Tuesday, 31 January 2012

This is what university is like...

So school is kind of interesting right now. I'm really not a fan of my writing and talking classes, simply because of the teacher. He calls his teaching method "fuzzy", meaning he has no straight lines and he wants us to figure things out by ourselves instead of telling us straight to our faces what we're supposed to do. So we have no information. This is, unfortunately, also the man who's responsible for the entire course and he is supposed to give us information on the essay we are supposed to write this semester to get our Bachelor degrees in French. Last week he asked us if we had contacted our essay mentors yet. Without even having told us to do so! We know nothing, not how many pages the essay is supposed to have, nor when it's due, nor who the mentors are supposed to be. He has no idea about anything. He told us that he's the mentor for the ones who are continuing with the linguistics profile on their essays, but for us who will be continuing with the literature profile he says he has no idea who our mentor is. Awesome. Then he tells us to find out. You may have done this a hundred times before but none of us have! You're supposed to tell us how it's done! Are you a teacher or not?! Also, during his lessons he gives no clues as to when he'll change the subject, suddenly it's just changed. Suddenly he asks everyone a question out of the blue and we're supposed to answer. He talks about the course then suddenly he talks about an author he likes very much, then suddenly he talks about an assignment and these three seems to be completely unrelated... It's not just me either. All 6 of us on the course feel the same way. He's too blurry. It makes it hard to follow him during classes. Because of that I chose to call in sick today and not go to school. I just didn't feel like I had enough energy to sit and concentrate on his talking for two two-hour classes. Because of that I missed what they did today and he said that he couldn't send me the exercise they got today due next week. Well, if he asks next week if I've got it I'll just give him the "No"-answer and try not to get angry when I see his surprised expression.

On the contrary I think I may have started to like our literature teacher O_o This term we're reading "Le Cid" by Corneille, "Phèdre" by Racine, "Un Amour de Swann" by Proust and "Lettres à tous ceux qui aiment l'école" by Ferry. There's something about the teacher that this semester seems more sympathetic, I don't really know what it is. I'm liking "Le Cid" and I'm looking forward to reading "Phèdre" and "Lettres...". The Proust one will probably be this semester's hardship, like Balzac and Mauriac was the semester before that, and Simone de Beauvoir was the semester before that. This semester the exam will be a home exam, which will hopefully mean that I can pass it more easily than I have with her regular exams. I passed the resit on my resit by the way ;)

I'm also taking a part-time course in Spanish and this far it's not that hard. I have lost some of it during the year I didn't use it, but it was the basics of the basics and it's all being reused and relearned this semester ;) We're reading two books this year (I don't even know if I want to call them that, they're more like booklets). They're called "Guantanameras" and "Doce rosas para Rosa" by Dolores Soler-Espiauba. The language in them are simple enough and although I understand far from everything I still understand what's happening. I'm reading "Guantanameras" right now and it's going well.

Spanish isn't really a language I like that much, but it's a language that might prove useful later since it's the second largest language in the world (#1 is Mandarin Chinese and #3 is English). I'm starting to like French a lot. I liked it before but I like it even more now. That may be because the French finally has started coming easy to me. Sure I still make mistakes with prepositions and gender, but the first one is difficult in all languages (including Swedish) and the second one isn't really talked about in Swedish (I thought for a long time that Swedish didn't have any genders).

I can't really believe that it's my last semester of French. It feels unreal somehow. I'm so excited to go back to studying Japanese this autumn! :D I'll be reviewing my Japanese textbooks the entire summer to make sure I have everything ready for when I start. Both the university textbooks and the textbooks I had at the language school in Tokyo, which may mean I might be a little ahead at the beginning of that semester ;)

Meanwhile I'm having the same old problem; I don't feel like I belong. Sure I talk to everyone in my French class (we're six people it would be weird otherwise), but I don't feel like I'm the same as them. And in Spanish I haven't even started talking to anyone yet. I'm the hardrocker geek that shows it off with the clothes I'm wearing. I'm the weirdo with the Harry Potter scarf who sits and writes in Japanese before the beginning of the class. I'm the girl who sits alone in the cafeteria and reads thick fantasy novels while having lunch. Somehow I think that's putting people off from talking to me; the studs + concert t-shirts + Japanese + Harry Potter + fantasy novels. I seem to be living in a different world than most people. So I don't belong with them, I can't seem to talk to them without feeling awkward. Even if they don't notice the awkwardness I do.

