Monday, 28 March 2011

Coming up

My head is spinning from all the excitement. Three of my favourite things are now keeping me on the edge of my seat wishing for time to move faster so I can finally see it. One of them has already started to happen and I've been jumping up and down all day.

Okay, so the first thing is that my favourite Japanese pop group added four new members at the end of last year and for months I've been waiting in anticipation for what their new single would sound like. The addition of new members and removal of old ones has been a tradition since the group was formed in 1997, but now it hadn't happened since 2007 and the anticipation has been extremely high. Everyone I know in that fan world have been hoping for the younger, jumpier sound that made MoMusu famous to come back, but since all the members up until this point have been around or above their twenties the sound has gradually become more and more mature, until they were stuck in one sound, which really isn't something MoMusu used to be. Every single release used to bring a new sound, a new style and I really hope that's what will be coming back now that they've added four new members under the age of 15. Anyhow the PV for their new single which will be released in April sounds a lot more like this old song from 2002 than their latest single from before the 9th generation was added. Happy! ^_^ And even if you're not a big fan of the music, the videos always contain eye candy. Either in the form of extremely cute Japanese girls or in their awesome clothes.

The second thing is the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film. Having liked Jack Sparrow and having that page on my Facebook feed I get loads of updates and quotes and pictures and last week the second trailer for the film was revealed. The new trailer gives me the feeling the film will be far more epic than I originally thought - and that's saying quite a lot!!!

First trailer

Second trailer

At this end we've been watching the three first films all over again and everytime I see them I fall in love with Jack Sparrow all over again. Just like I did the first time I saw the first film when I was 13. See you at the premiere? ^_^

And finally the third thing is the last ever Harry Potter film coming up this summer. Having MuggleNet on my Facebook feed I get all the Harry Potter related news and last week the first deleted scene from Deathly Hallows pt.1 was revealed. Pictures from the upcoming film is slowly being released too (and removed again by WB) and just now the first poster was revealed:
It's with mixed joy and sorrow I read the line on the poster. An era of my childhood is coming to an end and what an era it's been! I was 8 when I recieved my first Potter-book and then I was hooked. A friend and I used to play pretend during school breaks and pretend that we were students at Hogwarts learning magic and dealing with weird happenstances. Both of us wrote and printed the first letter as described from our computers and posted it in eachother's post boxes in the summer when we both had turned 11. And all the time until I was 15/16 I used to play pretend this special story. It was what helped me escape from a world I (at that time) despised and run off to a world I adored. I was always special. I was always great and loved and well-liked and famous not just a depressed, ordinary, boring school girl in a far-off corner of the world. All that's left for me now (and I say that both with relief and sorrow) is to go to Wizarding World in Orlando, FL and probably to buy this friggin' thing ;) I'm the most hooked person I've ever known.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Call of Cthulhu RPG #4 - beginning

So we started the new adventure last week and since about half of the characters died last time we had to make new ones. Right now we are four but a fifth one will be added to the story this week. So this time we have Sophie Manson (the priest's daughter and a professional thief, flapper), California Smith (archeaologist and scholar), Frank Castle (private detective) and Alistair Carling (the psychiatrist who got his hand blown up last time).

So it all starts off with Carling moving from Boston to New York and there finding Sophie, whom we tells of her father's death. When he is at her flat telling her the sad news California Smith knocks on the door. Sophie has helped her steal old stuff before and knows she's a fast talker and Smith wants her along with her. Smith tells Sophie that one of her colleagues, Arthur Cornthwaithe, has gone missing and that she's going to go out to his house to check on him and convince him to come back because she doesn't want to take on his classes. Sophie who had almost no reaction to the news of her father's death agrees to come along and Carling who doesn't want to leave Sophie alone tags along as well.

