Monday, 31 October 2016

Frostfall 24th - Frostfall 30th

On Monday I watched the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy, then I went to work for the evening shift. When I got home I played ESO.

On Tuesday I had the middle shift. So I went to work, watched the new episodes of The Vampire Diaries and Once Upon a Time, and then I played Fallout 4.

Wednesday was a busy day. I had the middle shift again and when I got home I had lots of things to take care of. No games this day. In the evening we watched the new episodes of Agents of Shield, Westworld and The Walking Dead.

On Thursday I had the evening shift. After work I packed my bags and then went to sleep.

On Friday I got up early to catch the train to Malmö. I slept most of the way. When I arrived I got picked up by my dad, and then I spent the afternoon and evening with my parents, catching up and having dinner.

On Saturday we went to my grandparents' to celebrate my grandfather's birthday. I got to take a look at my little sister's new flat too. We had fika and dinner with my grandparents, and my mum, my sister and me also recieved a donation each of apples to make apple pies of.

Sunday was my going home day. I spent most of the time on the train reading. That book is never-ending and it's so boring -.-' But I also watched Island of Lost Souls from 1932. When I got home I watched some TV while I waited for Skyrim Special Edition to install, and then I played until bedtime.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Elder Scrolls Online: New DLCs, Update 12, and the Halloween event

The new DLC for ESO was next on my list of games to play and originally I was supposed to just get in there and play the DLC, then get out again. Instead I played it for a month :P

When I started playing I did everything but the DLC. Did a bunch of dailies and some dungeons with people, but most of all I tried to complete the PvE elements in Cyrodiil (the PvP area). And I did basically everything there. I only have a couple of delves left, but I'll get them at some other time. Something else I did was that while I was in Cyro anyway I decided to check out the Imperial City DLC. Because my goal was to do the PvE, I had chosen a campaign with low population, it was also the middle of the night on a weekday, which helped. Imperial City is like a group based public dungeon with PvP elements. Mayhem. Two ordinary group dungeons also came along with the DLC and I haven't checked those out yet. I picked up the quest for the public dungeon part and went exploring. The mobs in there were no problem, but then came the first boss of the quest, and while I did manage to get the boss's health down a bit, it was way too hard to do alone (at least on my current build - maybe when I get my new one I can manage alone?) So I moved on from the Imperial City for a while.

While I was busy with Cyro, Update 12 came around. Major update, which changed the game from the base up. Where before you could only see people from your own alliance in the world (except in the PvP zone ofc), you can now interact with everybody from every alliance everywhere and anywhere in the world. Which suddenly made the world a lot livelier! Not that ESO was dying before, but the zones are so friggin big that you don't run across so many people randomly in the world, but then you come to a city and there are people everywhere. Absolutely everywhere, even before the Update - so you can imagine the chaos when the Update came around and the amount of people tripled! xD Another thing they did in Update 12 was to introduce duelling, which I watched a lot of, but didn't participate. I didn't join in on the action, mostly because I've been working on a new build and most of that "working on" is "waiting for my character to research enough traits so that I can craft the armour I want". Because I didn't have the build I wanted, I also didn't do as much damage as a lot of the others, and I don't want to duel at all until I think I have any chance of winning :P (I don't think I will, but I want the chance). They also made all the world bosses into actual group events, where you have very little chance to manage them alone. (I did all of them solo before and as I've said my build isn't the best).
Another major change with the Update was that they completely revamped the adventure zone Craglorn, and made the main quest line there solo-able. So as soon as I got online after the Update I started working on completing the main quest there, which I did - for the first time since Craglorn launched in 2014. With the Update, Craglorn came alive again and suddenly there was no trouble at all finding people for the daily quest lines there. For a while there I was busy completing the Craglorn zone.

Then came ESO's first ever event! The Witches' Festival came around while I was busy in Craglorn, and this event sent me farming for the first time ever in the two years I've played this game. Basically you did this little quest for the witch, which gave you the ability to summon her cauldron and drink from it. This turned your toon into a skeleton with some buffs. And then all you had to do was kill bosses; world bosses, anchor bosses, public dungeon bosses, group dungeon bosses, delve bosses... Any boss! When you killed bosses you had a chance of finding a Plunder Skull, which you could open in the hopes of getting parts of the new Hollowjack crafting motif, collectables or spooky recipes. This event would be around until November 1st, which meant there was a time limit to get all the stuff and all the new achievements. So I dedicated myself to this. After a few delves I spent most of my time going through all the anchors and then all the public dungeons, which meant I finally went through the public dungeons in Orsinium DLC that I didn't do before. The Dwemer one was really cool! I finished the event on Sunday, after having collected over 40 skulls on Saturday alone. All in all I think I collected 110 skulls.

