, come on, when I was ten I had learned to look with my eyes. Even more so, sometimes they don't even tell their four-year-olds to not look with their mouths. But they are usually very quick with telling their two-year-olds that they can't just grab a balloon and/or a wheel-stick and run off with them. So it's wrong to "steal" but not to put other people's things in your mouth? Is it only me who thinks that teaching a two-year-old the definition of stealing is a little bit of an overkill instead of teaching the child that you shouldn't put other people's things in your mouth?

I also encountered very interesting parental behaviour when I worked in a summer kiosk four summers in a row, last year being 2 years ago. For examples they bought an ice cream cone with two or three balls of ice cream on to their 5-year-old, then they let said 5-year-old run around on the playground with the ice cream in hand and then it's my fault when a ball falls off? Apparantly it was my fault cause I didn't put on the ball good enough. Seriously?! Or when a child comes and orders a tray of chips (fries) and asks for loads of BBQ spice on it. I pour it on asking the child to say stop when he/she thinks it's enough. Five minutes later I'm getting chewed out by the mother who blames me for putting too much spice on the chips and now her child can't eat it. Seriously?! Or when the parents give their three-year-old a few small coins and send him/her to the kiosk. The child obviously wants something big, but with those small coins he/she can only afford a few small pieces of sweets. Why send off a child on its own when it obviously doesn't understand the value of money? An even more (in)famous meeting with parental behaviour was one day at closing time a girl asks for a cup of slush ice. I put it on the counter as she speaks with her friend. She turns around and her big inflated bathing toy turns the cup over. She asks for more. I say that no, I turned off the machine after her cup cause I'm closing down. Five minutes later I'm being yelled at by her father who says that it's very ill-mannered of me not to fill up her cup again when I had been the one to turn it over. Excuse me?!

Thing is that children tell lies to parents that are already convinced that their little angel(s) can't do anything wrong. It's ridiculous to blame your own or your child's mistakes on anyone else. You made a mistake. Deal with it. Don't go blameing it on somebody else.

I also dislike it when people don't decide what they want before they approach the stand and demand my attention. Then I stand there with them taking ages to decide (cause it's a life-depending decision whether they choose Strawberry or Melon, or if they're even having strips or if they're having popcorn) while I watch the queue getting longer and longer and longer.

Tourists. I especially dislike tourists from other parts of Sweden. Swedish summer tourists are a pain. I believe Gotland and Öland experience this as much as I do in Skåne. There's also a cultural somewhat vicious circle going on down here in southern Sweden. We talk differently, we have a pretty distinct dialect that all other Swedes either hates or loves. I've mostly encountered people who hate it. Other Swedes think that our dialect make us sound stupid, while we think that the Stockholm and central Sweden dialects make them sound kind of stupid. So when the Stockholmers and central Swedes are down here, they act like they're much better than we are. Actually, the only nice tourists I meet down here are people from other countries. Danes, Germans, Finnish, Norwegian and even the French are much nicer than other Swedes.

Why do tourists have to take up unnecessarily much space on the bus or train? Apparantly suitcases are a very big obstacle to put at a place where they don't take up half the aisle. Funny, I didn't have that problem at the overcrowded underground in Tokyo. How can you have that problem at the, even during rush hour, only moderately crowded buses and trains? Why do all tourists seem to leave their brains at home when they go on vacation? How hard can it be to not stand in the way in the escalators?

Baby carriages. They simply shouldn't be allowed. They take up too much room at buses and trains. Parents walking with baby carriages walk extremely slow and at the same time they take up the entire pavement so there's no way you can overtake that baby carriage without walking on the street. In Tokyo I saw one baby carriage in four months. One! And that was because she had twins. In Tokyo people carry their babies in baby slings. When the child is four years old and start pre-school it stands up on its own in the underground. I've seen five-year-olds being on the underground themselves, all alone. Their mothers meeting them at their home stations, but not following them all the way to school. On the other hand... Can you imagine trying to squeeze a baby carriage into the overcrowded underground? Don't think so. So why should they do it here? Buses tend to sometimes get overcrowded here as well. We could do without those baby carriages. And why, oh why, do they try to fit yet another baby carriage on a bus that already holds two of them? There's only room for two! Get off it!