Arthur is disgustingly rich and interested in the native people of southern Africa. It's a long ride to his house from New York and we stop by a small village on the way where we eat and fill up the car. We arrive at the estate, which is surrounded by a fence and Sophie picks the lock of the big gates and we drive through without closing them again. The garden is completely overgrown and not taken care of. Smith knocks on the door and a detective named Castle opens the door and tells us that Arthur has disappeard and has been gone for several weeks. Apparantly he disappeard after he took some time off to travel. Smith insists on entering and pick up his notes for his classes and the rest of us enters too. There's an open book on the table of the study. "The people the djungle swallowed". The book is in a bad shape and it seems to describe a tribe in Africa. Smith takes the book but finds no notes. We walk around the house and find a library. At that time we get a feeling that the house is watching us, the angles seem to be off and the house seems to squeak and creak more than what would be normal. Smith and Castle enter the library and Sophie sneaks away upstairs and enters the first room which is the master bedroom. Expensive furniture, expensive decoration. Messy. Shotgun bullets with the powder outside of them lined up on a table. Crystallic powder in windows and the door. A golden cigar box and a tie-pin imbedded with diamonds disappears into her bag while Castle is screaming for her to get back downstairs and pulls out his gun. Sophie comes back downstairs seemingly disappointed and as if nothing has happened. Castle drives us out of the house and when we drive off we close the gates behind us. We decide to go to the local attorneys' office to find out if Castle really was sent by them.

Call of Cthulhu RPG #3 - ending

This post is long overdue, but since the RPG meetings have stalled a little I haven't had any motivation to blog about it. But now it got going again and here's the ending of number 3.

Cover, our explosives expert, shows up at the library. He examines the powder but doesn't understand a thing. Eneri comes back downstairs and tells us that she has recieved a call from someone who said that father Washington will be sacrificing someone in three days. Father Edward, Cover and Kruger go to the Ving Store and find out that in three days all planets will be positioned in one line and that there's much evil around at that time. Cover shows the powder but the store owner doesn't recognise it. When asked the man takes out a candle and lights it and Cover puts a little powder on the flame. The flame turns green. Cover puts a small piece of metal in the green fire and shows the result to the man who still says he doesn't recognise it. Cover mentions the cult and we are driven out of the store by gunpoint.

We go to the church where the others went. We arrive and see blod and metal from something that has exploded. In the crypt you can see that someone has been looking for what we stole. We take everything on the table and then drive to the closest telephone booth. We make a few calls and get in touch with Eneri who drove (very, very badly) herself and Carling to the hospital. The gun had exploded in Carling's hand. The university chemist Eneri had given the powder to turns out to be one of the four men from Wells' flat. We pick her up at the hospital and on our way back to the university we drive past the warehouse. Cover puts stones next to doors and windows as to be able to see if anyone's been there the next time we get there. The ordinary fire is still burning and Eneri puts some powder on it as to see if it reacts the same. She puts out the fire after it stopped being green. Cover rigs a bomb with the powder and then we drive over to Fog. We arrive at the university and discover that the chemist is dead and another man is unconscious. Edward drives off to find Fog, which he does after a while and she sleeps over at his place.

The next day Edward and Fog drive to the warehouse and start moving boxes around as to find a trap door. Success! When everyone (Cover, Eneri, Fog, Edward) is assembled we enter through the trap door. Eneri has a torchlight. The tunnel ends in a huge hall where lots of human bones are spread about. We all feel sick and it smells real bad. Then we hear the trap door close and a voice saying that he thought we'd show up earlier and a huge green fire is lit with some kind of creature inside it. The creature looks at us. Cover panics and runs back through the tunnel. Fog lies down on the floor crying. Eneri handles her panic with her camera and takes multiple pictures. Edward hugs his Bible. People are coming from behind. Fog throws powder and a granade and kills them and Cover but destroys the tunnel. Edward falls to his knees and tries to dig his way out with his bare hands, completely out of it. Fog and Eneri fights Washington and Eneri manages to push all of Washington into the green fire but loses both her hands in the process. The loss of her hands triggers all the horrors that happened to her in the past year to come back and she loses her mind. When Washington is gone the fire and the creature disappears and the hall goes completely dark. Fog is the only one sane enough to try and find another way out.

