Friday, 3 January 2014

Mini board gaming night :)

Today I wanted to try out Escape and Timeline that I got from Toni for Christmas. Escape was a lot of fun although the soundtrack was somewhat confusing and we both agreed that it was more fun to play with hour glass. Escape was very stressful and being only two players it was almost mandatory to stay together while exploring so that we could help each other. Hopefully it will be easier to spread out if there are more players. I think we played five or six rounds and we only managed to win the last round.

I also thought Timeline was a lot of fun, but then I love history. Toni isn't such a big fan of history and while I knew enough to make qualified guesses of where to put my cards he only guessed. After three rounds he didn't want to play anymore :P

After that we decided to try out some more games that we had at home but hadn't tried out yet. We started with Burn in Hell. It was somewhat confusing at first trying to remember what was what and what to do and when to do, and then the calculations... xD But in the end when we got into the game it was a lot of fun and although I was points-leader the entire game Toni stole the winning title from me in the end xD

Finally we tried Once Upon a Time, but it was getting late and it was hard to think of stories. Last time I played Once Upon a Time we were four players and there was a lot more action. I think it's a game that really benefits from having more players.

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