On another note that fits on both baby carriages and parental behaviour are parents that ignore their children crying their heads off at the bus. It annoys everyone else. So do something about it. Today I watched as a mother forced her three or four-year-old son into his stroller, while he tried his hardest to stand up in it so that he could look out through the window while the bus was driving. He got furious at his mother and screamed so load that it hurt my ears, but the mother still wouldn't let him look out the window. What harm would that do? Honestly. I can understand if you can't keep a small baby quiet, but a toddler? A toddler shouldn't be that difficult. Give it a toy or a dummy, or friggin' let it look out through the window. Just something that takes its mind off of screaming.

Teenagers. Yes, I know. It's not that long ago since I was one. But to quote Cristina from Grey's Anatomy: "I didn't speak Teenage Girl even when I was a teenage girl." I don't understand this adolescent "trying my arse off to be cool"-thing. I don't understand why they have to play loud music on their mobiles, when their mobiles have really bad speakers and it bothers everyone else. I don't understand why girls have to dress like tramps, destroy their hair, put on fake tan and have white lips. I don't understand why boys have to have their pants down by their knees, their caps on the side, talk in slow-motion and just lean against everything they see so that they look cool. I don't understand hair-bands around the legs. I don't understand why they have to brag about that weekend's party and how drunk they were all the way 'til Wednesday and on Thursday start planning the next weekend. I don't understand why it's an accomplishment to have sex early. I don't understand how it can be cool to not understand things. I couldn't understand any of this when I was 14 and I still don't. When I was 14 I dragged myself to school knowing that I'd hate it. Knowing that on every question asked I would know the answer. Knowing that I would get taunted for being a crammer, while I actually didn't study anything at all at home, the others were just plain slow. So yes, adolescent "trying my arse off to be cool" teenagers bother me. When will they all realise that you're so much cooler when you're not trying?


I'm done being misanthropic for today.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Two new games, work and friends

Thursday. I decided that it was time to test some new games. I had long since downloaded Shogun 2 Total War and The Sims Medieval. I decided to start out with Shogun 2. It was similar to my favourite Medieval II, but still so very different. Even after the tutorial was over it took some time to get used to the new controls. I didn't play for that long, although I did enjoy that which I played.  I love that the unexplored land is in the shape of a calligraphy map! I'm not sure whether I like the short time limits for the campaigns... But I guess that they are better than the extremely long ones in Medieval II. I'll come back to you! That is after I've grown tired of The Sims Medieval. I got stuck immediately. After I finished the New Beginnings ambition and started anew with the next ambition I was a little put off by the fact that the next ambition start the same way as the last one and that I had to create a new kingdom and couldn't continue with the first one. But I got over that pretty quickly and now I can't stop playing! Wonder if I'll grow sick of this game as well as I did of Spore. But Spore was kind of boring to begin with... The Sims Medieval was just fabulous!

Friday. I played The Sims Medieval until afternoon when we took the bus to my parents home. This was yet another workday. This time at Öja Krog, close to Ystad on the south coast. Dad sometimes sell sweets and snacks there when there's a concert. This time the main act was Jerry Williams. Opening acts were John Lindberg Trio and Sven Ingvars. Dansband + rockabilly ftw... Or not. If it wasn't for the money I wouldn't have been there to begin with. I would've stayed home to play The Sims Medieval xD And it was slow. Too few people and too much time.