-- The End --

Saturday, 19 March 2011

I love Japanese CMs

Just what the title implies. While in Tokyo I saw loads of them, both as posters and as videos especially in the underground. Inside the trains they have small TV-monitors that only show news, weather forecast and CMs and lacking something else to look at I always had my eyes glued to the screen. One made me say "gorogoro" for days and I've seen the CMs for the Cats and Sound of Music performances in Tokyo too many times. But they are actually so much better than European CMs, simply because there's so much more to them.

This one is soooo cute and kind of creepy at the end

This one is just straight out mental.

This one is my favourite. 1) It's cute. 2) It gets stuck.

The CM that hade me most appalled I found at the end of my stay. A mobile phone company add and I'm still not too sure what they were trying to say with it.... But here it is:

Friday, 18 March 2011

The Tomboy and Fashion

I'm feeling like a girl for the first time since I was a small kid. I'm watching all the cycles of America's Next Top Model, currently I'm at cycle 7 which originally was the cycle that got me interested. Last time I watched the show seriously was when I was 15 and now I'm re-watching it. It has got me thinking a lot about fashion. I used to not care what the heck I was wearing as long as I liked it and I still don't, but watching it, knowing the industry it's entertaining and interesting. I feel like I'm learning something completely new and it's fun. I've discovered so much since I watched the series - like Twiggy. I love her (and her accent)! I've always found Tyra awesome, but now I'm in love with her - her personality is refreshing and fun. Since it's a reality show I always fall for one of the girls, but only once it's been the winner I've fallen for. I usually like the dark, dorky, tomboyish girls - the different ones and they never make it.

I've never been the girly one. Sure I played with dolls, but even more than that I loved Lego, cars, jumping from the swings, riding bikes and running around. Having picnics and teapartys with the dolls was just something I did with my friends who were girls. I wished I were a boy when I was little. When all the girls in my class in first grade fell in love with Leo DiCaprio from Titanic I was impressed by Kate Winslet and my favourite scene is still when the ship is actually sinking. I hated the boybands and I still do. I was 13 when I found Nightwish and with that my musical and personal style. I was the dorky girl. I wasn't pretty. I had glasses and braces, straight boring blonde hair, bad posture and absolutely no idea how to dress good or put on make-up. I was the smart one, not the pretty one in high school. Top Model gave me confidence that I could become beautiful too when I was 15 and needed it the most. Today I've come as far as admitting that I'm pretty, but I don't know sexy. I don't feel sexy and I don't know how to be sexy - simply because I'm not. I'm cute and dorky, but not sexy.

Top Model opened my eyes to make-up, clothes and fashion in general. I started seeing celebrities in a new way and found my muse and role model in Avril Lavigne. I still look up to her a lot. Just like everyone else I've got my preferences in fashion from every single decade since the 20's except for the 30's, I haven't really found anything that I like there.

1920's - Flappers
1940's - The pin-up girls
1950's - The rockabilly / rock'n'roll style
1960's - Mods and the really short dresses
1970's - Punk
1980's - Heavy metal
1990's - Grunge
2000's - Scene / Emo

Top Model also indirectly taught me a lot about gay people and I decided that this was a good post to talk about it. I always thought of myself as straight until 10th grade, then I started wondering and second-guessing. That's also when my "yellow fever" started with Morning Musume and I find those two connected. I kissed my first girl at new year's eve between 2007-2008 in a game of Truth or Dare and figured that it wasn't that bad or different from kissing a boy. It was just a whatever shrug and get on with my life. But in the end of my Tokyo visit there was a new girl in class. She was 24, but looked 18. She was a girl, but looked like a boy. She was from Taiwan and she was tiny. The first and only girl I ever had a crush on was her. That had me stop questioning my sexuality and I just accepted that I went both ways. Simple. I haven't been showing this off to the world cause I know what reactions can come of it, but I don't have any problems with myself anymore. If you do then fine I don't care.

Fun part is the difference. I love manly guys. The guys with broad shoulders, big jaw, wide chest and abs and they have to be caucasian for me to like them and as tall as or taller than me. With girls it's a completely different story. They are asian with tiny, petite figures, small faces, really dark eyes and a tomboy appearance.

