Friday, 31 January 2014

Point-and-click adventure games

Today I finished The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief. It's a point-and-click adventure game and at a first glance you seem to play as a middle-aged Swiss police man trying to solve a robbery and catch a thief. The game is divided into three chapters and although it gets a bit tedious at times, the whole atmosphere of the game is like being in the middle of an Agatha Christie novel. The graphics of the game aren't the best, most noticeably so during conversations with the characters and their faces hardly move or not at all, but I do love the feeling of being the detective trying to solve a robbery. The ending is a twist (I really did not see that coming).

I had my suspicions all throughout the game who the Raven would be. But all my assumptions were wrong. Are you better at deduction than I am? ;)


Violett is another point-and-click adventure game that I started playing back in December, but haven't really got around to continue it. The combinations with which you do stuff is kind of preposterous and several times I just feel exasperated. But at the same time I can't help but loving the graphics and the weirdness of the game. We play as Violett, a girl who has been forced to move from the city and all her friends to a big house on the countryside. She's really mad about it. Accidentally she discovers a way to a different and magical world, from which she has to escape if she ever wants to see her parents again. It also seems to be loosely based on Neil Gaiman's Coraline. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm working on it! :)

And she seems to have a magical uncle...

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Nostalgic Harry Potter computer games

Yesterday night for some reason I became extremely nostalgic and decided to dig out my old disc of the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone PC game. It was one of my favourites when I was younger and when it was originally released I did have some troubles with it. Moving platforms and jumping puzzles were complicated for a 10 year old newbie gamer :P

I was a little wary at sarting it again, because I had tried a couple of years back and back then the saving function hadn't been working on my disc. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this time it did work :D The graphics are really cute for such an old game. The only thing that actually bothers me (and I remember it bothered me when I was 10 years old too) is that none of the characters move their faces or their mouths when they talk. They just nod and move their hands while you hear them talking. It's weird. 

Another thing that I've noticed now is that this game does something that's very common among older games. Everything in the games is on one level, fairly easy and a lot of fun, then comes the boss fight at the end and the difficulty level is suddenly multiplied by 10. I know what to do at the end fight, I have finished the game about three times before. I'm just sort of annoyed when Voldemort can fire heat-seaking spells while all I can do is rotate a freakin' mirror and hope for the best. The boss fight is kind of annoying tbh, but I really enjoy everything else about the game. 

Did you know that Quirrell snaps his own neck? xD I saw that in the game and was all: O_O

I think I'm going to skip the boss fight of Philosopher's Stone and head on with Chamber of Secrets :)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

I'm crazy

I'm seriously considering to buy Always Remember Me. A love sim. An otome game. A girl game. Me. A girl game. What?! But I've watched Dodger play it for several series now. The Alone series. The Lawrence series. The Eddy series. And I just want to do it by myself as well. This is how my obsession with Long Live the Queen started. I sit there going through new videos in my YouTube subscription feed every day waiting and hoping for a new episode of Always Remember Me xD Cause I just want to know what happens next so badly xD It's like I'm watching a very intriguing TV-series and have to wait for the next episode xD And everytime she gets and ending I just sit there smiling like an idiot, and when she starts to get close I get all fidgety xD Exactly like a good TV-series. I'm probably crazy. And I think it's the same for her cause when she started this game series she started the video by saying "Oh, what am I about to do (^^);"

It doesn't help that she does awesome voice-acting while playing either xD

Just cause I'll give you her first video of Long Live the Queen as well :P

But I'll try to refrain from buying Always Remember Me for a while longer and go play The Raven instead.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

The musical year of 2013

So a bit better and earlier than last year. But still not as early as I would've liked. Obviously I need to start listen through a year's releases earlier than October. Here's 2012, and here's 2011. I'm going to do this like I did last year, cause there are way too many artists to do it like in 2011.

Group/artist name. Genre. Amount of releases. My overall grade of releases. Favourite song.
To make it easy I'll also separate Asian from Western as well as separate the Asian pop from the Asian rock.
Most anticipated releases: Avril's album, Yohio's album, The Pretty Reckless' singles, Sharan Q's single, and Morning Musume's singles. 
Best releases of the year: Avril Lavigne - "Rock n Roll", Juice=Juice - "Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne", The Pretty Reckless - "Heaven Knows", Morning Musume - "Brainstorming", Sharan Q - "Single Bed"
Best songs all-together (most plays):

Monday, 20 January 2014

Nerdy week

Last week I had a really nerdy week. I had a lot planned, similar to the week before, but in the end all of that went through the window. That's what happens when you get stuck in games.