Saturday. Woke up early to get the early bus home. At 3pm I took the bus to Malmö to meet up with Kajsa. We bought our things for that night's BBQ and after a quick fresh-up at her place walked to the meeting place and met up with Rickard, Didrik and Tiffany. It was great to have the whole old group back together :) Ofc it was a little awkward in the beginning, not having seen eachother for over 6 months. Tiffany studies in London and Rickard in Uppsala (600 km up north in Sweden from us). So we don't really have that many opportunities to meet all of us in one place. But in summer and for Christmas when everyone is home for vacation we always meet up at least once. This time we had decided for BBQ and we did it at Rickard's parents' place (since they were out of town). After the slightly awkward feelings before dinner everything turned back to normal... Meaning crazy. It's been some time since I laughed so hard that my stomach ached continuosuly :) Even more so after the boys had gotten quite a few beers each and both a tequila bottle and a vodka bottle were brought out. It was my first time testing tequila and it was quite fun. I swear, the boys go even crazier than usual when they're tipsy (*cough* drunk *cough*) xD

Sunday. I wanted to take it slow today. Just relax and breathe. So first I slept 'til noon and then I played The Sims Medieval all day :)

Monday. Today I had a meeting with my new optician. Since I'm still kind of newly moved in here. That didn't go as planned. I expected a quick exam and then out again with a new bunch of contacts to pick up at a different time. Well... No. Turned out I need completely new contacts. I'll get a different kind that doesn't dry up when I forget to blink while playing computer games or accidentally fall asleep on the bus. I also have a new acuity apparantly. Worse than before. Now I'm down to - 8.0. 8.0!!! I'm practically blind. Well, I knew that before. Without contacts or glasses I can only see colours and where they break against eachother. I can't see a face clearly if the person is farther away than right in front of me. So that was kind of depressing. A few days ago I also realised that it's only a month left until my resit exam so today I started my study race. And yes, I'm still try to force the French authors into my head. In the evening after Love and Fluff had made chocolate Dime cupcakes I gave up on studying for today and went back to playing The Sims Medieval while having a delicious homemade cupcake ^^

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A different view on Sommar Rock Svedala

Thursday - Saturday there was the annual festival in my small home town of Svedala. A year without this festival would feel weird in my book, although I no longer live there.

Thursday: Arrived at the area around 2pm to set the stand. The rain was pouring down, which made this task very difficult. Only thinking of comfortable shoes to stand and walk in I was wearing my purple Converse and Love his running shoes. They were completely soaked through after a few hours, as were our hoodies. Luckily we had both put plastic bags on our feet so our feet remained dry inside our soaked through shoes :) And after we had put on the roof the setting of the stand became somewhat easier. They had to put wooden chips all over the walking areas and the paths as to stop the mud and the slipping. At 5pm the gates to the festival opened. The bands that played today were Singel, Apolonia, K.R.A.M., Electric Boys, Rock'n'Roll Boys, and Wilmer X. In that order. Singel was mostly a cover band, they sounded quite OK, although for some reason the male singer didn't bring it all when he sang Bryan Adams' Summer of '69 with the result that that song sounded quite measly. I absolutely did not like Apolonia. Their music sounded like folk/rock/noise. Mostly just noise. K.R.A.M. are there every year and they sounded exactly like they do every year; quite OK. Electric Boys: do you use any other musical instrument than the bass? Rock'n'Roll Boys were OK. Didn't like Wilmer X. Had heard so much about them, but in the end it was mostly folk/rock and it's not a genre that I'm particularly fond of. Without much ado the day ended and we went to sleep around 1am.

