Thursday, 23 January 2014

The musical year of 2013

So a bit better and earlier than last year. But still not as early as I would've liked. Obviously I need to start listen through a year's releases earlier than October. Here's 2012, and here's 2011. I'm going to do this like I did last year, cause there are way too many artists to do it like in 2011.

Group/artist name. Genre. Amount of releases. My overall grade of releases. Favourite song.
To make it easy I'll also separate Asian from Western as well as separate the Asian pop from the Asian rock.
Most anticipated releases: Avril's album, Yohio's album, The Pretty Reckless' singles, Sharan Q's single, and Morning Musume's singles. 
Best releases of the year: Avril Lavigne - "Rock n Roll", Juice=Juice - "Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne", The Pretty Reckless - "Heaven Knows", Morning Musume - "Brainstorming", Sharan Q - "Single Bed"
Best songs all-together (most plays):


  1. Nice, jag har uppskattat Rob Zombies senaste väldigt mkt 2013 :3

  2. Har hittills bara hunnit lyssna på albumet för att få en grundläggande uppfattning och inte så mycket mer. Men det låter nice så blir nog mer lyssnande på honom i år :)

  3. Awesome musiksmak, jag avlider.
    AFI <3

  4. Tack! :) Vad glad jag blir ^^
    Tyckte visserligen inte att AFI's nya album var jättespeciellt, men det var inte dåligt heller. Dock har de gjort bättre grejer :P

    Trevligt att du tittade in btw! Alltid kul med nya läsare! :)


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