Friday, 14 August 2015

New glasses!!! :3

Today I got new glasses for the first time in seven years :) I hardly ever used my old pair even when they still had the correct measurements. My eyesight has changed a lot since then and now they're nowhere near enough sufficient, and since I'm now at a point where I earn some money, I decided it was time to do something about it. So I have new glasses! My optician has a campaign where you buy one pair of glasses and get two more (still for the price of one). So now I have three pairs of working glasses, all of which look slightly different from each other and I also have new contacts. Variety, here I come! :)

Last time I barely used my glasses, because I got those at the same time as I got my first contacts and at that point I was so frickin sick of glasses. I was 17 and I had had glasses for 9 years. I had been bound to glasses for 8 years and I was so frickin sick of them. Especially since I had convinced myself that they made me ugly. My bullies had a lot to do with that opinion of myself. So I hardly ever touched my glasses, except for when my optician recommended that I let my eyes rest from the contacts for a while.

But now I'm positive. I like my new glasses. It's a new age now. An age where glasses aren't even considered un-attractive. Glasses have almost made a complete turn-around in terms of fashion - and I look good. I am proudly able to admit that to myself, even while wearing glasses. So I'm really looking forward to use glasses all the time again, but now I have contacts to fall back on if I want t. I hao. Best of both worlds :D
17 year old me versus current me

I'm letting go of what I once believed, so goodbye agony.


  1. Jättefina bågar! Du är ju jättefin! låt ingen annan säga något annat :)
    Jag där emot önskar ju lite att jag behövde glasögon, iaf läsglasögon bara för att jag tycker det är så fint! ahaha x3
    Kul med lite nytt efter så lång tid av samma kan jag tänka mig! :o

  2. For me, eyeglasses are more convenient to wear compared to contact lenses, especially when you're in a hurry. They can be fashionable too, for they come in different styles and colors. I'm glad that you now like to wear your glasses, and it really looks good on you, Elin! :-)

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes


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