After I finished the event I decided to focus on the new DLC; Dark Brotherhood. I had picked it up and started it before back when it was released in early June, but I didn't start playing it until now. If there is one thing I've learned from other ES games, it's that when you play the Dark Brotherhood quest line - get ready for betrayal. The DLC takes place on the Gold Coast, an area of Cyrodiil which was previously in Oblivion. I enjoyed coming back to Anvil and Kvatch. The story of the Dark Brotherhood mostly evolves around the fact that someone has been killing members of the family, and we know that this murderer (a murderer of murderers, lol) is somehow connected to the Order of the Hour; worshippers of Akatosh. The investigation takes me back and forth between Kvatch and Anvil and also on a trip to Black Marsh. The DLC ended with an awesome boss battle and with my character becoming a member of the Black Hand. This was honestly the best DLC yet. I loved Thieves Guild while I was playing it, but holy hell this was a lot better. The zone had a few quests as well, that weren't part of the Dark Brotherhood quest line. They were all a lot of fun and gave me the opportunity to re-encounter Crafty Lerisa from the Daggerfall Covenant zones, Raynor Vanos and his sister from the Ebonheart Pact zones, and Captain Jimila fromt he Aldmeri Dominion zones. But also, and they are my favourites, Naryu Virian from EP and Razum-dar from AD. When I ran into Raz I couldn't stop smiling. He's my favourite character in the whole game :3 Naryu is number two. Favourite side quest of this zone was no doubt the last one: The Sweetroll Killer, which included a lot of investigation, puzzles, and choice-and-consequence.

There was another DLC released: Shadows of the Hist. But this DLC only consisted of two new group dungeons and group dungeons are rarely on the top of my to-do list in ESO. Some other time.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Frostfall 17th - Frostfall 23rd

On Monday I went to  the dentist for the annual check-up. Apparantly I have very good teeth. When I got home I read my book, watched the new episode of Once Upon a Time and some episodes of X-Files, and also played some Dragon Age Inquisition.

On Tuesday I had work in the evening so for this day I just watched some X-Files and played Dragon Age Inquisition.

On Wednesday I had work in the morning. After work I went for lunch and then went home. When I got home all I did was to play Dragon Age Inquisition, and later in the evening when Toni went to the night shift I watched some X-Files.

On Thursday I woke up with a light migraine (meaning I had all the pain, but not the sensitivity to light), but since this was going to be a very short day at work anyway I decided to ignore it and go to work anyway. When I got home I spent the rest of the day playing Dragon Age Inquisition. In the evening we also watched the new episodes of The Big Bang Theory, Agents of Shield and Westworld.

On Friday my migraine was still there and so I called in sick and spent most of the day playing ESO.

On Saturday I woke up migraine free, and played ESO the whole day. Ended up in quite the nice group and we spent most of the evening farming bosses in the world in the chance of getting loot containers containing special items for the Halloween event.

On Sunday I also only played ESO, but I completed the new DLC so there'll be a blog post about that, and after wrapping things up in ESO I'll move on to something else until I return.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Frostfall 10th - Frostfall 16th

On Monday I watched the new episode of Once Upon a Time. Then I had work in the evening, which went well. When I got home I played ESO.

Tuesday was a lot like Monday. I watched The Black Cat movie, went to work and then came home and played ESO. I had had trouble falling asleep on Monday night and was awoken early by some people moving just outside, except that it sounded like they were trying to pull apart the whole building with the wrong end of a hammer. The whole day I had that kind of headache you get when you haven't slept properly. When I was going home in the evening it was a mess at the store. So I missed the train I usually miss, but because of the mess at the store (elevators not coming, people all over the place being in the way, taking up space...) I also almost missed the next train. This meant I had no time to buy something to eat fromt he convenience store next to the station as I usually do when I work late. So I hadn't slept properly and I hadn't eaten in 8 hours. I was in a fantastic mood. Toni met up with me at the train station and bought fancy hot dogs with mashed potatoes for me at the gas station down the road. After eating that I felt a lot better (and was less likely to kill somebody).

On Wednesday I spent most of the day playing ESO. Toni and I then took a walk downtown and had sushi for dinner. I continued playing ESO when I got home, until it was time for snuggling up on the sofa and watch shows. And then there was more ESO.