Friday, 27 January 2012

The beginning of the cyber war: SOPA and ACTA

I guess you have all heard about ACTA and SOPA? And if you haven't; what rock have you been living under for the last week? A war has just been declared. It all started with a bill in the American Senate. Basically this is what will happen if it passes:
The bill has not yet been passed, but on January 19th the US government shut down MegaUpload. I noticed only because I was trying to download some subtitles for a Japanese film, and the site suddenly didn't work. The day after Anonymous answered this declaration of war by disabling the websites of the American Justice Department, the FBI, Universal Music Group, the RIAA, the MPAA and Broadcast Music Inc. If SOPA passes it will give the American government the right to shut down major websites like Facebook, Google, Tumblr, Wikipedia (who shut down their English part themselves as a protest against SOPA), YouTube... Basically it would take away the Internet as we know it. However the American government has only access to servers on American soil. Google (along with YouTube) has already set up backup servers outside the US, Facebook is working on the same thing. This is what we have already seen in the Pirate Bay Case. Pirate Bay is still working and their servers are moved. The Senate's vote on SOPA was postponed due to Anonymous actions. But we're not safe yet.

For a moment there SOPA was what everyone talked about. Then the older, but less official, case of ACTA surged up to the surface. ACTA would not only harm the Americans but it would efficiantly go against the Human Rights and several countries' constitutions, by going against the Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech etc. These videos explains ACTA:
Since I am European, this is what worries me the most and probably what would effect me the most if it would pass. This bill is not yet passed, but several countries (among them 22 of the members of the EU and Sweden is one of them) have signed it already.

In the wake of the shutdown of MegaUpload loads of protest and predictions of the future have been made online. This prediction almost had me cry as well as this protest. Tumblr has seen an up-surge of portesting gifs like these: 

What these people that suggest these laws don't understand is what the Internet really is. It's not a place for criminals to get away with their petty crimes. No. It's a place of understanding, of sharing, of peace, sometimes of silly arguments. But it's a place of friends, a place of discovery and a place of learning. This is a continuation of the Copyright lawsuit against Pirate Bay. I've read a lot about this and most of the research shows that musical artists don't earn less money because of file sharing and downloading, quite on the contrary. The ones who do earn less money are the copyrighters, the record labels, and they are getting scared. The artists make more money, because suddenly more people know about them, more people have the opportunity to discover them. More people go to concerts and buy their merchandise. It's getting more and more usual that artists create their own labels. Many Japanese groups have started touring Europe and the US, because suddenly they have fans there as well. All thanks to the Internet. All-American artists like Stephen Lynch have YouTube and downloading to thank for their European fans. The Internet is a large kind of Cricle of Life and everything that goes around comes around. You're not anonymous and yet you are. Everything you say is official but everything you say may not be heard. You make friends in other parts of the world, other parts of the country. And you get to talk about things that are difficult when you need to, to people who will listen to you. Me downloading a CD isn't worse than going over to a friend's and borrowing it. So to protect a very dear part of my world I have signed every goddamn petition anti-SOPA and anti-ACTA that I will recommend to you. The Internet is the forum of the new generation, it's not that different from the forums in Ancient Greece. The Internet could be likened to a great big square with lots of people meeting, talking, sharing, shopping, coming and going. So I guess what I'm trying to say here is:

There are several online petitions that you can sign to help stop ACTA and SOPA. Sign them, share them and try to make as many as you can to sign them as well. Because if you don't, this may very well be the beginning of a cyber dictatorship. An autocracy where a small group of people will decide everything you do. If the Internet means anything to you, anything at all, an entire generation is begging you to sign the petitions and protest:

Thursday, 19 January 2012

A common conversation with my head

There you go
You're alwys so right
It's all a big show
It's all about you
You think you know
what everyone needs
You always take time to criticize me

It seems like everyday
I make mistakes
I just can't get it right
It's like I'm the one you love to hate
But not today

So shut up, shut up, shut up
Don't wanna hear it
Get up, get up, get up
Get out of my way
Step up, step up, step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say today
is gonna bring me down

There you go
You never ask why
It's all a big lie
whatever you do
You think you're special
But I know and I know and I know and we know
that you're not

You're always there
to point on my mistakes
and shove them in my face
It's like I'm the one you love to hate
But not today

So shut up, shut up, shut up
Don't wanna hear it
Get up, get up, get up
Get out of my way
Step up, step up, step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say today
is gonna bring me down

(So shut up, shut up, shut up)
Is gonna bring me down
(Shut up, shut up, shut up)
You'll never bring me down

Don't tell me who I should be
and don't try to tell me what's right for me
Don't tell me what I should do
I don't wanna waste my time
I'll watch you fade away

So shut up, shut up, shut up
Don't wanna hear it
Get up, get up, get up
Get out of my way
Step up, step up, step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say today
is gonna bring me down

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

School's back on

It truly is. Every Tuseday is going to be hell this semester... or at least until April. On Tuesdays all the way to April I will spend 10 hours in school. First class starts at 10am, last class ends at 8pm. Reason? I'm taking one full-time course and one part-time course. I'm taking the very last French course before my Bachelor, but I only have three different classes in that course; writing, speaking and literature, and most of the time I'm only in school two or three days per week. But then there is the part-time course. Spanish. Spanish is a language that comes pretty easy to me. I guess the grammar is easy thanks to the French and the pronounciation is just easy. But that could be due to the fact that I spent one or two weeks each year from 1997-2002 at one of the Canary Islands. So I've heard my fair share of Spanish before I started studying it.

The fact that yesterday was such a hellish day could be due to all my failed attempts to set my sleeping hours straight before the new semester kicked off. All day yesterday I had the kind of headache that comes when you've had too little sleep. That combined with the fact that the teacher now speaks nothing but French and he's a mumbler so you have to really concentrate to understand everything he says makes for a hard day. Then there's also the fact that I don't feel up to studying yet and I need to practice discipline on myself. Just get it over with! That's what I'm trying to do. Finish things off in the same pace I'm recieving them. If I can keep that up it shouldn't be such a problem to study two courses.

At the same time as I'm complaining I'm kind of liking the hard work thus far. I started yesterday and by yesterday evening I had four assignments due next week. Woohoo! -.-' The ones for Spanish aren't that hard to do, it's a Beginner's Course after all. But I'm having severe achievement anxiety for French. As the two previous courses have shown me I now know that when I think I'm doing great I'm actually not doing well at all... So I'm getting paranoid. There's first the content feeling of handing in something you feel is great, then the anxiety that comes when you start going through the already handed in assignment in your head and realise that it might not be that great. I do that constantly.

Monday, 16 January 2012

The last week of Christmas vacations

Or rather my only week of Christmas vacations :P After I did my exam on the 7th I went home to my parents. There I had an awesome dinner as per usual and then I showed them the 25th Anniversary celebrations of the Phantom of the Opera. My mum was very impressed with Ramin and Sierra :D The next day, Sunday, we spent playing Ticket to Ride Europe edition, which is always a lot of fun. After yet another awesome dinner I went back home to Lund.