Monday to Thursday I was completely stuck in Long Live The Queen. I had so much fun and I have managed 32 of 39 achievements, which means I have managed almost all scenarios the game has to offer. When the week started I was dead set on getting everything, but by Thursday I had grown sort of tired of the game and needed some change. Still Long Live The Queen is one of my current favourite games.

So to get that change I started up Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. It's a Japanese style dungeon crawler. Akaneiro is the Japanese name for The Little Red Riding Hood, and you basically play as a demon slaying girl. You kill demons from Japanese folklore with an array of Japanese style armour and weapons, while listening to Japanese style music. It's awesome. I started playing this back in October when it was still Early Access. When I started it up again on Thursday evening it was no longer Early Access and a lot of things had changed. It worked really well and I had a lot fun. For several days.

But on Saturday I had grown sort of tired of Akaneiro too and decided to start up Morrowind again. This far I'm having a lot of fun with Morrowind, though there are moments when the game drives me crazy. Like the fact that you can't always get out of water if you get in it. Mostly that happens in the sewers of Vivec City and occasional pools. But most of the time it works well. I'm getting better and I think I'm about halfway through the main quest line now, though there are loads more to do outside of the main quest line. 

Apart from the obvious with the games we also had a game night two days ago in which we played the first story from the expansion pack Forbidden Alchemy for Mansions of Madness. I was Keeper again, but this time no one won. If only one player had been a little slower I would have won, but because he wasn't no one could win this time around :/ I still had a lot of fun playing Keeper. Being the Keeper allows me to be just as mean as I want to :3

Yesterday I spent playing more Morrowind as well as watching the third and final episode of season 3 of BBC Sherlock. Ending the season with a cliffhanger ofc, and now we probably have to wait two more years for the next season T_T

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My childhood PC games

So CutiePieMarzia made a video talking about old PC games she played while growing up and I got so inspired to do a blog post about my own top 6 PC games from my childhood. Let's start by showing you her video:

Let's start backwards. 

Number 6 has got to be Quack Attack. I didn't have it at home but me and my sister spent countless hours playing it on my grandfather's computer. She was better at it than me (she has always been better at platformers than me). But I did have a lot of fun with it. It all disappeared when my grandfather got a new computer.

Number 5 is probably Strawberry Magic. I could only play this during recess in school and during after school activities. It took me forever to find anything about this game cause apparantly it wasn't such a big commercial success and no one I know and have talked to since has ever heard about the game. I can't find it on YouTube and these are all the pictures I could find, most of them from a Hebrew site. I did find a place to download the game in Swedish, though! It's an old DOS-based game and I don't remember much from the story other than that you're playing as a walking, talking strawberry boy who helps people.

Number 4 is Disney's Magic Artist Studio. I played this for a long time and I didn't stop until I was probably way older than the intended target audience. It's a painting game and it's a lot of fun. I still have the disc for this game somewhere. It just sucked that after Vista I could no longer make it work on my computer :( All the videos I can find on Youtube are for newer versions of the game so instead I show you some pictures I found of the version of the game that I played :)

Number 3 is Freddie the Fish. This is a sort of point-and-click adventure game and I was slightly older when I started playing this. I think I played it both in school, at a friend's house and at my grandfather's computer. It was a lot of fun and if I could get my hands on it today I think I'd still really like it :)

Number 2 is a game that I know as Flygande Start Första Klass, but that I found out is called JumpStart First Graders in English. I loved this game as a child and I continued to play it halfway through my teens on days when I was really bored. It's enjoyable and once you're older than the age the game is intended for it's quite easy. A game of a lot of easy fun. 

Number 1 is a game that I still love: the original Rayman game. I have the disc, but I can't get it to work so instead I play the GBA version on my DS :P I love Band Land. The furthest I've ever gotten is to Pen Land (don't even know if it's called that). As I said before I'm not good with platformers, but I can't help but love Rayman. This game (and how amazing it is) is the main reason why I've never liked a Rayman game since. Don't fix it if it ain't broken! -.-

Then of course there are other games I played when I was little that I really loved, but these are the main ones. 