Thursday was also all about ESO.

On Friday I watched Les Yeux Sans Visage and then went to work. It went well, no big hang-ups this day. When I got home I played ESO.

Saturday was a long day at work. Halfway through the day an old lady comes up to me and asks me where something is in the store. I say that I don't know and she smiles sweetly and says demeaningly: "But you work here, sweetheart." Well, if you're gonna be demeaning then I'll be unpleasant, so I said that "No I don't. I'm outsourced so I suggest you go find someone who does." I don't work for the store. We're allowed to have a desk at the store, but we don't work for them or in there at all. I'm not a reception and I'm not your guide to the department store. It says "Tourist information" on two places in big letters (along with the green info sign that comes with it) around the desk. I have suggested a big blinking neon sign with an arrow that points to us and says Tourist information. I'm not sure I'm joking about that anymore. When I finally got home it was ESO time.

Sunday I got up early for the morning shift. I've never worked mornings on weekends at the department store before, but I know that there are usually a lot of people there during the weekends. 30 minutes after opening every single storage locker was taken. Got a few tourists in, mostly Asian and German, but also a couple that sounded Dutch, which was a nice surprise. Dutch people are very nice, mostly. After work I had a late lunch and then went to check out the temporary Harry Potter shop at the Central Station. Cursed Child was released in Swedish this week so the publishing company put up a temporary shop for all the books in Swedish. I went to just check it out. I already have all the books in Swedish :P But I wanted to see it anyway. I found that they had also every colouring book available along with a table set up with pens and crayons where you could start using your new colouring book immediately. A girl about my age sat there colouring with a little girl who looked to be about 7 y/o. The girl my age was saying how happy she was with all this, and the 7 y/o was looking at her like she was crazy. There was also a place where you could dress up, complete with scarves and robes from the houses, and a Sorting Hat. While wearing the robes you could try riding the Firebolt and have your picture taken. I kinda sorta wanted to, but not right there, and besides I'd already done something similar (but bigger) at the Studio Tour in London. They also sold Bertie Bott's Beans and the shop assistants were dressed in Gryffindor robes. A little piece of heaven just like that. I caught myself smiling like an idiot looking at all the stuff. A dad was standing by the piles of Swedish books with his daughter who looked to be around 8-9, looking at them and probably debating whether to buy. The shop had a package deal for all the seven books for a 1000 SEK (that's a little less than €100). I decided to buy to colouring books that I didn't have and when I payed I asked the shop assistants if I could take a picture of the whole thing. They agreed and I went around the place for a while trying to find an angle that didn't include people's faces. This was the best I could do:

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Watching old, old movies part 4

This isn't gonna stop any time soon...

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

10. Pyscho (1960)
Alfred Hitchcock retains his reputation even to this day so of course I had heard about this movie, although I had never seen it. It was kind of straight-forward all the way to the end, when the twist about the murderer was revealed. The only big surprise was when the girl who I thought was the main character was killed off halfway through the movie. And when the twist was revealed and one of the detectives casually called the murderer a transvestite I just said "He's not a transvestite! He's a cross-dressing man with multiple personality disorder. I don't need a degree to know that! You loon." to the screen. But from what I've gathered through Mad Men and old books and movies; psychology and the workings of the brain weren't such well-known facts for the most part of the 20th century. I wouldn't call this movie horror, though, there weren't many horror elements in it. Apart from the classical shower scene and the corpse reveal towards the end, this was a kind of straight-forward heist-mystery movie. I liked it, though.

11. The Black Cat (1934)
I had been looking forward to this movie - Bela Lugosi (Dracula) and Boris Karloff (Frankenstein/The Mummy) in the same movie! Based on a story by Edgar Allan Poe nonetheless! It was bound to be good. And it was. It really, really was. The only expected and obvious letdown (for me, anyway) was that the women in the movie had barely any lines at all and were basically there just to look pretty. But Lugosi and Karloff were so good together that most of the time I didn't even care. So Lugosi is vaguely creepy as a character and on his way to what he says is "an old friend" (Karloff's character). After a road accident he brings the honeymooning couple with him to this friend because the woman has been hurt and his friend's home is close to where the accident happened. Turns out this is not a friend at all, but a fellow ex-soldier who left him and the batallion for dead as he ran off. For 18 years Lugosi's character was a POW, while Karloff's character became renowned as an amazing architect and lived a good life - with Lugosi's wife and daughter nonetheless! Karloff's character is later revealed to be the leader of a cult who sacrifices women to the moon. Women who Karloff later preserves to be able to watch their eternal beauty (like som necrophiliac creep). Lugosi's character is revealed to actually be a good guy with a bad past, but when he finds out what Karloff's character did to his wife and daughter he goes ballistic (understandably). This whole movie was a joy to watch, and actually quite scary. It was disturbing even by today's standards.
I love this whole scene. Lugosi looks demented and Karloff looks properly scared shitless by the end.

