Sunday, 6 January 2019

My past 5 books: YA, a classic and fantasy

1. A Sky in the Deep, by Adrienne Young. This is a book I got in an OwlCrate a while back. I started reading not expecting much, but it turned out to be really good. I wouldn't say that I love it and the plot is pretty simple and common, but it's a plot that works. It really works even though an attentive reader sees pretty much every twist coming from a mile away. Even so I really enjoyed reading this book and it was one of those reads that I just didn't want to put down.

2. Thérèse Raquin, by Émile Zola. I read this as an old Swedish edition that I got from my grandmother. I thought I had read it before, but I mixed up the title with Thérèse Desqueyroux. This book was a lot less "classic French" than I expected. Not so much melancholy, but more about moments and actions. I could draw parallells partly to Thérèse Desqueyroux, partly to Madame Bovary and partly (actually) to Le Père Goriot. It's this whole piece of life writing that makes it seem like so many classical French authors drew inspiration from each other. Anyway, I liked this book a lot more than I thought I would. French literature was so ruined for me when I studied French literature, that I just expect everything to be a hard read that the author has made more complicated than necessary just for sport. But this book was really good and I could actually see myself reading it again.

3. The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. I've seen the movie more than once, and I really wanted to read the book. And I loved it. Just like I love the movie. Death is a great storyteller and the random tidbits throughout the book just struck my fancy rather than being annoying. I just really enjoyed this book.

4. Half A War, by Joe Abercrombie. Finally got around to reading the last book in this series! The funny thing with this series (and with Abercrombie's writing in general) is that you keep discovering that you don't really know this character liek you thought you did. In the first book I liked Yarvi and felt for him, in this third book I'd just rather he wasn't. Or didn't. Anything he did throughout this book I'd just rather he didn't. Yarvi is so ruthlessly ambitious and clever that he never once stops to consider what consequences his actions might have. Princess Skara was the main character of this book (like Yarvi was the main in the first, and Thorn Bathu was the main in the second) but Skara seemed so... flat. I actually had to pick out the book and read the back cover to remember her name. And Skara just kept giving me Elizabeth Swan vibes throughout the whole story. Thorn Bathu was consistently the best character in this book, just like she was in the last one. I also really liked Raith.

5. Sharp Ends, by Joe Abercrombie. Abercrombie's first collection of short stories. They all tie in to the books in the First Law universe. Same places and mostly familiar names, cities and characters. My favourite stories were the ones featuring Shevedieh. There's something romantic about thieves in fantasy settings that I just really enjoy. And if you add the obtuse Javre and the douche Carcolf to the mix you have a romantic comedy! Yes, really. Anything featuring the Northmen was also good but for an entirely different reason. I just love how blunt they are and how simple they make life seem even though they're surrounded by war and death. This was a really enjoyable collection. The stories I didn't enjoy reading were properly distanced between the really good stuff so when I was done with it the feeling was that it was really good. But there are some stories that were a drag. Like the very first one.

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Elder Scrolls Online: When your guild goes completely mad, pt. 2

Exactly one year ago we did a lowbie run of Sanctum Ophidia. This year we decided to do the whole thing again, but up the stakes. Level 5-6 characters in Maw of Lorkhaj, which is generally accepted to be one of the most difficult trials (raids) in the game.

I kind of wanted to try dd-ing again, but I have the most experience healing Maw of Lorkhaj even on veteran (hardmode). In the end all the healer spots were taken so I signed up as dd. Upping the stakes once more as I chose a class I haven't had anything at all to do with before: Dragonknight.

The day finally arrived two days ago and we grouped up and went to MoL. Hilarity ensued almost immediately as half the group had forgotten to add the Mundus buff as well as forgotten to bring pots, buff food and soul gems. With that sorted out we started the trial. It demanded more attention than it usually does on normal, but most of us in the group had veteran experience of MoL and it was way easier than veteran. Still, we decided to go through the trial using as much veteran mechanics and tactics as possible, which helped quite a bit.

We completed Maw of Lorkhaj with only two wipes, which feels pretty alright for a mainly social guild doing a lowbie run for Christmas funzies.

Maw of Lorkhaj was completed in 1½ hours and so we decided to do a quick run of Aetherium Archives as well. That one is quick and easy even on veteran and it was quick and easy even on a level 7 character. Would've been faster if all of us could've just left the bookshelves alone :P

So after Aetherium Archives two of us had to leave but most of us wanted to do an experiment. In the newest trial Cloudrest there is a boss that requires bar-swapping as to not kill your whole group. But since we were level 7-8 and bar-swapping is unlocked at level 15... we simply wanted to find out if we would simply just wipe at this boss or if something different would happen. So we went to Cloudrest with our diminished group and tried out the boss. Funny thing! The bar-swapping mechanic simply didn't happen! So our diminished group killed the boss and then we decided that we might as well complete Cloudrest as well.

So two of us went to Craglorn to recruit the last two people. We said nothing about us being lowbies or that it being a special run. Just that we needed two more dds for nCR. Their reactions were hilarious! But they stayed with us and helped us clear Cloudrest, which was done very quickly.