Top Model made me want to take care of my appearance more. I'm trying to get clear skin, which I haven't had since I was 12, and a flat belly, which I haven't had since I was 10. But I don't like to watch what I eat. I hate to count carbs. I love ice cream and sweets and biscuits and cupcakes and buns and soda and fast food. I want to continue eating all of that but still get that flat belly. So I just started walking everywhere instead of taking the bus and I'm gonna try to do some 15 minutes work-out every day and I might go swimming sometimes. I've wanted a flat belly all my teenage life and now I'm determined to get one... If I do I can go get a pierced navel that actually looks good! (Instead of that other one I had that didn't work out too well...).

This turned out to be a very varied and long post. All with connections to Top Model, but it contains a lot of 'me' as well and my thoughts. I feel very materialistic and fake writing this, but it all really comes down to me wanting to feel pretty. That old feeling that's been with me since I was the ugly nerd girl in high school who was completely settled on never ever getting a boyfriend and never ever have a love life because she was so unattractive and boring. I feel proud.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


It's been pouring down all day and on such a day I just wanna curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and watch TV, or possibly sit in clothes two sizes too big and write on stories. I did neither today, but I still have all that cosiness curled up inside of me so I'm gonna let some of it out here and then go get my two-sizes-too-big clothes and start writing on a story.

Pouring rain always makes me think of this song by Kelly Clarkson. Just that verse, the melody and the sense of the song makes me think of rain and I relate to this song very well - a small town girl wanting to break out and see the world. Breakaway from that depressing and jaded town and go find herself somewhere else on this planet. It kept me dreaming when I was fifteen and went through a rough patch and it still keeps me dreaming, cause I'm still this small town girl trying to figure out her place in the world.

Rain is magical. It seems grey and boring and depressing, but if you really look... Can you see the beauty? Water splashed on the window making the world on the other side seem deformed and weird. The sound is soothing. I can hear it dripping and pouring and splashing, like the ocean it's calm, relentless and playful at the same time. Taking a walk in pouring rain is incredible, especially in summer when there are those extreme waterfalls coming down on you with big splashing drops; just one drop making you completely soaked. It makes you appreciate even more to get back inside, get dried up and put on dry clothes. You feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It's just perfect. Rain is perfect. 

It doesn't end with the rain, a lot of the beauty comes just afterwards. A few sunbeams beat through the clouds and shine on the wet ground. The drops are pearling on the grass and spiderwebs are beautiful. The world seems fresher, newer, and it smells fantastic. The smell just after a heavy spring rain is indescribable. I honestly don't know any word to describe that smell. But I know that I love it. Do you need a reason to love something other than it makes you feel good?

The strong wind that's been blowing here for the past three days just adds up to all the rain. I love lying in bed and listening to the swooshing sounds from the outside. It gets my imagination going. Storms are the most magical natural phenomenon in the world.

For the rest of the evening and some of the night I'm now going to exchange my school notebook for my story-writing notebook and go change my clothes to enjoy the full expense of the pouring rain and swooshing wind and just let my imagination flow. 

Saturday, 12 March 2011


When I got up yesterday I felt pretty good. Got up to the computer and got on Facebook. First thing I see is a comment about an earthquake in Japan. Heart in my throat I went to Reader to catch up on the morning's news and after reading everything about the 8.9 point on the Richter scale earthquake and the 10m tsunami caused by it I felt terrible and anxious. First thing I did was to post on the Walls of my friends in Japan. Recieving their answers that they were okay and no major damage was done to their homes or workplaces or loved ones I felt somewhat relieved. Moved on to check my other pages, especially the one with news and updates of my favourite Japanese artists and groups and found tweets that they were all okay. Phew.

After all of that I scarcely felt like going to school but I went anyway, but all the time had my day disrupted by heartache and worry for my beloved Tokyo and Japan. Sitting there I got updates about a fire in a nuclear plant in Japan and everything just felt worse and I turned bitter (but I'm not going to bring up my resentment against nuclear power here). I managed to go through almost all of my school day, just leaving one hour too early and because I did I saw four Japanese girls in the lobby of the school, three of them comforting the fourth one. Something terrible most have happened, it must have turned out worse than I first thought. I got home and the first thing I saw on my Reader was that the death toll was expected above 1000. I felt like crying.