Friday: Arrived at the area around 4pm to reset the stand. This was made difficult by the Crew members as there apparantly was no official entrance for us until the public entrance opened at 5pm. I was pissed off at this since we obviously had work tags, proof that we worked there, and we were not allowed in. But in the end we were showed to an opening and let inside. This day it was raining as well. Not as heavily as Thursday but still raining and our shoes got soaked again, but not as bad as the day before, much thanks to the wooden chips (they had put on more for today). The rain was that kind of unpleasant not-really-falling kind of rain. At 5pm the entrance opened and the bands that played today were Calle & the Undervalleys, Melody Club, Danne Stråhed, The Boppers, Diamantorkestern, and Mustasch. Both I and Love looked forward to Calle & the Undervalleys, since Calle was the runner-up in Swedish Idol in 2009 and he has an amazing voice. None of us was actually able to be there but we heard everything. I loved it when he played his (now famous) version of Walking in Memphis. Next up was Melody Club. I'd class them as new wave or electropop, but they try to look fierce and like rockers. I'm not a big fan and I only recognized one song: Electric. A song remembered from my childhood. Danne Stråhed always brings loads of people so this was when our work kick-started for real. He sings chansons and he does it pretty well, even I can enjoy them from time to time. "När en flicka talar skånska" is pretty much his most famous song and I like it somewhat. My parents were surprised to hear that The Boppers were on the road again. I've heard of them, but never really heard anyting of them. I thought. Then I recognized Kissing in the Moonlight. Is that a famous cover of theirs or are they really the makers of that song? I couldn't hear much of Diamantorkestern since I had loads to do, but I think they were nice. Loads of people wore pins with their name on it anyway. Then it was time for Mustasch. I saw them at Metaltown in 2009 and thought they sounded quite OK, but this time I remained terribly unimpressed. They were just untuneful. I recognized a few of the songs. Like Mine which I think is one of their best songs. But other than that they were incredibly boring. And Gothenburg dialect simply takes the edge of the hard rock, because it sounds so cute xD When the concert ended we simply covered up the stand and left. Went to bed around 1am.

Saturday: Arrived around noon. This time we had no problems getting inside. Today the sun was finally shining. This was the big day and we brough out the "large artillery", a.k.a ballons and cotton candy. This day started out with the children competition called Småstjärnorna (roughly translated into Little Stars) where they impersonate an artist and lip-synchs and dances to a song. A boy being Kiss with Heaven's on Fire won. I like!!! After the competition there was child entertainment on the big stage in the shape of two trolls called Drill & Drull. After this I barely had time listening to Martin Prahl and Anna Hertzman on the small stage because the stand was overcrowded with people. We were given a small break when September played on the big stage. I usually don't listen to pop and I haven't listened to the radio for over 6 years, but I still recognized one song: La La La (Never Give it Up). I barely had time to listen to Skai on the small stage because once again the stand was overcrowded with people. That rush lasted the entire hour Skai played and it wasn't until The Poodles entered on the big stage that I got some room to breathe again. I used to like this band when they first debuted. I still like the song Night of Passion, but other than that I feel that they sound too popish and it's painfully obvious on the song Metal Will Stand Tall, which makes the message of the song sound kind of ironic. During this performance I had to rush out of the area to buy 10 litres of milk at the gas station on the other side of the road. The coffee stand was running out. When I got back I caught a glimpse of my old middle school teacher. He noticed me and waved a little, I smiled back my hands tied since I was carrying two bags full of milk. Soon after I got back The Poodles' concert ended and another rush came crowding the stand again. I had no time listening to Perikles, which I kind of regret since they're a great live band. Everyone loves their song "Var ska vi sova i natt" and when they start playing that song the vocalist doesn't need to do anything; the crowd sings everything. Then everyone went back to the big stage to watch The Ark. This band is giving their final tour this summer and then they disband. The band got big 11 years ago and back then they played on the small stage. I've seen them live three times at this festival, couting this one, which should make it 2½ times ;) I don't know if I like The Ark or not, sure they have loads of good songs, but it's not really my cup of tea. I do love The Worrying Kind though! And It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane is quite good as well. After this was the traditional ending with Vivaldi's Spring and then beautiful fireworks. There was a small rush and then we started packing everything down. Finally got to bed around 2.30am.

I'll probably be there next year as well. So if you read this or my blog, come by and say hi :)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Lord of the Rings inspired fantasy RPG #2

We crossed the river and on the other side there's a forest. We brought with us five bandits to get their ransom. After we got through the forest we discover a village a bit further down the road. There's a party going on in the village. Neela is once again washed up and dressed up in a dress. Lilja askes her to go down to the city with a tray full of trinkets to sell. Leithe is asked to do the same thing. Evol is sent into the city to ask the sheriff about the bandits and their ransoms. Lilja herself goes down to the village to have a look around and Runik stays to guard the wagon and the bandits.