Others are the Pippi Longstocking game I used to play at the computer at the local library, and Bubble Bobble that I used to play at a friend's place, or Super Mario that I used to play at another friend's place... Those last two were of course not PC games but console games, but still... Then there are of course games that I remember that I have played, but I have no idea what they're called and it would take forever for me to find them. I already went through that with Strawberry Magic. 

Monday, 13 January 2014

Compiling the past week

I had an amazing week up until the very end, when it suddenly turned quite bad.
But let's start with the good stuff!

I've been on the treadmill three times, 30 min each time, this week. And I've taken four 1 hour walks. Quite the good week for exercising! :D

I've applied for a whole bunch of jobs. Mostly in shops but also some in translation (imagine that!) and I'm not at all hopeful that I'll get any of them or even get an interview. I just gotta keep trying. At some point I should get a job.

I've restarted my YouTube channel. The link is to the right in the column. I'm not very good yet, but you're free to watch if you want xD If I get 100 subs I'll open up a Twitter account!

What I mostly did last week was to write. I gut into such a flow that I could barely stop even to sleep. My stories are all coming along nicely, albeit some are slower than others.

On Friday I was seated on needles all day (don't know if that expression's the same in English) waiting for the Elder Scrolls Online Beta to open. 6 pm EST is midnight CET, and when the time was 11 pm it felt like forever before it opened. And when it did... I went to bed a 4.30 in the morning... It was hard to put down. Then I played it again on Saturday evening. I'm not allowed to say anything of the contents, but I can tell you that I thought it was amazing, that I'll definitely play it again when it's released (or if I get another Beta), and I may just have gotten stuck on an MMO for the first time in my life.

However I didn't play ESO yesterday. Dodger had started playing Long Live the Queen and I had had that game on my Steam wishlist for forever. But after seeing her playing it I wanted to play it too so badly. So I bought it and spent the entire evening playing it. Not kidding. I started around 7 pm and closed it down and went to bed around 4 am. And I'll play it again today. I'm stuck in the game and I want to play through several different scenarios!

Then comes the bad thing. While playing Long Live the Queen yesterday I could feel a migraine coming on, but it didn't feel very bad until I stood up from the computer to go to bed and the whole world lurched and I felt dizzy. I went to bed hoping to sleep, but I couldn't. It felt like my eyes would pop out of my skull. So I got dizzily out of bed and took two Aspirin before going back to bed. The Aspirin only took off about half of the pain and I still got sudden bursts of pain behind my eyes. Around 6 am I finally managed to go to sleep.

I can feel the migraine in my head. Like it's still there waiting for a chance to take over again. So today I'll function on Aspirin to stall the migraine until it goes away.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Walking Dead & Game of Thrones

Yesterday Toni and I saw all released episodes of season 4 of The Walking Dead. Today we finished season 3 of Game of Thrones (almost a year too late, I know). I need to write a bit about my feelings, because OMG these shows are killing me.


The Walking Dead.
Overall I enjoyed the season, though it became painfully obvious that this new flu was created to kill off every superfluous character that arrived from Woodbury at the end of last season. I like that Carl is more grown up now and less of a crazed child. I loved the scene where the fence breaks down and Rick and Carl together fend of a horde of walkers.
When Tyreese found Karen and David burned I was seriously convinced that it was Bob who did it. I didn't trust him and I still don't. I think he's suspicious. But Toni guessed ahead that it was Carol and it turned out he was right. What Rick did to Carol I think was absolutely right, but I liked Carol a lot and I don't want to see her go.
The scene in Cellblock A when some of the flu victims turned and Hershel was there alone had me on nails. Since the stupid administrators of The Walking Dead's Facebook page had spoiled on beforehand that Hershel would die in this season I thought that this was it. When he lived I was so happy.
Then of course the Governor had to show up. Despite his "rehabilitation" playing house with a new family I knew he wasn't "cured", because if he was there'd be no story. The final fight made me cry. I cried when Hershel died. I loved Hershel, just as I loved Dale. Why do they have to kill off all the good old men in the show? :( Tara obviously wanted to join Rick's side already before the fighting started. Michonne killed the Governor. FINALLY! I thought he wouldn't die cause he'd be a part of the story in the next part of the season too. I loved how badass the children were in the final fight.
But why did the bus leave without Maggie and Beth? Sure, they said they'd leave, but they knew Maggie was on the way! I guess next part of the season will show how the different groups from the prison try to survive on they own before being rejoined at a new place to call home. Because of the stupid administrators of The Walking Dead's Facebook page I also know that baby Judith isn't dead, as Rick and Carl seemed to think in the episode. Cause they wrote "Who took baby Judith?". So there. She's taken, not dead. Lovely. Thanks. -.-
Then there's just the mystery of the rats left. I'm still saying it's Bob cause I really don't like him and I think he's suspicious. But Toni says it's Lizzie and he was right about Carol, so maybe he's right about this too.
I'll just have to wait until February to find out. It could have been worse.