That night we had some friends over and although we hadn't planned on drinking they had brought booze and I felt it was a good day to drink. All these ominous and sorrowful feelings had to go somewhere.

Today the first thing I did on my computer was to check the news. Everything seemed to have calmed down somewhat and I was a little relieved. On my Facebook a friend shared this link with pictures and I felt the horror as I looked through them (click for larger).


All these feelings ended in rage as I was given this link to read. My resentment against the US just keeps going up and they give me no reason not to hate them or their country.

I don't know if I'm being overly dramatic or overly sensitive or overly attached to Japan. But what I do know is that I'm extremely empathic to reading, watching TV, seeing pictures and people around me. I get all these feelings and I think it's a good characteristic to have but it's hard work feeling all these things.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

För att fortsätta min suite

Jag har tidigare bloggat om ungas situation i samhället och om hur "bra" vi har det. Min vän Kajsa tipsade mig om den här videon från SVT som jag hade missat och jag tänkte delge den till alla er. Titta och förfasas över hur "bra" vi har det.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Thoughts on French class

This is a little experiment: my first blog post from my phone. I'm in class, sitting in the back and blogging. It's been almost two months and I haven't bonded with anyone. I knew when I started studying French that it would be hard because typically I have nothing in common with people who study French, still I like the language. It provides some kind of difficulty for me as did Spanish. Something about the Latin languages is difficult for me and that makes it a lot of fun.
But the people... Don't even get me started. I'm certain now that I'm not well-liked. I don't care about the people I have never talked to, they can remain indifferent to me for all I care, but the people I've talked to and made an effort to bond with... They're pissing me off! I didn't show up to class for two weeks and they stopped talking to me. Even when I ask them something or try to talk to them they seem reluctant to answer me... Why? I have no idea. Maybe they're jealous that I was away for two weeks and when I came back I was still on top of my game?
Anyway I decided to put the bonding on hold until next semester. By then there will be fewer and the stupid bitches may have gone away until then. I don't like making friends with girls, they're too complicated to hang out with. Too bad French is pretty much only girls...

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pictural update

So it's been a while again, but a lot has happened! First off I moved in together with my boyfriend in a new flat. It's really nice and after getting all the stuff out of their boxes it has started to feel real homey. There's still a little more to do, like getting a sofa and put some posters in frames and hang on the walls, but that's stuff that will get done when there's time and money. So I'll start off by showing off the rooms:

The hallway

The kitchen

The living room with work station

The toilet

The bedroom

Second I'll talk about our Saturday in Malmö. It's been a great day that unintentionally turned into a date. When we arrived at the Central station around noon and started off by having lunch at Espresso House. They have some great sandwiches there and it's a less fat option to having a cheap lunch at China Box or Burger King and since I had been getting motionsick from riding the bus I didn't really feel like eating fat fast food, I even stood the hot chocolate up! After lunch we walked from the Central station to Värnhem, which takes about 15-20 minutes depending on how fast you walk. There are buses but it was a great clear day and for the first time this year it really felt like spring is just around the corner - it's just a very big corner. 

We arrived at the mall there and I had this idea that we could go around window shopping and try out stuff but not buying anything until the film started at the cinema three hours later. That didn't go as planned. The first lapse happened at Lagerhouse. A notebook. Then it just kept going downhill. The two most awesome things we bought were these:

Monopoly: The Nightmare Before Christmas edition

In game

Purple Converse for me

The film we saw was Rango. It was good. After having seen the trailer it seemed so much better. But in the end it was just a predictable children's western film. Not epic like Tangled - the film of the year 2011. 

Something I should have blogged about a long time ago is my new computer. In the end of January I bought parts for a brand new computer for me, which Love assembled and put together. Now I have a fast, geek computer and I love it :P Here it is: