Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Old writings

I should have helped grandmother move out today as well, but woke up with a bad-ass cold. Awesome. So I just continued the last two days of laziness. Oh wait, Sunday was everything but lazy. I studied French and some kanji, I wrote almost a whole chapter on my story and I collected all my RPG-notes into one notebook.

Yesterday my brain was really slow (a warning of the forestanding cold?) and almost all I did was to play The Sims 2 and I wrote a little. I also looked through my very old notebook of all my old ideas for stories to write. In some of the written ideas it's painfully clear that I was no more than 15 when I wrote them down, but most of the ideas are still good material. I'm getting all excited when I think of them. Two of them are fantasy stories that don't take place in this world, but in different worlds that I've created from scratch. Nowadays I don't have the energy to do all that. I prefer to write the more subtle urban fantasy. I pretty much hate reading urban fantasy cause they are all the same; sexy vampires and/or werewolves in a big city with a hot chick that may or may not have some supernatural powers of her own (if she doesn't she'll obtain them somehow as the story goes on). I prefer to write it more subtle. Like, this is our world, but there's something more to it. No vampires or werewolves and such, but magic. I'm heavily influenced by Harry Potter as always, although I've found my own style by now, unlike when I was 12 and pretty much wrote copies. But it's all good, Sweden needs more fantasy writers.

As I looked through all my old notes I got really interested in taking up writing an old series I had in mind. It was my big main story a few years ago and now I'm gonna restart it again from scratch. Alongside my big main story of now. The story I'm going to take up again is of a Japanese/Swedish girl moving from Tokyo to someplace unspecified in Sweden. There she goes to a magic school. Very Harry Potter-ish, I know, but I actually thought more of Creep School than Harry Potter when I wrote it. She's a rebel and she does everything opposite of what the society and the school thinks. I'm always having a lot of fun when I write this. I'll let you read the new prologue. I write in Swedish to get every part of the language correct. (Click on pictures to read).

My present main story takes place in the 19th century. The magic involved is kind of like the abilities in Heroes, only mine are better ;) It's the story of twins Jennifer and Jonathan getting accused of a crime they didn't committ and having to run away from their country. By doing so they get aboard a pirate ship. This is more a story of growing up and dealing with hardships. But I can't really write well without the magical element and thus this became a fantasy story. Once again I'll let you read the prologue in Swedish. (Click on picture to read).

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