Leithe gets robbed by a child that she can't catch. She trips and falls and loses her grip of her tray. All the children take what they want . Lilja sees this happening and grabs one child by the ear. She walks back towards the wagon with the child, but the child breaks free. Lilja returns to the village.

Neela tries to sell her things from her tray but there's music coming from inside a big crowd of people. Neela pushes her way to the front and sees acrobats and fire-eaters for the first time. She's bewitched by the sight. Later she notices that an ocarina is missing from her tray. She looks around but can't see anyone with one. A "volunteering" (obviously part of the stage crew) boy is brought up from the audience. He's thrown up into the air by one big guy and he does somersaults before landing on the shoulders of a smaller guy. When he lands an ocarina falls out of his pocket. Neela aims for him with her slingshot. He runs off the stage and behind it. Neela manages to balance the tray and push through the crowd to the other side of the stage. There are a lot of mobile homes and she can see the top of his hat sticking up in one of the windows (windows with no glass). She aims for the hat but misses and the stone goes through another glass-less window where something breaks.

In the meantime Evol has asked the sheriff and found out that the man they killed (John Little) was a very disliked farmer from the village and not a bandit. "His Merry Men" is of the same sort. The girls love him for having killed this farmer (Lilja killed him) and Lilja later finds him with two girls on his lap, one of which is feeding him pie and he's holding a pint of beer in his hand. Evol is ordered back to the wagon.

At the wagon some people from the village has been trying to lure Runik away from the wagon by having him competing in a competition with bow and arrow against the best man in the village. He refuses but they keep trying to pull him away from the wagon. Then they are scared off by robbers; wild people, coming out of the forest along with their horses. He takes cover behind the wagon and start shooting at people. He is later joined by Evol. Evol steals a horse from the wild people and races past the wagon towards the place where the people are coming from to fight them with his sword. Leithe tries to get back to the wagon to get her frying pan to fight with but trips and falls into a ditch. She's ordered back into the village by Lilja. Most of the villagers are now moving closer to the fight. Lilja is directing them into fighting formations.

In the village Neela keeps firing stones at the hat but she keeps missing her target. The boy manages to convince Neela to stop shooting. He offers to "buy" her bonbons in the village. Neela is hooked on this suggestion (an orphan, how long has it been since she last had bonbons?). The tray is left behind completely forgotten as the two make their way into the village to "buy" bonbons at the market. The boy's name is Maill. He and Neela get along well. Since the market is empty of people they can easily "shop" for different kinds of treats. Then they leave to climb a tree. They quickly get to the top of a large oak. From there they can see the entire battlefield.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

At 11.30 yesterday I walked down to the cinema to watch the midnight screening of the eighth and final Harry Potter film. I was excited and terrified at the same time. This was the closure of my childhood. Harry Potter has meant so much to me and millions of others and now it's over.

10 seconds into the film they showed Dobby's headstone and that's when I started crying. But before the seriousness began at the Battle of Hogwarts there were a lot of laughable moments, one of my film original favourites being McGonagall saying: "I've always wanted to use that spell" looking like an excited little school girl. And they didn't destroy the most awesome lines from the book. 1) Bellatrix Lestrange attacking Ginny and Molly Weasley coming at her (Bellatrix) saying "Not my daughter, you bitch". 2) After Harry has had his talk with Dumbledore and Dumbledore says: "Of course this is all happening in your head. Why would that make it not real?"

I did love the film (that's a first!) but that's probably cause I've only read the book twice and last time was two years ago. I'm gonna put Joe Abercrombie's "The Blade Itself" on hold for a while to re-read "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" before I'll probably go see it at the cinema again. I love how Snape's tale turned out, although I hate how they did Petunia there. Not the casting, but her reaction. She actually didn't think Lily a freak until after she (Petunia) had asked Dumbledore to take her as well and Dumbledore had turned her down. Petunia's hatred for her sister roots purely in jealousy.