Game of Thrones.
I'm so shipping Jaime with Brianne.
All that's in my head right now is Red Wedding. That bastard Walder Frye! I honestly thought Mummy Stark would live through it, and I feel so sorry for poor Arya. Due to Facebook (once again) I knew that Robb would die, but I thought Mummy Stark would survive. I hoped Robb's wife (what's her name?) would live. Walder Frye is so getting what's coming to him. And it seems like Jaqen Hgarr is returning next season, with a new face of course.
And I'm so frustrated that if only the wildlings had heard Bran and the others inside the windmill then Bran would've been reunited with Jon Snow. On the other hand maybe the fighting would've been even harder for him. I feel so sorry for Ygritte, all alone in a new country.
Then there's Sansa, married to Tyrion. I think that after his little talk with Cersei, Tyrion will probably propose giving a child to Sansa just to put a smile on her face. And before the end of the next season I think Sansa will agree. I am shipping Sansa with Tyrion and have been since Sansa found out what a bastard Joffrey is (this series is made for shipping, seriously). The Lannister weddings were quite fun, though, listening to grandmother Tyrell trying to figure out the family bonds once everyone were married. The only thing missing is her marrying Tywin xD Loras will have to hurry to get an heir from Cersei, because she's fast getting too old. If he'll even touch her seeing as he's so very very gay. Margaery will have her hands full keeping Joffrey in line. But I think once she's had a son with him, and Joffrey has grown to trust her, she'll slip him something and he'll be found dead. And she'll get to act as regent until her son, the heir, is grown.
I wonder what will happen between Cersei and Jaime now that he's returned to King's Landing.
And then there's Daenerys. I love her. Everytime she gets screentime I get goosebumps. What she did for those slaves in Yunkai... She's building an army and she's building it fast. I love her tactics. I have a slight suspicion that Daario Naharis is going to be her new man, but I'm shipping her with Ser Jorah. If someone's friendzoned then it's him.
The whole thing with Theon is getting old. Can we move on now, please?

