Friday, 14 August 2015

New glasses!!! :3

Today I got new glasses for the first time in seven years :) I hardly ever used my old pair even when they still had the correct measurements. My eyesight has changed a lot since then and now they're nowhere near enough sufficient, and since I'm now at a point where I earn some money, I decided it was time to do something about it. So I have new glasses! My optician has a campaign where you buy one pair of glasses and get two more (still for the price of one). So now I have three pairs of working glasses, all of which look slightly different from each other and I also have new contacts. Variety, here I come! :)

Last time I barely used my glasses, because I got those at the same time as I got my first contacts and at that point I was so frickin sick of glasses. I was 17 and I had had glasses for 9 years. I had been bound to glasses for 8 years and I was so frickin sick of them. Especially since I had convinced myself that they made me ugly. My bullies had a lot to do with that opinion of myself. So I hardly ever touched my glasses, except for when my optician recommended that I let my eyes rest from the contacts for a while.

But now I'm positive. I like my new glasses. It's a new age now. An age where glasses aren't even considered un-attractive. Glasses have almost made a complete turn-around in terms of fashion - and I look good. I am proudly able to admit that to myself, even while wearing glasses. So I'm really looking forward to use glasses all the time again, but now I have contacts to fall back on if I want t. I hao. Best of both worlds :D
17 year old me versus current me

I'm letting go of what I once believed, so goodbye agony.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent DLC (no story spoilers)

I was so busy playing The Witcher that I didn't even know this DLC existed until three days before its release xD But yesterday I was so wound up over it. I waited and waited and waited until the time was 5pm. I thought it would be released the same time as Jaws of Hakkon, but no, nothing showed up. Drove me crazy. I waited some more and tortured myself with un-spoilery hints on Twitter from people who played it on Xbox One where it arrived hours before it arrived on PC and PSN. Then, finally, it showed up at 7pm and I bought it and started playing.

It was first when I started playing that I realised how much I had missed all things dwarven in Inquisition. It was so elven based (elvish pantheon there, elvish artefacts here, elven ruins there, elven legends here...)! I hated going into Orzammar and the Deep Roads in Dragon Age: Origins. I hated the Broodmother and the ogres and all of the friggin darkspawn that just wouldn't - leave - me - alone! But as I descended into the Deep Roads in this DLC I was excited and it felt a bit like coming home. Talking to one of the new dwarven characters about conditions in Orzammar, mentioning choices I made in my playthroughs of Origins, and even talking about the Hero of Ferelden made me feel nostalgic and at home. So yes, I was pretty hooked.

It didn't hurt that it was the most beautiful and diverse Deep Roads expedition I've ever been on. Origins and 2 are laughable in that context and even Valammar in Inquisition falls extremely short of the breath-taking underground beauty that is The Descent DLC. Like wow.

It's a seamless dungeon all the way throughout the 5 hours of game time of this DLC. Completely in the Deep Roads. It's also set up as an old-school dungeon so it gets progressively more difficult the deeper you go. I loved it :)

Also, since it's the Deep Roads it calls for a creepy progression of the quest as you go deeper and deeper. The first time I heard the poem in Dragon Age: Origins I wanted to just NOPE and turn off the game. Something similar to that happened in The Descent as I entered a new area called the Bastion of the Pure. Eyes in the darkness... Disappearing when I get too close and then reappearing and multiplying further away... *shudder*

The only thing I didn't like about the DLC is the lack of old companions. It's the Deep Roads! We could've met any one of the Wardens from Origins or Awakening. I'd love to meet my Hero of Ferelden, or Nathaniel (whom we actually met in the Deep Roads in 2), or Sigrun (would've made so much sense) or even Carver/Bethany! Having Oghren back in the Deep Roads would've been interesting as well. But no. I have to make due with second-hand references to Origins instead... *pout* I was also disappointed that The Architect wasn't involved in some way. Would've loved to see him return in some way like Corypheus did.

But I have to say, my overall feeling is of approval, and I think I like The Descent a lot more than Jaws of Hakkon - despite Descent being shorter.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The first week of August (ish)

The first week of August came with a boom.

On Saturday, August 1st, I worked in the morning and then in the afternoon I walked in the Stockholm Pride Parade. No one I knew was going so I went alone. I ended up next to a badass looking goth guy, and two lesbian couples. I just jumped in somewhere in the parade and ended up walking with Marching for Those Who Can't, which I was very ok with. Only negative thing with the Parade was that it was so friggin hot. I hade brought water with me, but I was melting. So just before the end the Parade stopped for a short while and I found an open spot to sneak out. I went to the closest 7-Eleven and bought two bottles of water, both of which I had finished when I got home an hour later. But walking in the Parade was amazing. Even if I was alone it felt wonderful and I don't regret going for a second. The whole atmosphere was filled with pride, acceptence and open-mindedness and I absolutely loved it. It didn't hurt that the by-standers were cheering as we walked by, I felt like a rock star. And to anyone who doesn't know me and reads this, yes, I'm included in the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

When I got home I was so tired from all the walking that all I had energy for was to read. So I finished my book, The Raven's Shadow by Elspeth Cooper.

On Sunday I realised that the headache I had had at the end of Saturday wasn't just due to the heat. I now had a full-blown cold. Great. I didn't really have any energy for anything, but still I decided to start up The Witcher and play that. I had long planned to go through the first two Witcher games so that I could play the third one, because that looks friggin amazing. I fell in love with the first game pretty soon. I really liked the story and although the battle mechanics were different from what I've played before I still didn't take much issue with it. (A full review will show up when I've finished Witcher 2).

On Monday I had called in sick to work and spent the day playing.

On Tuesday I was still feeling under the weather, but I had people coming over the next day and so I had to make the flat presentable. Four turns up to the attic to get rid of all the excess parts of computer chairs we had lying around since we bought new chairs, change the sheets, one turn to the recycling station, and one go with the hoover. When I was done I was bust. The four turns up to the attic (four floors, no lift) made me sound like an asthmatic case.

On Wednesday my best friend arrived with her doggy. She was going to a wedding in Macedonia and I had agreed to babysit her dog while she was away. It was really nice meeting her again. Last time was around Christmas. Spent the day talking and playing table top games :)

On Thursday - Monday I was babysitting the dog. Best friend left on Thursday afternoon and that also when my old phone decided to retire. The battery had swelled to the point where the back of the phone had popped off. So the next day I went downtown to buy myself a new one. I'm very happy with my brand new phone, except for the fact that my phone no longer fits in my pocket. I've been keeping my phone in my pocket since 2002! Why are you doing this to me, technology?! On Monday my best friend along with her bf came by and picked up doggy. It was sad to see the dog go, actually. I kind of miss her presence here... But it's also nice not having to take a walk every four hours :P

Today has mostly been about waiting. Waiting and waiting and waiting for the new Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC, The Descent. It finally released at 7pm and since then I've been playing. Review comes up tomorrow! :)