When I got home from the cinema I felt empty but exalted at the same time. Now it was truly over. I felt that already when I got into the salon at the cinema and saw that on the screen they showed behind-the-scenes after the last filming. How Dan Radcliffe thanks everyone and saying that it's been a privilege to work with all of them and hoping to see them again sometime. And Emma, Dan and Rupert hugging... This was the end of a worldwide phenomenon.

I met Harry Potter in 1999 when I, on my 9th birthday, was given Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (I refuse to accept the American name) in Swedish. For 12 years I've always had something Harry Potter-ish to look forward to, but no more. The gap between the fourth and fifth book felt ridiculously long and the wait was the hardest. In eighth grade I and a friend sat in the back of the classroom whispering rumours of what was going to be in the fifth book to eachother. When I finally got my hands on the fifth book I finished the 1000-pages novel in two days. The sixth book became the first one I read in English. I bought it in 2005 when I was in England on a language course. I sat late into the night reading. I couldn't believe the end, I had to read it twice to actually understand that it wasn't a joke. He actually died. My hero died. The next day I felt like exploding cause I had no one to talk to about it. I stood in line at midnight on the release of the seventh book and the next day I had finished reading it. Even after finishing the seventh book I felt empty, but back then I comforted myself with the knowledge that the films were still there. Now there are no more films. What can I think of now? What can comfort me now? My childhood is now truly over.

The most fitting to add here now I feel is this poem, written by the winner of Beedle the Bard writing contest:
When I was six, he was eleven
I learnt how to be brave

When I was seven, he was twelve
I learnt to misbehave

When I was eight, he was thirteen
He taught me how to cry

When I was nine, he was fourteen
He showed me how to try

When I was twelve, and he fifteen
He taught me to forgive

When we were fourteen and sixteen
I learnt what it was to live

When we were fifteen and seventeen
He showed me he could bleed

But growing up with Harry taught me, mostly, how to read.

When we exited the cinema Love said that now I have to find a new obsession. I told him that it was impossible. I switched Heroes for Game of Thrones, but to switch Harry Potter for something I will have to find a new series that spellbinds an entire generation, a series that is published in 200 countries and translated into 70 languages. I'll have a hard time finding something like that...

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Old writings

I should have helped grandmother move out today as well, but woke up with a bad-ass cold. Awesome. So I just continued the last two days of laziness. Oh wait, Sunday was everything but lazy. I studied French and some kanji, I wrote almost a whole chapter on my story and I collected all my RPG-notes into one notebook.

Yesterday my brain was really slow (a warning of the forestanding cold?) and almost all I did was to play The Sims 2 and I wrote a little. I also looked through my very old notebook of all my old ideas for stories to write. In some of the written ideas it's painfully clear that I was no more than 15 when I wrote them down, but most of the ideas are still good material. I'm getting all excited when I think of them. Two of them are fantasy stories that don't take place in this world, but in different worlds that I've created from scratch. Nowadays I don't have the energy to do all that. I prefer to write the more subtle urban fantasy. I pretty much hate reading urban fantasy cause they are all the same; sexy vampires and/or werewolves in a big city with a hot chick that may or may not have some supernatural powers of her own (if she doesn't she'll obtain them somehow as the story goes on). I prefer to write it more subtle. Like, this is our world, but there's something more to it. No vampires or werewolves and such, but magic. I'm heavily influenced by Harry Potter as always, although I've found my own style by now, unlike when I was 12 and pretty much wrote copies. But it's all good, Sweden needs more fantasy writers.

As I looked through all my old notes I got really interested in taking up writing an old series I had in mind. It was my big main story a few years ago and now I'm gonna restart it again from scratch. Alongside my big main story of now. The story I'm going to take up again is of a Japanese/Swedish girl moving from Tokyo to someplace unspecified in Sweden. There she goes to a magic school. Very Harry Potter-ish, I know, but I actually thought more of Creep School than Harry Potter when I wrote it. She's a rebel and she does everything opposite of what the society and the school thinks. I'm always having a lot of fun when I write this. I'll let you read the new prologue. I write in Swedish to get every part of the language correct. (Click on pictures to read).

My present main story takes place in the 19th century. The magic involved is kind of like the abilities in Heroes, only mine are better ;) It's the story of twins Jennifer and Jonathan getting accused of a crime they didn't committ and having to run away from their country. By doing so they get aboard a pirate ship. This is more a story of growing up and dealing with hardships. But I can't really write well without the magical element and thus this became a fantasy story. Once again I'll let you read the prologue in Swedish. (Click on picture to read).

Saturday, 9 July 2011

An average summer day

Thursday was yet another workday for me. This time on the eastcoast. I had never been in the town for more than five minutes before but when the sun decided to show it was undoubtably beautiful. The harbour with the small boats was amazing. However on my way to the station to take the bus back almost all the way to the westcoast I saw the port with the big tankboats and it suddenly wasn't as beautiful anymore. Why did techonolgy wipe out the amazingly beautiful sailing ships? Anyway, this is what the small boat harbour looked like in the sunshine :)

Today I went to my grandmother's with my parents. My grandmother's moving out from her 100sqm (+ basement) to a 68sqm flat. She turned 80 recently and she wants a place without stairs and steps since she's living alone after my grandfather died 24 years ago. So we're helping her out. However moving from a house that's technically 200sqm to a flat of only 68sqm is a very big issue. She's got loads of stuff and furniture that she has no idea what to do with. Some of it are going on auction, some of it are given to mum and dad, some of it are thrown away and some of it she's going to keep. Going through all her stuff there's always something she wants to give to me and my sister. Nowadays it's almost impossible to get away from her place without some new things. My big fear is that she will hand me some very expensive porcelain decoration thingy (I kind of collected them when I was about 6-7 years old and she thinks I still do). Last time she gave me and my sister two Santa elves each than she said had cost 900 sek a piece (about €90). I'm trying to sell off all my old procelain things and here she gives me two more that I can't possibly turn down?! I don't want them! But I can't tell her that... Anyway this time everything went well and I only came home with two (very much needed) duvet covers and an Advent candlestick. I can live with that.

This trip to my grandmother's wasn't really planned and at first it caused a big rupture in my all planned out free day. I tend to get kind of put off when unplanned things interupt the flow of my day. But as soon as I got out the door my mood changed to the better. The weather was nice. The sun wasn't all that tough on the eyes as it uses to be and the temperature was just right. I got off the bus at the train station in my hometown and when I walked down the mainstreet to my dad's office I noticed that there was a cartrunk fleamarket going on at the main square. Cartrunk fleamarkets are getting increasingly popular in Sweden. It means that you park your car on the square and then you put a small table (not wider than your cartrunk) in front of your cartrunk. You can't bring more things than what fits in your cartrunk. There are usually loads of people. Cartrunk fleamarkets are a really big thing in my hometown. Here's a (kind of bad angled) picture of today's fleamarket:

Later at my grandmother's place, just before going back home, we decided to help her out with her cherry tree and pick some of her cherries. We will have to do it again the next time we go over to help her move. There are loads! Here's today's harvest:

I had actually planned to eat at home in Lund, but Dad had bought steak for me as well. One of the good things about going to my parents' place is all the (to us) luxurious food we get. Today it was beef steak BBQ. Heaven! While Dad was doing his thing with the grill the dog was looking at me like this:

And because of harvesting cherries I've had this song on my head for hours:
Simply because she's singing that a couple in love are like two cherries on the same branch... So she sings Sakuranbo over and over and Sakuranbo means cherry...