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Books of 2013

I love to read, and I feel that I read way too little nowadays. But I did manage a nice list of books last year and hopefully I'll read more this year.
  1. Red Country by Joe Abercrombie. Still in the same world as the rest of his books, but this time in a country we only saw a glimpse of in the first trilogy. I really liked Shy, the main character. I figured out who Lamb really was the first time he appeared in the book, and the return of Nicomo Cosca was a pleasant surprise although I really don't like him. Abercrombie has a knack for making very interesting and strong female characters, which I enjoy. In this book Shy and Lamb head out to find the children they lived with after an attack on their home. It becomes a trip where all their past unfolds and is revealed and a trip with a lot of interesting characters. 
  2. Prince of Stories by Hank Wagner, Christopher Golden & Stephen R. Bissette. It's a biography of Neil Gaiman's works. I didn't read the whole thing, because I felt it was going to spoil too much of what I hadn't yet read. However, I did enjoy what I read and once I feel I've read enough of Gaiman's works (like all of Sandman) I will probably read through the rest of the book. "Gaiman is the most famous author you've never heard of."
  3. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. What first caught my interest about this book were the old-fashioned photographs inside it and how there was something slightly wrong with each photograph. I bought it but it was only after Toni had read it and told me it was great that I read it too. It's obviously a teen novel, but it's really nicely done. Though I more than once figured out the plot before the main character did, so there was never any real surprise in it for me. I still really liked it, though, and there's supposed to be a movie and a sequel to it. I'm looking forward to both!
  4. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Nobody Owens is a human child who grows up at a graveyard with ghosts as his only family. He's got the powers of the graveyard and he learns a lot about the supernatural plane of our world. But while he does so, he also becomes aware that whatever killed his human parents is still after him. The Graveyard Book is a children's novel, but amazingly well done with a fair few surprises in it. It's one of those books that makes you feel empty once you've finished it. It's that good. 
  5. Unnatural Creatures. This is a short story compilation compiled by Neil Gaiman, but each story is by a different writer. Each story contains some sort of unnatural creature, hence the name. My favourites were the ones by Gahan Wilson, Diana Wynne Jones, Edith Nesbit, Larry Niven, Megan Kurashige, Avram Davidson, and Peter S. Beagle. The book felt a little long at times, but mostly it was very entertaining.
  6. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. This is sort of an adult children's novel. It's really short and it's about children, but the part about children comes from a middle-aged man reminiscing. I loved this book because it told the story of a magical and yet ordinary childhood, the kind that most children wish they could have. The end had me crying and smiling at the same time. And the book itself was both heart-warming and heart-breaking. This from a book of only 178 pages. 
  7. The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. This is a comic or rather a graphic novel. I've read numbers 1-3 and there are 10 in total + some spin-offs. The series tells the story of Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, and his siblings (especially Death) features on some occasions. The story isn't told in any particular order. The first volume told the story of how Dream (Morpheus) was captured and imprisoned in the early 20th century, while in the 2nd volume Morpheus meet a man in the 13th century who thinks dying is a silly notion and he has decided not to so they decide to meet at that same place every hundred years, which they do. In the 3rd volume we meet Shakespeare and his travelling band of actors and they get to play A Midsummer Night's Dream for a very special audience ;) Ofc there's more happening in each volume and they never fail to catch my attention and making them impossible to put down. 
  8. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. This novel was amazing. I still haven't watched the TV-series, but I will. The book was fantastic. Richard is an ordinary man with an ordinary life until he stumbles upon Door. She's badly hurt and Richard brings her to his flat to try and help her. The next day when she leaves she tells him she's sorry and the day after Richard notices that no one seems to see him or hear him, and those who do don't know who he is. So he sets out to find Door again, which leads him to London Below an amazing place full of strange people and creatures. Richard gets caught up in a plot against Door and her family and soon he finds himself in a full-fledged adventure. 
  9. The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling. Rowling's first novel for adults and on top of that it's general fiction. As far away from Harry Potter as possible. I don't read much general fiction and I thought it was hard to get into. I thought it didn't kick off until after Barry's funeral (about 150 pages in), but when it did I found it hard to put down. The characters and their choices and actions intrigued me and I wanted to know what would happen next. The end made me cry and I was still caught up in that book's world for days after I had finished it. 
  10. The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (a.k.a J.K. Rowling). Rowling's second adult novel written under pseudonym of Robert Galbraith to avoid the publicity. This is a crime novel and although I found it interesting and I really liked the main character Cormoran Strike, I did find it extremely hard to get into. To the point that I actually put it down and stopped reading it for a couple of weeks before I picked it up again and finished it. I really don't like Robin either. However I found myself smiling by the end of the book and I think I would consider reading another book with Strike and Robin, if there ever is one, although I found it a difficult book to read. 
  11. Heroes. There is a comic released alongside the four seasons of Heroes. I have read volume 1 and I also own volume 2. The stories in the comics are small stories that take place in-between the episodes of the TV-series. It also tells the complete background stories of characters that only show up briefly in the series. Like Hana Gitelman. Remember her? Didn't think so. She was in one episode in season 1 and half of the first volume is about her. I really like this comic since it provides one more layer to the already complex story of Heroes
  12. The Infernal City by Greg Keyes. This is the first of two novels placed within the Elder Scrolls universe. The story of the two novels takes place between the games Oblivion and Skyrim. 40 years after the Oblivion crisis. This first book, The Infernal City, was interesting but kind of slow since it was mostly about bringing the heroes together and "getting there". Though it did provide a great promise of things to come in the next book. Annaïg and Mere-Glim are best friends. They live in the south of Black Marsh and one day a flying city shows up out of nowhere killing everything in its path and creating a walking dead army in its wake. Annaïg likes to meddle with alchemy and she finds a potion that gives flight. She and Mere-Glim both end up on this flying city after trying the new flying potion, and they decide to try and bring it down before it destroys all of Tamriel.
  13. Necronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft. I have read about half of this one. It's a short story collection and it's all written in 1920's English, which makes it a very hard read. I love it though! Although I've only read half pages-wise, I've less than half of the stories left. The stories towards the end of the book are all of about 50-100 pages each. This is the author who layed the groundwork for modern horror authors. I'm not easily frightened and there's only one story so far that has scared me: The Colour Out of Space. But I did also find Herbert West - Reanimator slightly unnerving. I will finish reading this in the near future. Possibly I'll have it done before the end of the month. 
  14. Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo (Japanese the Japanese don't know) by Nagiko Amano. My teacher while studying Japanese mentioned this book and when I found it I had to buy it. It's a manga style book written by a Japanese language teacher. She works with foreign people wanting to learn Japanese and the book is about questions she receieve while working. Questions about what things are called that natives usually don't think about or questions why things are called the way they are or questions about cultural things and why they are like that. I had a lot of fun reading this book and I could easily relate to most of the situations depicted in the book. 
  15. Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman. This is a children's book with lots of pictures. However it has a very intriguing story and I finished the book with that warm feeling inside and wondered why all children's books can't be like this.
  16. Lord of Souls by Greg Keyes. The second book in the Elder Scrolls world. I've read about half of it, and I'm not seeing an ending approaching anytime soon. This will be very interesting and there's already more action than there ever was in the first book. I approve :)