So now we all have a level 10 character that has completed three trials! xD

Some streamed the event and some recorded it, so here's Luke's video:

Monday, 24 December 2018

Dec 17th - Dec 23rd

Monday: Work day! The day after the Christmas party! So many people who didn't show up to work today! Granted that most of them actually had planned ahead and taken this day off, but there were a couple who called in sick... Anyway I got a bunch of things done today so that's good. After work I went by the optician to order new contacts (finally! the whole redness thing has been solved) and afterwards I picked up two parcels at the post office. Then I went home and watched Bones.
Song of the day: Monsters Keep Me Company, by Lordi

Tuesday: Another day at work! But for some reason this day was reallllly slow. Don't know why it was so slow today tbh. Same stuff as the day before, just everything was way slower. When I got home I wacthed Bones.
Song of the day: Sir Mr Presideath Sir, by Lordi

Wednesday: Day off from work was spent doing laundry and then going downtown to have dinner. After dinner I spent the evening play hidden object games.
Song of the day: My Heaven Is Your Hell, by Lordi

Thursday: Technically a day off, but there was a staff meeting. Four hours meeting and one hour for Christmas lunch together before we started the meeting. The meeting was very good and very well-needed. The meeting ended with a bunch of exercises in teamwork and communication. I usually hate these things as I find them embarrassing and pointless as they hardly ever are applicable to real life, but the ones we did today were actually quite painless. After the meeting I was picked up from work and we went to do some shopping in preparation for our new years party. When I got home I played a little bit and then went to bed.
Song of the day: Children of the Night, by Lordi

Friday: Last day at work before Christmas! Unfortunately I couldn't sleep last night so this day dragged. I was so tired that I was all blue around the eyes. After work I went to pick up my new contacts and did some grocery shopping. When I got home I made dinner and after dinner I wrapped all the Christmas gifts and put cloves in oranges and hung up around the flat. Very Christmas-y :D And then I spent the rest of the evening watching Bones.
Song of the day: The Deadite Girls Gone Wild, by Lordi

Saturday: First day off was spent just laying around in bed. I woke up just after 11am but I didn't get out of bed until after 1pm. Showered and had breakfast and then started putting away laundry and went to recycle cans and bottles and buy some groceries. Then I had dinner and spent the whole evening watching Bones.
Song of the day: The Riff, by Lordi

Sunday: Spent this day going to the recycling station with all the other garbage we had stocked up and then went to buy some provisions for the train ride on Tuesday. Then I spent the rest of the evening playing ESO and watching The Originals.
Song of the day: The Kids Who Wanna Play With the Dead, by Lordi

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Dec 10th - Dec 16th

Monday: I spent this whole day Christmas shopping in Stockholm. It was just after I came to town that I realised what day it was and maybe Nobel Prize day isn't the most optimal day to go Christmas shopping - with parts of the city cordoned off by police for safety for the laureates. But I got almost all the gifts I need and the rest I can order online or pick up closer than Stockholm. When I got home I watched Bones and at the same time I was colouring in my Harry Potter adult colouring book. One of the gifts I got inspired me to pick it up again after not having used it for ages.
Song of the day: Kawaii Metal, by RiffShop

Tuesday: Time for work! Evening shift so I started the day off by watching Bones and hanging out online. Work was mostly uneventful and went by quickly. When I got home I continued watching Bones and I also finished reading The Book Thief, which completely tore my heart out and stomped on it. In a good way.
Song of the day: Music of the Night, by Dee Snider

Wednesday: Fairly short day at work, but I got a lot of things done! After work I got home and I helped with the laundry and started playing a hidden object point-and-click game from Artifex Mundi. Just something simple to play after a day at work. Later in the evening we watched episodes of The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead.
Song of the day: Lost in Life, by Sirenia

Thursday: A day off that was spent cleaning the whole flat and then we went to town to buy alcohol for the weekend and to have dinner. Delicious sushi dinner ♥ When we got home I played some Assassin's Creed 2. I am adamant to discover the Assassin's Creed series and I really want to like it, but I also want to discover it from the beginning and not backwards like I did Elder Scrolls. Later in the evening me and Toni played some Borderlands 2 until around 4 am when I decided to go to bed.
Song of the day: These Boots Are Made For Walkin', by Nancy Sinatra

Friday: Mostly a day off that I spent playing Assassin's Creed 2 and two other Artifex Mundi hidden object games. Around 9pm I left home to head to work. Time for the nightshift! It was a dreadfully quiet nightshift. Work started at 10pm and there wasn't a soul in the lobby besides my colleague in the reception. I went on my rounds and the only person I saw was someone who scared me half to death when we opened the same door at the same time but from different sides of the door. Other than this man I saw no one at all during the night after my colleague left and the housekeeping and breakfast people started arriving around 6am. I did what I was supposed to and then there was just a long bit of waiting around that I spent reading. Nightshift at a hotel - all the beds you could want but you're not allowed to use a single one. I was home around 8am and just fell into bed.
Song of the day: Give Me a Reason, by Three Days Grace

Saturday: I woke up around 4pm and about an hour later we went to have dinner with friends. Afterwards they came with us home and we played a few rounds of Maro Kart on the Switch and then we went to the kitchen to spend the rest of the evening roleplaying Mutant Year Zero. It was a pretty good round this time. Someone almost died. All I wish is that Mutant had like D&D where you roll initiative and the dice tells you if they succeeded or not. That way I don't have to keep record myself of how much I actualyl screw the characters over myself because I have to decide if they manage something or not. If they could just roll initiative the dice would dcecide and I wouldn't have to keep track of anything :P After the session was finished we went back to the living room and played a round of Cards Against Humanity. After that they went home and I went to bed. Toni stayed up for a while longer.
Song of the day: Happy Days, by Ai Otsuka

Sunday: Arrived at work at around 11.30am and then I worked for 4 hours. We divided the morning shift so that we could both be free to attend the Christmas party in the evening. After work I took a taxi home and then I showered, changed and did my makeup. I hadn't decided what to wear but in the end I settled on the gown I wore for the wedding back in October. I don't wear dresses all that much and that was my most recent dress purchase and so it fit me the best. I also put on heels, which I haven't worn in 8-10 years. Halfway through the night I felt like my feet might fall off. Anyway I took a taxi back to work and arrived just before 5pm. All the girls are always so glamorous during these things that I usually just feel odd. I would be most comfortable in jeans and t-shirt. The party was really great though. First there were some photos taken on the stairs and then we went into the old party venue and had a glass of champagne before continuing on into the restaurant where there were speeches, a quiz, awards, and most importantly dinner. After dinner there was drinks and dancing back in the party venue. And that went on for hours. When the girls I spent the evening with decided to make shots by mixing Bacardi and sweet cider I decided that it was time to go home. I arrived home at around 11.30pm. Removing those heels was simultaneously the most gorgeous and the most painful feeling.
Song of the day: High School Never Ends, by Bowling For Soup

Monday, 17 December 2018

Rollspel: Mutant År Noll - del 7

RP gör klart hamnen och påbörjar arbetet med en milis. De får besök av en person från villan en bit bort. Personen är en kvinna vid namn Barbro som berättar att hennes föräldrar har tillfångatagit en av Folket. Hon behöver Folkets hjälp att släppa honom fri och döda sina föräldrar. Index manipulerar och frågar varför Barbro vill döda sina föräldrar. "För att jag hatar dem." Kvark frågar varför hon hatar dem ("För det de gör är inte rätt.") och vad det är de gör ("De fångar oskyldiga människor och sätter dem i bur.") Danko frågar hur många de är i villan och får till svar att de är nio personer inklusive Barbro. Kvark frågar vem de har tagit och Barbro säger att det är en stor kille men hon vet inte vad han heter. Kvark frågar om de är kannibaler och Barbro säger ja. Jony frågar hur många vapen som finns. Pappa har ett gevär, Barbro en revolver, annars är det sånt som finns i hemmet typ brännbollsträn och knivar. Jony frågar om det finns några fler mutanter utöver fången. Barbro säger nej.

RP vandrar till villan och kommer fram på kvällen. Det första de ser är något stort i trädgården som ser ut som ett monster med en massa tänder. Index boostar Kvark att Förstå sig på. Kvark förstår att det är en s.k. dinosaurier av plast från tiden innan undergången.

Danko sparkar upp grinden och genast kommer fyra hundar springande och skällande, och han stänger grinden igen. Jony manipulerar Barbro och RP gömmer sig bakom staketet och Barbro går in till hundarna och stänger in dem i garaget. Utanför garaget ser RP en Volvo med husvagn. Båda två bepansrade. Kvark frågar om hennes syskon är med på att döda föräldrarna. Barbro är inte säker; hennes syskon har vuxit upp med det här så de förstår det inte.

Jony tittar in genom fönstret och ser vad han antar är föräldrarna i mysrummet. När han vänder sig om ser han buren hänga och dingla bredvid ytterdörren. Han känner igen personen i buren. Det är Jonts (fiende till Jony och Danko). Danko öppnar buren och tar med sig Jonts ut utanför staketet och slår honom med Lucille. Jonts svingar ett slag mot Danko men missar. Index förstår sig på hundarna och får veta att de är seniga och mellanstora (typ pitbullaktiga). Jony bussar sin hund på Jonts som tvärdör.

Danko smyger in i huset och in i köket och täcker över munnen på mannen där inne och drar ut honom i hallen. Danko försöker manipulera men misslyckas. Mannen (Halte Harry) tar upp en kniv ur fickan och hugger Danko. Danko lyckas parera och tar bara två skada. Index rusar in och hugger sin katana i Harry som tvärdör.

I hallen hör de umgänge och tonerna av Lill-Babs från mysrummet. Jony och Kvark rör sig från staketet till huset. Danko går ut ur hallen och käkar lite. Barbro kommer till hallen och frågar vad som har hänt. Index förklarar. Barbros gäer "Det är ok. Det är bara Harry. Han är helt med på mina föräldrars notor." Index drar ut kroppen i trädgården i en kundvagn och lootar. Hon hittar basebollträ, kniv, kundvagnen och en midjeväska full med grillkryddor.

Kvark går in i mysrummet. Två personer sitter i soffan och lyssnar på musik och umgås. Det är mamma Sveah och lillebror Keps-Olle. Jony går och ställer sig bakom Kvark och sikar på mamma. Jony får in en fullträff som bränner av Sveahs huvud. Keps-Olle vänder sig om och rusar mot andra sidan av rummet mot ett basebollträ. Barbro rusar dit från hallen. Index rusar in i huset och bort till de andra. Alla misslyckas med att övertyga Keps-Olle utom Danko som kommer inrusande och får honom att sänka vapnet med Barbros hjälp. Index förklarar situationen för Keps-Olle och frågar om han också vill ha hjälp att komma därifrån. Olle säger att han trivs i huset och med livsstilen men att han gärna kunde önska att de inte åt människor.

Kvark går in i sovrum nummer ett och ser en äldre man i säng med en hyfsat ung kvinna. Kvark skjuter och gubben tvärdör. Jony går in i sovrum nummer två och där finns de sista tre syskonen. Jony manipulerar dem och förklarar situationen och syskonen är okej. De har hört skotten men deras pappa har ett jaktgevär och skjuter emellanåt så de har inte kopplat att något var fel.

Danko lootar köket och hittar en bensindunk och ett konstverk. Barbro samlar ihop sin familj och frågar om de får lov att flytta in i Arken med hundar och allt. RP går med på det så länge de slutar äta människokött. RP lootar huset. De får 5 ransoner vatten var och några ransoner krubb (ej människokött) var.

Index lootar och hittar ett batteri och smärtstillande tabletter. Kvark lootar gubbens tillhörigheter och hittar jaktgevär, parfymflaska och en läskburk, han lootar även huset och hittar paraply och gitarr. Jony lootar och hittar karta över zonen och generator.

Danko och Barbro går till garaget. Barbro flyttar hundarna till husvagnen och Danko lootar garaget och hittar en skiftnyckel. Index hämtar Harrys kundvagn och går in i garaget och hittar en mountainbike. Kvark hittar en moped i garaget. Jony hittar en motorsåg. De tar sig tillbaka till Arken.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Dealing with backlog: Two games of Solitaire

Faerie Solitaire Remastered: I got the original several years ago as a gift on Steam and I quite enjoyed playing it. Then this year I suddenly had the remastered version in my library. This time I didn't take the time to watch the story as I already knew it. Boy finds his way to a magical land and accidentally destroys it as he goes along, to make up for it he agrees to destroy the evil faerie and free the magical land. It's a pretty standard story and pretty straight-forward so I just skipped the story sequences and moved on to the next card phase. The card phases are pretty simple and when you buy the upgrades with in-game currency it becomes even more simple. It's a fast and simple game and it was perfect for  those days when I got home from work and didn't really have the energy to play something that required concentration but I still wanted to play something.

Regency Solitaire: I got this because I enjoyed lazy-playing Faerie and I like the whole 19th century British nobility setting. This game also has a prety generic story of a young woman struggling to throw a ball because her stupid brother has gambled away all their money. But she has a rich godmother and a rich uncle who both help out in settling the brother's debts and helping to throw the ball and get her out of an arranged marriage that was arranged to settle her brother's debts. And in the end everyone lives happily ever after. One of the first things I realised about this game is that it isn't as forgiving and simple as Faerie, but I still never struggled a lot with getting every single hand to perfect. Perfect lazy-playing game.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Dec 3rd - Dec 9th

Monday: Time to close the books at work, which means a lot of counting for my part. Count those coupons, count that money, count those sweets... It goes on and on, but I did everything within deadline *dead proud* and on top of that also did a bunch of other stuff that was on my plate! When I got home I watched Bones until bedtime.
Song of the day: Rock n' Roll, by Avril Lavigne

Tuesday: Crazy time at work! This week is (almost) literally the last scream before Christmas comes around and deserts the place. Several conferences in the house, both big and small, and also 130 rooms checking in. That's just today. I worked evening shift and thus checked people in. We were two at the front desk and both of us know what 100+ check-ins mean: Full speed ahead!!! As we knew (or suspected) would happen everyone arrived at around the same time. Between 5pm and 7.30pm we checked in about 100 people. So crazy but so much fun :D Thanks to some of my extra hours I could finish work a couple hours early and went home and watched two episodes of Bones before going to bed.
Song of the day: Here's to Never Growing Up, by Avril Lavigne

Wednesday: Morning shift at work. Lots of the people I checked in yesterday I checked out today. 100+ out meant a kind of crazy morning, but me and the coworker today make a great team :) After work I went to the gym and then returned to work for a member evening. Basically the staff hanging out with some long term members. We get a lot of long term members at our two hotels in town and hanging out with them is actually quite fun. You sort of get to know them over the time you work since they show up at the hotel every week. This was the first such evening that I went to and it was a lot of fun. It was also the first Christmas dinner of the year. I was so stuffed when I left.
Song of the day: Tomten jag vill ha en riktig jul, by Busungarna

Thursday: Another morning shift with 100+ people checking out. Still the great team at work so it all went smoothly. When I got home I watched Bones until it was time for dinner and then we had dinner with Youtube as usual. Later in the evening we watched episodes of Doctor Who and The Walking Dead.
Song of the day: Paranoiac Personality, by Alice Cooper

Friday: Another morning shift with 100+ people checking out. You starting to see the pattern? This week seems to be basically the last scream before everything slows down for Christmas. I had to call in a colleague to work a few extra hours tonight because there had been so many overnight bookings to the hotel. It was pretty hectic when I left, but I had to leave. I had an appointment with my optician (yay! finally new contacts and the all-clear to use them!) and after that I went home to my boss to have a little Christmas get together. The hotel manager, the front desk manager, the housekeeping manager, our two housekeeping supervisors and me were all there and it was a lot fun! We got the grand tour and an amazing dinner (that was remarkably simple to make), and several interesting discussions about culture, religion and equality. When I got home I was quite tipsy and went to bed pretty much immediately.
Song of the day: The Mortician's Daughter, by Black Veil Brides

Saturday: Early middle shift at work. Saturday middle shift usually starts around midday, but I changed it up this Saturday because once again we had 100+ people leaving. But it was still late enough that I could stay a bit and help with the people arriving in the afternoon. When I got home I watched Bones until bedtime.
Song of the day: Turn It Up, by Texas Hippie Coalition

Sunday: Another middle shift at work that was pretty calm all things considered. Still 100+ people leaving but they didn't come to check out all at the same time so the whole thing was pretty chill. After work I watched Bones, but I also started looking up old music videos on Youtube and spent a lot of time listening to old Morning Musume songs and singing along. At least until Toni got home and then I just watched Bones. Quietly. I don't sing well.
Song of the day: Nanchatte Renai, by Morning Musume

Monday, 3 December 2018

Nov 26th - Dec 2nd

Monday: Spent the whole day doing mostly nothing. Did some blogging and played a couple of games and then mostly watched Bones.
Song of the day: The Neverending Story, by Dragonland

Tuesday: I spent essentially the whole day cleaning the place. I was finished in time for dinner and afterwards I had planned on playing something, but instead I ended up watching Bones the whole evening.
Song of the day: Vampire, by Blutengel

Wednesday: Back to work! Going back to work after a couple of days off is always brutal, at least for me. Because as soon as I have time off my sleeping pattern turns to going to sleep at 2-3am and waking up at 11-12am. But for work I have to go to sleep 10-11pm and wake up at 5-6am. So every time I go back to work after some time off my sleeping pattern is way off and so I spend the whole day being tired out of my mind. That's where I was today. When I got home from work I watched Bones until dinner and then we watched Youtube for dinner and then I watched more Bones until bedtime.
Song of the day: Bailando, by Battledragon

Thursday: Finally an office shift! I got so much done and caught up with everything! :D Finished work at 4pm and met up with Toni downtown to do some shopping and grab something to eat. After dinner we watched episodes of Doctor Who and The Walking Dead.
Song of the day: In Love With a Camera, by The Struts

Friday: Day off! Today we had planned my birthday cinema. Two weeks late but what can you do when you work every second weekend :P Finally I got to see Fantastic Beasts 2 and I loved it. It had some problematic points, but all on all I thought it was better than the first movie, which is quite unusual for a sequel. When we got home we started up Borderlands 2 and played until it was late in the night. That's when I got a text message basically forcing me to cancel our weekend plans with our friends and go into work on Saturday. I was not happy.
Song of the day: Distortion Sleep, by Soilwork

Saturday: I was still annoyed when I woke up today and went to work. We planned this evening weeks ago, if not a month ago, and now I had to cancel less than a day in advance? Majorly sucked. It's never like anyone plans sickness so I didn't blame anyone, but I was still so annoyed and disappointed that I had to cancel. I don't want to be that person who's always working and never has time for friends and family and loved ones. However, I don't hold grudges and so less than halfway through the shift my annoyance had just run its course. It was a slow evening too so I had a lot of time to do other things besides checking people in, so when I got home I was actually pretty content with the day. Of course I would've rather been at home DM'ing our planned RPG session, but life is life.
Song of the day: Nothing Else Matters, by Metallica

Sunday: Day off was spent sleeping in. We had originally planned to bring out all the Christmas stuff today, but Sunday laziness took over and we did nothing much besides game and relax. I finished my game of solitaire and continued with Kingdom Come Deliverance that I got for my birthday. I am still not sure what to think of that game. A part of me loves it, but another part is extremely annoyed with it. I don't know if I will complete, all I know is that for as long as the loving part wins over the annoyed part I'll keep playing it :P
Song of the day: Bloody Creature Poster Girl, by In This Moment

Monday, 26 November 2018

Nov 19th - Nov 25th

Monday: Today I had the evening shift at work and so I slept in. On my way to work I started on a new book. Work was straightforward and pretty uneventful. I used some of my extra hours to get off work a little earlier so that maybe I could get a decent night's sleep between the evening shift today and the morning shift tomorrow. It worked out decently. When I got home I watched a couple of episodes of Bones to relax after working before going to bed.
Song of the day: Steven, by Alice Cooper

Tuesday: I hate Tuesdays. They are worse than Mondays and Sundays put together. The phone is constantly ringing all day long, people are annoyed and annoying and that smile I keep on my face feels very glued on by the end of the day, and there's always so so so so many people running around the hotel and mostly for conferences. Tuesdays apparantly are the big conference day. The day where every company wants to have a conference at a hotel. Wednesdays are too, but somehow Tuesdays are just hell compared to Wednesdays. After work I went to the gym for the first time since I was ill two weeks ago and it sucked. I could only manage twenty minutes on the cross-trainer before I had to get off and leave. I went home and spent the rest of the evening watching Bones.
Song of the day: Are you Ready, by Disturbed

Wednesday: This was a nice and calm day compared to Tuesday, but we still have a constant flow of people due to conferences. I guess the upside was that the phone didn't ring as much. What is it with Tuesdays and phones? I wish people could get their asses into the 21st century and write emails. Anyway after work was done I went back to the gym and this time I did manage a full 35 minutes on the crosstrainer like I usually do. Sometimes I go for 45, but it's usually 30-35 minutes. Then I met up with Toni downtown and had dinner at the Japanese restaurant. When we got home I watched Bones until bedtime.
Song of the day: Army of the Night, by Powerwolf

Thursday: Today was a crazy work day. So many conferences, and along with the hotel guests we probably had about 500 people at the hotel. 400 (ish) of them being conferences people and not guests... But everything worked surprisingly smoothly (why can't Tuesdays go this smoothly?) After work I went up to the hotel spa to my first ever massage appointment. I had 80 wonderful minutes of massage and I could easily have been there for another hour. So good! When it was over I went home. We watched Youtube for dinner and then immediately started with new episodes of The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. Then I had a shower and watched an episode of Bones while waiting for my hair to dry and then I went to bed.
Song of the day: Sleeping Sun, by Nightwish

Friday: Today was so sluggish. Everyone at work, me included, complained of being tired. Wonder if it's the full moon? After work I had orighinally planned to go to the gym, but I felt so sluggish and tired that I just went home and watched Bones instead.
Song of the day: The Sound of Silence, by Disturbed

Saturday: Day off from work. I spent most of the day playing Tales of Monkey Island and completed it. After I finished with it I did some blogging and watched Youtube until bedtime.
Song of the day: Roundtable Rival, by Lindsey Stirling

Sunday: It started off as a work day, but I used some of my extra hours to finish early. I got home and originally played to get a whole bunch of stuff done, but in the end I just collapsed in front of the computer watching Bones all evening long, except for a short stint playing Faerie Solitaire.
Song of the day: Baby It's Cold Outside, by Avril Lavigne

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Dealing with backlog: Two old Telltale games

Back to the Future
Funny thing: I was never such a big fan of the movies. I have seen them, of course, I know their stories and characters, but I just never got that wow feeling from watching them. But I picked up this game and Tales of Monkey Island because I wanted to experience the early things from the Telltale portfolio. Back to the Future is divided into five episodes in the true Telltale spirit. I wasn't overly fond of the first episode so after having played through that it took me a while to actually get going with the other four. But once I did the story really evolved and got surprisingly good (I might actually like this game more than the movies). Episodes 3 and 4 are the best ones. I didn't really like the ending. But here you have a time travel story that involves 1920's gangsters, speakeasies during the probation period, Marty meeting his grandparents, both Marty and Doc being in danger of being written out of existence, a dystopian Hill Valley, and a Hill Valley that just blinked out of existence, and more often than not it's up to Marty (you) to save everything and get everything back to the way it was/is supposed to be.

Tales of Monkey Island
I've only played the very first Monkey Island game, but as I really enjoyed that I felt like this game was a must-play! As with Back to the Future this game is divided into five episodes and I wasn't really a fan of the first episode, and so it took me a while to get going with the other episodes. But just as with Back to the Future once I got around to playing the other episodes they proved really good. Once again episodes 3 and 4 are the best ones. This is a story of Guybrush Threepwood thinking he has once and for all ultimately defeated LeChuck, only to accidentally cure LeChuck from his zombie pox and instead releasing it upon the world. Now Guybrush must find a way to cure the Pox from the Caribbean, but first of all he must figure out how to get off Flotsam Island and put some water between himself and the crazy French doctor who wants to chop off his Pox-infected hand. On the way towards the end he (you) gets to meet mer-people. he gets to befriend the cured LeChuck, he gets to spend a couple of days inside a giant manatee, and he gets to defend himself on the trial of the people vs. Guybrush Threepwood. Just as the name Monkey Island promises, this is a wild ride from start to finish.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Nov 12th - Nov 18th

Monday: Day off from work was spent sleeping in, making dinner, showering and watching Bones. Nice relaxing day where nothing important got done ever - except for the dinner. That has to count as at least semi-important.
Song of the day: Kill Me, by The Pretty Reckless

Tuesday: Work day! This was supposed to be one of my office days but due to illness we were short-staffed and in the end I spent the day with one foot in backoffice and one foot in the front office. So I didn't get everything I wanted done, but it was a productive day nonetheless! When I got home I watched Bones.
Song of the day: Astral romance, by Nightwish

Wednesday: A pretty straightforward work day. As these things go I went work, did my thing, and after work we watched some Youtube for dinner and then I watched Bones until bedtime.
Song of the day: In the middle of the night, by Within Temptation

Thursday: Last day of work before a long weekend! It was a hectic day, but pretty straightforward. After work we watched Youtube for dinner and then I read my book until 9pm-ish when we snuggled up on the sofa and watched new episodes of The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead.
Song of the day: Army of the Night, by Powerwolf

Friday: It's ma birthday! :D I got up early and packed the last few things and then got on the train south to visit my family. Finally! I haven't been able to see them since Easter so it was well overdue. This time I had decided to take advantage of a work-perk and spend my two nights at a hotel in Malmö - for staff price. The room was nice and at a high floor so I got a magnificent view of the city. My dear Malmö - how I've missed you ♥ After arriving I took a shower and while I was in there housekeeping came by and dropped off a birthday present. I unpacked, changed clothes and then went to the bus stop to get out to my hometown and have dinner with my parents. After dinner we watched some TV together and at 11pm I left to grab the bus back to Malmö. I had a beer at the hotel bar and then went back to my room where I stayed up reading my book until 2am.
Song of the day: Everything is Awesome, by Tegan & Sara

Saturday: Got up sort of early to grab that amazing hotel breakfast and then got on the bus back to my hometown to have my birthday celebration with parents, grandparents, and sister. Cake was great and dinner was good and the gifts were just what I wanted :) Towards the evening when the rest of the family were getting ready to leave I took the bus back to the city. I grabbed a mojito at the hotel bar and then went back to my room to sleep. I finished my book on the way to my hometown and started another book on the way back to the city.
Song of the day: Breakaway, by Kelly Clarkson

Sunday: Got up early again and packed up my things and then went downstairs to grab a great hotel breakfast again. A lot more people today than yesterday. After breakfast I checked out and walked to the train station and got on the train back north. I spent most of the trip reading my next book. When I got home I got to spend around 50 minutes at home before the in-laws picked us up and we went out for a big family dinner. Me, Toni's older sister and her oldest daughter have our birthdays all in the same week :P After dinner we went back home and I unpacked while the computer installed one of my new games: Kingdome Come Deliverance. I spent the following three hours playing it before I went to bed.
Song of the day: Jet Lag, by Simple Plan

Thursday, 15 November 2018

My last 5 books: One fantasy and four Swedish thrillers by the same guy

1. Magician, by Raymond E. Feist. This is the book that made me realise how much I've missed reading old school epic fantasy of the fantastical kind. The age-old story of an orphaned boy who is meant for so much more and who comes into amazing powers (both magical and political). A fantastical threat to be defeated and an ancient dangerous magic that contemporary people can only hope to understand. What's not to like?! I had missed the cosy feeling that a well-written introduction to a new fantastical world gives me, while at the same time it makes me as excited as a child on Christmas to get the story moving and see where it takes me, because it's sure to be a wonderful trip! I look forward to reading the next part!

2. Midvintermörker, by Lars Wilderäng. Wilderängs första thriller är i mina ovana "öron" (ögon?) till största delen babbel på militäriska. Alltså en massa termer som inte en djävel som spenderat hela sitt liv utanför armén kan tyda till 100%. Själva premissen är intressant, vilket är anledningen till varför jag plockade upp den här boken till att börja med - vad skulle hända om Sverige hamnade i krig idag? Ovanpå det ett krig som utkämpas på svensk mark mot bjässen Ryssland som står som obesegrat i modern tid (hell, har någon någonsin besegrat Ryssland? vartenda stormaktsrike som försökt har misslyckats afaik). Wilderäng är fruktansvärt förtjust i uttrycket "det vobblande ljudet från artillerigranater" som upprepas minst tre dussin gånger genom hela boken, och framåt slutet kunde jag inte låta bli att sucka högt och himla med ögonen varje gång det dök upp. Min generella känsla under hela tiden jag läste den här boken sammanfattas väldigt bra genom en av karaktären Eriks repliker mot slutet av boken: "Ge oss en chans, för helvete!"

3. Midsommargryning, by Lars Wilderäng. Uppföljaren till Midvintermörker som utspelar sig strax över tio år efter slutet av Midvintermörker. Den här boken var på många sätt bättre än Midvintermörker (trots artillerigranaternas fortsatta "vobblande"), till största delen tack vare Widowmaker och Vova som från varsitt håll gör historien intressant; Erik var den drivande kraften i historien men större delen av tiden satt jag och suckade "Vad i helvete håller du på med?" varje gång han fick ta plats i historien. I Midsommargryning är Sverige återigen i krig med Ryssland, men den här gången sitter fienden närmre än vad svenska folket tror. Kriget är nämligen framkallat av ÖB och som kronan på verket utför han en statskupp när han ändå håller på. Karaktärerna känns mer utfyllda i Midsommargryning och inte bara som actionfigurer som utför stridsmanövrar på beställning. Dessutom innehåller Midsommargryning betydligt mycket mindre militäriska, vilket uppskattas högt från stackars civilare som jag själv. (Tror dock att Wilderäng får äta upp att iPhone X skulle vara sprillans ny år 2023)

4. Stjärnfall, by Lars Wilderäng. Den här boken var inte vad jag förväntade mig, kan jag lugnt säga. Uppföljaren till Stjärnklart som var en fantastisk katastrofroman om vad skulle kunna hända om all elektronik dog. Stjärnfall är den återuppbyggande uppföljaren till katastrofromanen Stjärnklart som förvandlas till en vampyrplågad zombieapokalyps med ett UFO-problem. Yes, you read that right! A vampire plagued zombie apocalypse with an alien problem. Nope, det låter lika galet på engelska. Emedan den var ganska långrandig på mitten så blev Stjärnfall riktigt bra mot slutet.

5. Stjärndamm, by Lars Wilderäng. Sådärja! Då har vi gått laget runt från katastrofroman till zombieapokalyps till full-on framtids-scifi. Läsarens resa som började i en hemtam värld som strax skulle gå under då all elektronik slutade fungera samtidigt avslutas här i en främmande rymdålder där människorna på jorden tycks ha utvecklats till högteknologiska vampyrer. I'm not even kidding. Jag kan ju lugnt säga att när jag plockade upp Stjärnklart så förväntade jag mig inte den här vändningen, men den är inte helt obehaglig. Jag gillar Wilderängs twist på vampyrer och zombier, men jag är fortsatt nyfiken på nanomiterna - var de medvetna eller inte? Var de bara användbart stjärndamm eller var de ett sorts hive-mind med ett verkligt medvetande? För om de var det så var nanomiterna ett långt mer skrämmande hot än kentaurerna.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Nov 5th - Nov 11th

Monday: Still coughing and got slightly wheezy breathing - and I got out of breath from walking up and down that single flight of stairs from our flat to the laundry room to change our laundry time. I spent the whole day playing Telltale's Back to the Future and I completed it! Afterwards I read a chapter in my current book and then watched Bones until bedtime.
Song of the day: Monster, by The Almost

Tuesday: Feeling much better but still a bit under the weather. I spent the whole day playing ESO and the whole evening watching Bones and reading my book and eating sweets.
Song of the day: In, by Simple Plan

Wednesday: Feeling pretty much like I usually do apart from the cough. Today I did the laundry and played the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island. In the evening we watched new episodes of Doctor Who and Fear the Walking Dead.
Song of the day: Dark Chest of Wonders, by Nightwish

Thursday: First day back at work starts with almost four hours of staff meeting and immediately after I had six hours of work. Who ever heard of taking it slow in the beginning? Cough is still there and refuses to get better. Work was pretty uneventful and I went home feeling pretty content with being back. When I got home I watched a few episodes of Bones before going to sleep.
Song of the day: Give You What You Like, by Avril Lavigne

Friday: Today was all work and sleep and no play. I slept in and then went directly to work in the afternoon. I got home from work around 11.30pm and immediately went to bed. It was a pretty calm day except for me getting a sudden stiff neck. Like I was just standing there at work and could literally feel my neck stiffening. And the pain from the stiff neck just kept increasing. By the time I got home I was pretty grateful to go to bed and rest my neck.
Song of the day: Angels, by Within Temptation

Saturday: Alarm went off at 5am and I was back at work by 7am. My neck was just as bad today, if not worse, and there was a period in the early afternoon where I was actually seeing stars and resorted to sitting down behind the front desk rather than standing up as is the norm. Today I also had the pleasure of encountering a person that dramatically lowered my expectation for how stupid it's possible for a human being to be. I have no idea how this person had figured out breathing. Due to my stiff and painful neck my patience was very thin today, and coupled with this extraordinarily stupid person I was in a very bad mood when I got home from work. I spent most of the evening watching Bones.
Song of the day: Ordinary Life, by Simple Plan

Sunday: Today I could sleep in and my neck felt lots better when I went to work in the afternoon. Work was extremely slow this evening and I was glad to leave for home when it was time for shift change. Sure I can figure out things to keep myself busy at work and I never just stand around, but coming up with things to do gets progressively harder the longer work is uneventful. I was home just after 10.30pm and spent the rest of the evening and early night watching Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead with Toni.
Song of the day: I Walk Alone, by Tarja

Monday, 5 November 2018

Oct 29th - Nov 4th

Monday: Last day off work! I spent the day cleaning up a bit around the flat, watched some youtube, watched some Bones, finished up my wishlists for my birthday for my family and Toni, and played the second episode of Telltale's Back to the Future.
Song of the day: This is Halloween, by VoicePlay

Tuesday: What a day! Got to work at 8am and had one hour to do office work before it was time for a mandatory CPR crash course alongside other staff members. It was done by noon at which time we had a late birthday celebration for another staff member who had recently turned 50. Cake and crackers for lunch - check! After that I covered in the front desk while the next batch of staff members went and had their CPR crash course. When they returned it was pretty hectic at the front desk and so I stayed and helped until almost 5pm before I clocked out and went home. Spent the evening watching Bones.
Song of the day: He Is, by Ghost

Wednesday: Halloween! Today was a mostly ordinary morning shift at the front desk, that did involve some running around for my part but nothing much out of the ordinary. When I got home I spent the evening playing Elder Scrolls Online, finally getting into that new DLC!
Song of the day: Blood, by In This Moment

Thursday: I felt fine when I woke up but I could feel that tingle under the skin that I always get before I'm struck by a cold, but usually it takes a day or so to break out. By the time I left for work my throat was getting sore and after I had been at work for an hour I felt faint with fever. However, today was an extra important day at work as it's November 1st and new month means closing of the books for the month before. I stayed at work and did all the super important tasks I had and I contemplated staying my full shift (until 4.30pm) and get even more done before calling in sick for the next three days. However by 2.30 I was ready to cave and so I called in sick from 2.45 and went home. I spent the evening playing Elder Scrolls Online.
Song of the day: Spooky Scary Skeletons

Friday: I woke up at 10am after having slept for 11 hours. I was still faint from fever and woke with a completely clogged nose. Lovely. Spent the whole day playing Elder Scrolls Online until it was time for dinner. After dinner I watched Bones, Grey's Anatomy and Allt för Sverige and then I went to bed.
Song of the day: I Love You Always Forever, by Betty Who

Saturday: Woke up around 10.30. Fever was mostly gone, but still had a blocked up nose and loss of hearing due to said nose. And still a sore throat. Spent the entire day playing Elder Scrolls Online with only a short break for dinner. I completed the new DLC and spent the rest of my session doing random dailies throughout the game.
Song of the day: Morrowind theme

Sunday: Fever is completely gone, but is replaced by a terrible cough. Just like these things usually go with me. Spent the day playing Elder Scrolls Online, questing and levelling up on an alt. After dinner I spent most of the time blogging, and then we cosied up on the sofa and watched The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who and Fear the Walking Dead.
Song of the day: Demons, by Imagine Dragons