12. Les Yeux Sans Visage (1960)
The first non-English movie I've seen on this trip through black-and-white. While Nosferatu is German, all the text cards were in English in the version I saw. This movie is French (why couldn't we watch this kind of movie in French class?!) and it's creepy as hell. The title means Eyes Without a Face. It's about the daughter of an amazing surgeon who loses her face in a car accident caused by her father. Her father goes on a personal quest to give his daughter a new face, experimenting with full facial transplants (a full 50 years before it was accomplised IRL). His secretary helps him by tricking young women into going with her. Their faces are then used for experimentation, and their dead bodies are later dumped. Christiane, the daughter, begins to lose hope and faith in her father's ability, but for a moment it looks like he may have succeeded. But (as expected from my side) the tissue grows necrotic after just a few days and has to be removed and Christiane is back to wearing her mask. Throughout the whole movie she has very few lines and she's almost always wearing her mask. She moves around quietly and gracefully, with nothing but her huge eyes visible of her face. The way her character moves and looks is the most creepy thing to me. It was worse than when they actually filmed and showed the doctor removing a face (why did they have to show that?! it hurt my face to watch!). Of course the surgeon and his secretary gets the police on their trail, but Christiane has had it and stabs the secretary with her father's scalpel and then sets the caged dogs on her father. When they're both dead she helps the latest girl escape and then she goes out into the world again - for the first time in months. This movie was so good. It didn't leave my head for days. The French should do more horror. The melancholy they love to have in their movies really works in horror.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Frostfall 3rd - Frostfall 9th

On Monday I had work in the evening. Before I went to work I did some blogging and watched the new episode of Once Upon a Time. When I got home I played ESO.

Tuesday was a day off, but Toni had the night shift. I spent the whole day doing some writing, blogging, watching Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, and watching several episodes of Digimon Adventure 02. I also went through my wardrobe and threw out a bunch of things.

On Wednesday I first went by the doctor's office and then did some shopping. When I got home I had planned on playing ESO but Update 12 was rolling out and the servers were thus offline. Instead I did some writing until the servers came back up in the evening and then started exploring the new stuff of Update 12.

I had a bad day on Thursday. We did some cleaning and then took a walk downtown to buy some things. During our walk I caught the last Squirtle I needed to finally evolve into Blastoise. In the evening I played some more ESO.

Friday I had work in the evening. Before work I watched the new episode of Grey's Anatomy. When I got home Toni was playing GTA V with some friends (not my type of game) and while I felt like playing something I really didn't feel like being surrounded by people, which would be the case in ESO, so instead I booted up Dragon Age Inquisition and continued the playthrough I started months back.

Saturday we were going to a party. I found some time to play DAI before getting ready. We met up with some friends at the Japanese restaurant in town and then got on the bus to our friend's place where the party was. The party was a lot of fun and we got home around 3.30am.

Sunday was a day of general relaxing. Spent most of the day playing DAI. We had pizza for dinner and in the evening we cosied up on the sofa and watched the new episode of The Big Bang Theory, the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead, and the first episode of a new show called Westworld that seems cool. Afterwards I continued playing until bedtime.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Hearthfire 26th - Frostfall 2nd

On Monday I had the day off and spent the day watching House on Haunted Hill, the new episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Once Upon a Time, and playing The Witcher 3.

Tuesday I had work in the evening. I spent the day doing nothing much. Blogging and watching Star Trek. Had the closing shift and it was to be an early morning on Wednesday so went to bed as soon as I came home.

Wednesday I had work in the morning. Afterwards I wanted to go for a walk and catch Pokémon but it was raining so I went home instead and started playing ESO. The point of it was to play the new DLC but instead I did everything but :P In the evening we snuggled up in the sofa and watched the new episodes of The Big Bang Theory, Fear the Walking Dead, and Agents of Shield.

Thursday I had the day off and it was mostly spent playing ESO. Although I was kicked out of a group by an elitist bastard because I wasn't good enough for him. I play to have fun, not to become the best in an imaginary world. Sorry if my build doesn't do enough damage for you.Sorry that I told you beforehand that my level wasn't as high as yours and you still invited me in. Idiot.