And I just realised that there wasn't even a single book in Swedish last year. I should fix that this year. I really should. And I should also fix it so that I read at least 2 books a month. 16 books in a year (and some of them even comics!) isn't even near acceptable! I should read more in Japanese and French too...

Friday, 3 January 2014

Mini board gaming night :)

Today I wanted to try out Escape and Timeline that I got from Toni for Christmas. Escape was a lot of fun although the soundtrack was somewhat confusing and we both agreed that it was more fun to play with hour glass. Escape was very stressful and being only two players it was almost mandatory to stay together while exploring so that we could help each other. Hopefully it will be easier to spread out if there are more players. I think we played five or six rounds and we only managed to win the last round.

I also thought Timeline was a lot of fun, but then I love history. Toni isn't such a big fan of history and while I knew enough to make qualified guesses of where to put my cards he only guessed. After three rounds he didn't want to play anymore :P

After that we decided to try out some more games that we had at home but hadn't tried out yet. We started with Burn in Hell. It was somewhat confusing at first trying to remember what was what and what to do and when to do, and then the calculations... xD But in the end when we got into the game it was a lot of fun and although I was points-leader the entire game Toni stole the winning title from me in the end xD

Finally we tried Once Upon a Time, but it was getting late and it was hard to think of stories. Last time I played Once Upon a Time we were four players and there was a lot more action. I think it's a game that really benefits from having more players.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014



The first day of 2014. Yesterday we had a big New Years party which was a lot of fun. Mostly we talked, drank, listened to music and blew up some fireworks, but for a while we also played Cards Against Humanity. It's a card game with a pretty dark sense of humour. Anyway it fits right in!

With 4 minutes to go most of us went outdoors to watch the fireworks and blow up some of our own. And I got my New Years kiss from Toni :3 And then a kiss from a girl ^^ After some time hanging out outdoors we all went back indoors and some hours later people started leaving for home. But not before we had an awesome 90's marathon complete with dancing! :D 
Around 5 am Toni and I went to bed, though I couldn't sleep until 9 am -.-' and then I woke up at 2 pm and couldn't go back to sleep so half an hour later I went up and started cleaning up the mess from the party. 

I was done around 4.30 pm and that's when I woke Toni up and tried to order pizza online. Which proved very difficult. The server was too busy and kept crashing (it felt a bit like the university application site on the last day of application). A process that should take a couple of minutes ended up taking almost an hour and by the time we managed to get an order through I was pretty pissed :P But the restaurant was quick and after barely 30 minutes our pizzas arrived. Pizza was heaven. It was the first time in a long long while I had ordered a pizza with salami on it, but omg it was so good :3 Toni and I spent some time in front of the TV watching Police Academy and some AFV :)

Now I'm off to play some games and maybe plan some early posts of 2014 concerning what I left behind in 2013 :)

Happy New Year! :D