On the 9th and 10th I went to the gym, but other than that I mostly played The Sims 2 and watched some dorama :) On the 10th I also handed in my essay. On the 11th I went to Malmö to have a birthday dinner together with Kajsa to celebrate her birthday. I always think it funny that I just turned 21 and now she's turned 22, but we're born the same year xD In the evening on the 11th I got a mail from my teacher with the result on my essay. He had liked it very much and awarded me with the highest grade :D I was so happy. I mean I was content with it but I expected no more than an ordinary passing grade.

12th, 13th, 14th and 15th I spent doing pretty much the same things as I did on the 9th and 10th. Pretty much just relaxing ;) But I did some repetition studying in Spanish since I'm starting Spanish again this year (alongside the French) and I hadn't even looked at the Spanish for over a year. So that was well needed.

Today I went to the gym again as well as buying the first few books for my university courses. Couldn't afford buying them all in one go, but hopefully the money will arrive sometime this week or next.

Now I've been playing The Sims 2 again. I'm having so much fun with it right now! :D I mentioned it before in this post. Anyway this has become a huge project of mine. I started out creating a new neighbourhood that I named Arbordale. This is what it looks like right now. Houses will increase in the same pace as the amount of sims.

As of now I have four houses that I have built myself. I play in all four of them and they look like this:

 As for the family it now consists of three generations, slightly beginning on a fourth. The family tree and the family chronicles (I thought that was a fun idea to write those) look like this right now:

I may be just a little crazy... ^^;

On a totally different note... A friend just showed me this videoclip and I love it!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Concluding the musical year of 2011

Yeah it's a bit late, I know. But I got the idea to look over what kind of new artists and albums I came across and looked forward to in twenty-eleven. Simply because 2011 was a big year in music for me for many reasons. 2012 isn't even half as promising.
So let's start from the beginning.

Avril Lavigne. I was very curious about her new album; "Goodbye Lullaby". She had mentioned in interviews that it would be more toned down than "The Best Damn Thing" and largely acoustic, which sounded great to me. She released the first single from the album "What the Hell" on January 7th and the two other singles were "Smile" and "Wish You Were Here". I love this album! I love how it's fun and mellow at the same time. Judging by my 25 most played playlist on iTunes this album was a huge success with me; "What the Hell" 147 plays, "Wish You Were Here (acoustic)" 45 plays, and "Smile" 38 plays. One thing I love is that she has taken the success of older songs into account when making the videos. The video for "What the Hell" is similar to that of "Complicated". The video to "Smile" is similar to that of "He Wasn't", and the video for "Wish You Were Here" is similar to that of "When You're Gone".

Kamiki Aya. The Japanese version of Avril Lavigne. This rock chick never ceases to amaze me. Her sole new release of 2011, a mini-album called "EVILALIVE" wasn't the best she had done, but it was far from bad. "EVILALIVE", "crossover", "one week", "AGAIN", "Aria", "Japanese Rockin' Girls" and "YELL" are the songs off of this mini-album.

Panic! At the Disco. I loved "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" then when they released "Pretty. Odd." I kind of lost faith in them. Their second album was slow, boring. On a whim I checked out their new release; "Vices & Virtues" and it's alright. I wasn't immediately hooked as I was when I heard "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" for the first time, but it's an okay record. I haven't listened that much to it yet due to a slight lack of interest and other, greater, releases taking up too much of my time. The singles off of the album are "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" and "Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)".

Within Temptation. I had been anticipating their new album; "The Unforgiving". The first time I listened through it I remained throughly unimpressed and somewhat disappointed. But the more I listened to it, the more some songs grew on me, especially the three singles "Faster", "Sinead" and "Shot in the Dark". "In the middle of the night" is also a song that gets stuck. This album grew even more on me after I went on the accompanying tour and saw the band live for the first time.

The Sounds. I don't like that they've grown more synth-y and less guitar-y. I haven't listened attentively to this album enough times to actually recall most of the songs. Unlike "Crossing the Rubicon" this album hasn't managed to grow on me. I was actually disappointed with this release. The singles are "Better Off Dead" and "Something to Die For".

miwa. This little singer-songwriting girl won me over with the first song I ever heard of her, which was her second single as a signed artist; "Little Girl". Her first album release "guitarissimo" was fantastic and it contained all of her previously released singles; "don't cry anymore", "Haru ni Nattara", "Otoshimono", "Change" and ofc "Little Girl". I was also very glad to find one of my favourite b-sides as a remastered version on the album; "Megurogawa (strings version)". She's amazing and the following two singles released last year; "441" and "FRIDAY-MA-MAGIC" made me love her even more. She's fantastic!

Dream Morning Musume. Just the formation of this group was a dream come true. Past members of Morning Musume coming together forming this group instead. All of these members were immensly popular during their time in MoMusu and they remain that way although it's now 3-10 years since they left the group. The members are: Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Ogawa Makoto, Fujimoto Miki and Kusumi Koharu. Their album "Dorimusu 1" contained lots of old classics re-recorded by the new group along with 2 new songs; "Atto Odoroku Mirai ga Yattekuru!" and "Koibito no You ni Kao wo Shite". I like that they made a new version of "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari" introducing every member.

Simple Plan. I haven't really listened much to these guys since 2005. But on a whim I decided to check out their new album "Get Your Heart On!", and it was surprisingly good. Overall it was upbeat, fast and cocky, fitting the pop/punk/rock image they started out with at their first album, which then was overturned by the emo-fashion in 2004. I was positively surprised and I've listened to it a lot lately! The singles off of the album are: "Can't Keep My Hands Off You", "Jet Lag", "Astronaut" and "Summer Paradise". Another song off of the album that I like a lot is "This Song Saved My Life", which is kind of still on the emo path, but I guess I am somewhat there too, still.

Buono!. This group kept me interested from their 3rd throughout their 9th singles. Their first two albums were great as well. Then it was quiet around them for about a year. Then suddenly a new single emerged that was completely fantastic. This single "Zassou no Uta" along with its B-side "JUICY HE@RT" is on this mini-album, as well as the next single "Natsu Dakara!". But apart from those three songs the majority are weird electronica songs with strange rhythms which in my head turns into plain noise. I don't like it and I was so disappointed, cause I had been looking forward to more releases from them.

Hangry & Angry. Consisting of Ishikawa Rika and Yoshizawa Hitomi, two former Morning Musume members and being a rock group, this unit had me interested from the beginning. This group was formed to promote a gothic fashion brand with the same name as the group. Their first mini-album "Kill Me Kiss Me" was fantastic as well as their first single "Sadistic Dance". In 2011 it had been quiet around them since the end of 2009 and a new single release was extremely looked forward to! This single "Reconquista" is pretty awesome actually :) The B-sides of the single are one remix of "Renai Revolution 21" and one remix of "Sadistic Dance".

Edguy. I loved their last album "Tinnitus Sanctus" and I was curious about the new one and somewhat worried that it might be too much power metal for me. I alwasy worry about that when it comes to an Edguy release. "Age of the Joker" is power metal. The opening song "Robin Hood" was so much power metal that I didn't really have any will to listen to the rest afterwards. But I did to prepare for the concert. "Nobody's Hero" is alright and I vaguely remember liking "Rock of Cashel", "Pandora's Box" and "Fire on the Downline".

Alice Cooper. This! This. This was what I had been looking forward to for the entire year. A new Alice Cooper album! OMG I was so excited about this. It's called "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" and is the continuation of the immensly successful 1975 album "Welcome to My Nightmare". Only one single was released; "I'll Bite Your Face Off", which he promoted during the concert I went to. I like this album so much! I can have this album on repeat for a whole day and still not tire of it. It's amazingly fantastically wonderful! Yes, I'm fangirling here, don't mock me ;) My favourite songs are; "Last Man on Earth", "Ghouls Gone Wild", "Something to Remember Me By", "What Baby Wants" and "I Am Made of You". "What Baby Wants" features Ke$ha and I was seriously worried about that. Could she sing Cooper? But she pulls it off, surprisingly well and makes "What Baby Wants" into one of those Beauty and the Beast themed songs that I like. Picking those songs is hard cause in the end I do like the entire album, every bit of it. It's yet another one of Cooper's masterpieces!