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Alice Cooper

My back still hurts from those past few days. Saturday and Sunday were work. Monday was a 4½ hour train to Stockholm to go to the amusement park Gröna Lund. The main show of the day was the Alice Cooper concert in the evening at Gröna Lund, but since entrance to the park is more expensive after 6pm and admission wasn't guaranteed since they closed the entrance gates after the area in front of the stage was full, we decided to get there early. Thus, as a bonus I got a full day at Gröna Lund amusement park! ^_^ Me, Love, his friend Roger and my friend Kajsa went together and of course we rode all the roller coasters (there are four of them), the Funny House, Free Fall and one more. Soft ice is mandatory when going to an amusement park :)

At 6pm we went to the stage to find ourselves a nice spot. We sat down on this spot on the ground, then we took turns going out to buy ourselves some T-shirts, food and drink. At 7pm we could no longer sit down because the place had gotten wuite crowded and finally at 8pm the show started. No support act. I was in heaven. Then he started out with Black Widow. Such a great song! Standing on a podium with an extra six arms that all followed the movements of his own arms (probably attached by nylon threads or something)

All in all he played the classics No More Mr. Nice Guy, Poison, Billion Dollar Babies, I'm Eighteen and School's Out. The whole crowd sang along to all the lyrics of Poison. I wonder how sick he is of that song by now? I loved that in the bridge of School's Out he had added the chorus from Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall. The crowd loved it and sang along with "We don't need no education..." Awesome! I also loved that he played Hey Stoopid. One of my absolute favourites. The only ballad played was Only Women Bleed. And he played one brand new song called I'll Bite Your Face Off, which was actually quite good. I'm looking forward to the next album!

I loved the theatrics of the show. I've seen Lordi twice before and they have quite theatrical shows, but nothing like this. To one of the songs (I don't remember which one) he had a real live snake around his neck and shoulders. To one song i guillotined himself and afterwards the masked hangman walked around the stage holding a doll copy of his head by the hair. The really big part of the theatrics was the song Feed My Frankenstein. Alice put on a lab coat and then there was a big kind of fake machine that seemed to work like a cauldron/oven. In this cauldron/oven they put a doll that looked like a dead person. Then there was an explosion with smoke and next thing we know Alice has disappeared and there's a 4-5 m tall mechanic doll walking out on stage singing the rest of the song.

For the encore he walked out on stage carrying the Swedish flag and singing Elected and one more song that I didn't recognise but it seemed to be quite popular cause half the crowd was singing along. He ended the show saying Happy 4th July :) During all of the show people at the very front had been jumping up and down with an American flag. 

When we got to the tram station there were loads of people and Roger got us on the tram in the opposite direction (only two stations til the final one and then it made a turn to go back the same way) This way we got seats before the whole crowd took over the tram and turned it into something slightly similar to the constant crowd at Yamanote Line in Tokyo, but not quite as bad as the morning rush. 

So to conclude this concert. I thought it was awesome and when I walked away from it I didn't feel like he missed anything. But now that I'm home and I've been going through my Alice Cooper songs I realise that there are some that I feel he could have added... But no harm done. It was amazingly incredibly fantastic (although it felt like my back would break in two from almost constantly standing up for three days in a row) and it felt like my knees and feet never would work properly again. It's hard, he's made so many good songs. But I feel like he could have played He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask), Vengeance is Mine, Perfect and Dirty Dreams

On a sidenote, though. Concerts are the only time I wish I had been 5 cm taller. Or that I would've liked a genre of music that didn't attract all the big, tall guys. This time I had a hell (my neck still hurts from me standing on my tip-toes with my head bent as far back as it goes to see over heads). The person in front of me seemed to be making a fuss of taking up as much of my view as possible. (s)He was wearing a bright pink shirt, tight black jeans and pointy loafers. (s)He had long blond wavy hair down the back (I was seriously convinced he was a she before he turned around at one point). And everytime he had made something with his right hand in the air he didn't retract it fully but just let it rest on the top of his head (sometimes even playing with his long long thick hair). For some time I tried to figure out a way to push him out of my way without turning the whole crowd over like a bunch of dominoes, but in the end I gave up. Love helped a little by switching places with me and for some time I could see really well. Then the Pink Shirt's friend who was equally tall went to stand in front of me. Oh well... At least it makes me feel short...

I also somewhat hoped to see Johnny Depp join in and play a guest guitar on some songs. I read that he had been in shows with Alice Cooper in London. This would (if possible) have made this day even better. But no sign of Johnny.