Friday I went to work as usual, but due to the storm the previous night the ship, whose passengers I would be helping with information about the city, was over an hour late. I called my boss and she said I could choose to wait around for it or leave. The cruise ship company ought to have known about the delay for hours - they should've informed us of it but as usual their communication ability is very bad. Since I had work in the afternoon too, and I wouldn't have the time to go home and then back again, i decided to wait around. The ship was supposed to dock at 10am. It arrived past 11am. Then I went to the office to drop off the cashier and then it was time for lunch and some Pokémon. Not a lot of fun happened there, but at least I hatched the last Nidoran I needed to evolve into Nidoqueen :) Always something. Then it was time for work again, which went well. Mostly because I had company. When I have company I'm less preoccupied with hating the shoppers. We have a tourist information desk inside a department store. It has two big signs on the wall saying clearly that we're tourist information. Still we get to act as customer service, department store reception, lost-and-found, department store information clerk, and cashier. And the shoppers all act as if they're shopping at the most exclusive, elite, bourgeoisie place in town. It's Åhléns. There is one in every single town in this country. You're not special. Get off your high horse and speak to me like I'm a person. I told Toni all this when I got home and he said it sounded like I was getting sick of my job. I'm not. I really enjoy helping the tourists, giving them advice, information and directions is great. And that's my job. Not all the other bullshit the shoppers throw at me. In any case, when I got home I went back online and continued playing ESO.

Saturday was work again, and it was crazy. But for some reason I was in a really good mood this day and not even the constantly bullshit-spewing shoppers could get me down from that. So although it was Saturday + Justin Bieber concert x2 in town + extreme amount of people in the store, and it felt like the whole country plus a lot more were converging on the toilets next to our desk, resulting in a queue from inside the toilet area all the way out into the store proper, and that meant people complaining to me about the queue (as if I could do anything about that), I still didn't get into a bad mood. It was great. When I got home it was ESO time again.

Sunday was also work, and it was similar to Saturday. I was in a sort of good mood this day too, but that feeling was slightly dimmed by the fact that this day I encountered so many Swedes who didn't understand me when I spoke Swedish to them. I made one customer angry, I think. She thought I said "code" when I said "card". And after I had said "card" the way I usually do three times and she still didn't get it, I changed and said "card" in Stockholm dialect and then angrily added: "Do I have to change my dialect for you to understand me?!" She was far from the only one. I don't understand you people. What's so goddamn hard?! I don't even speak a lot of dialect. I've lost lots of it during the three years I've lived here, and I didn't speak all that much dialect to begin with. It makes me so angry when people repeatedly don't understand me. Thanks for making me a stranger in my own country. I was born and raised in this country. I have ancestry 300 years back in this country. But thank you for making me feel like this isn't my home, and that I don't belong here. Really appreciate it.

Monday, 3 October 2016

September favourites 2016

Books: In September I read three books and a comic, and I started on a fourth book. Favourite book of the month has to be Expedition to the Mountain of the Moon by Mark Hodder. Although that book made me mostly sad, I can't help but love his steampunk series ^^

Music: I haven't been listening to much music this month. For some reason I haven't felt the need to block out other people on the train and so no music. But when I have listened it's mostly been The Pretty Reckless and In This Moment, with a little Blutengel, Avatar and Cradle of Filth.
• The Pretty Reckless - "House on a Hill" & "Only You"

• In This Moment - "Blood" & "Dirty Pretty"

• Blutengel - "Lucifer" & "Reich Mir Die Hand"

• Avatar - "Bloody Angel" & Cradle of Filth - "Nocturnal Supremacy"

• Blutengel - "Soultaker" & In This Moment - "Daddy's Falling Angel"

Games: In September I've played Far Cry 3, Magicka, The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine, Oblivion, and ESO. My favourite game out of those have to be Blood & Wine. The Witcher 3 was one of those games that I didn't realise how much I had missed until I was playing it again. Now a part of me wants me to replay the whole series, while another part of me keeps screaming at that part that "No! It's too long!" So yeah...

Tv shows: So what have I been watching in September? The Tribe, Star Trek: TOS, The Strain, The Big Bang Theory, Fear the Walking Dead, Agents of Shield, Once Upon a Time, and Grey's Anatomy. I'm hard pressed to pick a favourite, because they all have their faults. But I guess I have to say Agents of Shield this month.

Other: Got my first tattoo, and went on my first cruise this month. I also met up with Tiffany for the first time in three years and that was great :)