The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary. After seeing the musical at the cinema I got really interested and as I loved it I decided to buy the CD and the DVD from Amazon. I've seen the musical a shitload of times on the DVD and I haven't listened through the entire CD, just the songs I like. I like the first half of the musical better and my favourite songs are "Angel of Music", "Little Lotte/The Mirror", "The Phantom of the Opera" and "Music of the Night". The vocals of Ramin and Sierra are just perfect! I also love the ending of the DVD with the speech of Andrew Lloyd Webber and the performance of the 5 Phantoms!

Evanescence. I used to actually like this group. Well, I still do. I like their old stuff; "Fallen" is perfection and "The Open Door" is great too. This self-titled album is not that good. It's a little too much. Too much of everything. I'm quite fond of the first single "What You Want", but I only listened through the album once and was unimpressed and disappointed and therefore I don't really have an opinion of the second single "My Heart is Broken".

Morning Musume. They released their twelfth album last year and it was the first album for the four new members (first new members since 2008) and I was really excited about it. Of course the preceding singles are there "Maji desu ka SKA!", "Only You" and "Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wa Honki de Negatteirun da yo!/Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!". Lately MoMusu's albums have been disappointments and therefore I haven't listened attentively to this one yet. But "Silver no Udedokei" is kind of nice to listen to. I also like "Kono Ai wo Kasanete" and the rocky "My Way ~Joshikou Hanamichi~" and "OK YEAH" kind of gets stuck in your head. It seems to have the makings for a great album so I gotta get a real listen-through ;)

Goto Maki. How I hated this girl while she was in Hello! Project, but since she switched to avex trax I've started to kind of like her. Great timing I have since she's going on an indefinate hiatus as of 2012. But last year she did release one last solo album and one colaboration single. The colaboration single is called "Non Stop Love Yoroshiku!" and I liked it as soon as I heard the 60 sec preview of the PV. It's fun, speedy and just so perfectly Japanese :D Her album, "Ai Kotoba (VOICE)" is proof of how much she has evolved as a singer-songwriter. She has written the song "Nee..." herself and that is the song I love the most. "Ashiato" is also a good song.

Shibata Ayumi. This girl was in the Hello! Project group Melon Kinenbi and always got the most screen time out of the four girls. When they split up I wondered whether she'd go on solo and I was right. Her first solo single "Believe" isn't that fantastic, but it's not bad either.

Disturbed. The announcement that they would go on a hiatus was awful, and all we got after that announcement was a compilation album of all the unreleased songs and B-sides. The album in itself is kind of nice, but the fact that I already had almost all the songs made the release a little less interesting. "Hell" was the only single from the album and that's the best song off of the album. Other good songs are "Monster", "Dehumanized" and the only really interesting song, the previously unreleased "3".

Nightwish. There we have it. This release along with the Cooper album was what I was looking forward to the most. This album that I had been waiting for practically since the concert in 2007. 5 years. "Imaginaerum" sounds like Nightwish so much that it annoys me even more when fans still complain that Anette isn't Tarja. No she isn't, but this album was made with Anette in mind and it sounds absolutely fabulous and it still sounds like Nightwish used to. The release of the preceding single "Storytime" had me on clouds all day. I loved the video and I loved the song. It felt like a big lump of anxiety disappeared when I heard the piano intro and realised that yes, this is Nightwish. It's still Tuomas and I still love his genius. I haven't listened much to the album yet, haven't really had the time and I was still in the Cooper period. But another song that I immediately liked was "I Want My Tears Back". The upcoming single is "The Crow, the Owl and the Dove" which also is a great song. I need to listen through this album properly by April when I'm going to their concert in Copenhagen :D

Friday, 6 January 2012

First week of the year

Phew, it's been a tough first week of the year. Since January 1st I've been studying for over 8 hours every day. Reason? Resit exam on the 7th and I think this is it. This is an exam I have left since spring term 2011 and to be able to continue studying French for this spring term I will have to pass it this time. It's nerv-wrecking. But my French is also way improved since last time I did this exam and I've been tactical when studying, looking over my past exams (I have already had a resit on this one) and seeing what I did wrong, and I've also been trying to go deeper into the subject. Tomorrow will be my final in-depth studies and then there isn't anymore I can do but hope she will pass me. I feel better prepared this time, though, and I'm more confident with my French so hopefully I'll be good enough!

After I've done the exam on Saturday I will have time to fully enjoy my last week of vacation before the next term starts. I'll probably go and see The Lion King in 3D. It's one of the most memorable and simply one of the best films from my childhood that it has to be done! There are some old films coming back in 3D this year. I'm considering seeing Titanic in 3D, also I might go and see Star Wars Episode 1 when it comes. I'm in a sci-fi set of mind right now and this year my project will be to watch the entire Stark Trek franchise, from the original series all the way to the 2009 film. Love has suggested that I add Battlestar Galactica and Star Gate to that list as well, and then I might just as well add Star Wars too.

Speaking of TV-series: Sherlock is back! Professor Moriarty, Irene Adler, Mycroft... Do I need say more? This season seems to have the recipe for success! And Sherlock himself isn't too bad to look at either... ^^

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year Twenty-Twelve

Happy new year 2012! :)
I guess you can all see the changes, right? I figured that a new year called for a renewed blog layout :) I'm planning on keeping this for the entire year and not make a new one until next New Years. What do you think about it? I think it's kind of stylish ;)

New Years this year (or should I say last?) was quite interesting. Instead of going as planned we re-scheduled very quickly and Kajsa and I planned an evening together. Love and I went out to buy steaks and potato wedges for dinner, and we also managed to fix a cheese tray. We got home and Love immediately put the steaks in their marinades and then we started cleaning the flat.
Around 6pm Kajsa showed up and we started cooking the dinner. She brought wine for me and her (Love was working later). We sat down in the sofa in front of the TV and while eating we watched an old film called "Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines", it was quite funny xD During the intermission of the film (yes, it's that old!) I brought the dishes back to the kitchen and brought back the cheese tray. Love opened the champagne bottle before he left (neither Kajsa nor I were certain we would manage).
After the film I asked Kajsa if she had seen the Christmas Special of Downton Abbey. She hadn't, so I put that on and we watched that. We discussed it afterwards and generally just talked until it was time to turn on the TV and wait for the clock to turn midnight.
Five minutes to midnight we poured the champagne and said cheers and happy new year :) Then we went out to watch the fireworks. Our neighbours were all firing. Here we had the first laugh of the new year: While we stand there watching the fireworks a mother comes walking carrying her baby. She says happy new year while walking past us. Two seconds later the dad comes running after her with the baby carriage! He said hi while running past! xD After that we went up on a bridge to see better and when the fireworks started to die off we walked back to the flat while singing Do You Hear the People Sing from Les Misérables. Quite the great evening it turned out to be :)

Kajsa woke me way too early today, I only got to sleep 8 hours xD We got up and had breakfast and then we did all the dishes from yesterday and cleaned up in the kitchen. Soon after Kajsa left to get home and I started studying. (Great way to start the new year, I know, but I have a resit in less than a week). I stopped around 6pm and since then I've been fixing with my blog. Now it's time for our weekly movie nights :) We're going to watch the Mummy Returns and eat some home delivered sushi :)

This year starts off pretty good. I hope that will make for a great year!