Monday, 20 January 2014

Nerdy week

Last week I had a really nerdy week. I had a lot planned, similar to the week before, but in the end all of that went through the window. That's what happens when you get stuck in games.

Monday to Thursday I was completely stuck in Long Live The Queen. I had so much fun and I have managed 32 of 39 achievements, which means I have managed almost all scenarios the game has to offer. When the week started I was dead set on getting everything, but by Thursday I had grown sort of tired of the game and needed some change. Still Long Live The Queen is one of my current favourite games.

So to get that change I started up Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. It's a Japanese style dungeon crawler. Akaneiro is the Japanese name for The Little Red Riding Hood, and you basically play as a demon slaying girl. You kill demons from Japanese folklore with an array of Japanese style armour and weapons, while listening to Japanese style music. It's awesome. I started playing this back in October when it was still Early Access. When I started it up again on Thursday evening it was no longer Early Access and a lot of things had changed. It worked really well and I had a lot fun. For several days.

But on Saturday I had grown sort of tired of Akaneiro too and decided to start up Morrowind again. This far I'm having a lot of fun with Morrowind, though there are moments when the game drives me crazy. Like the fact that you can't always get out of water if you get in it. Mostly that happens in the sewers of Vivec City and occasional pools. But most of the time it works well. I'm getting better and I think I'm about halfway through the main quest line now, though there are loads more to do outside of the main quest line. 

Apart from the obvious with the games we also had a game night two days ago in which we played the first story from the expansion pack Forbidden Alchemy for Mansions of Madness. I was Keeper again, but this time no one won. If only one player had been a little slower I would have won, but because he wasn't no one could win this time around :/ I still had a lot of fun playing Keeper. Being the Keeper allows me to be just as mean as I want to :3

Yesterday I spent playing more Morrowind as well as watching the third and final episode of season 3 of BBC Sherlock. Ending the season with a cliffhanger ofc, and now we probably have to wait two more years for the next season T_T


  1. Long live the queen är verkligen inte min typ av spel men blev faktiskt väldigt sugen på att testa xD GIllar stilen i det japanska men skulle nog tröttna snabbt.. Awesome att du spelar Morrowind, är på min "to game list"
    VIll fortfarande skaffa Mansion of madness men ja, det kommer väl hända snart.
    På grund av att jag inte har haft tid för nöjen det senaste så har jag fortfarande hela nya säsongen av Sherlock att njuta av :33333333333333333333333333333

  2. Long Live the Queen är ett strategispel och jag gillar att ha ett strategispel eller två att plocka fram ibland. Det är säkert pga att jag spelade schack som liten xD Grejen med dungeon crawlers är att de ofta är väldigt enformiga, men samtidigt är det kul att ha någon form utav spel som man bara kan starta upp och köra utan att behöva tänka för mycket på vad det är man gör. Jag gillar både tänka-spel och inte-tänka-spel :P

    Och sen Morrowind. Jag fick några tips på några console commands som skulle göra Morrowind lite mer accomodating for spelare som kommer från Skyrim och Oblivion. Och efter jag skrivit in dem så blev spelet verkligen en mycket trevligare upplevelse xD Även om jag fortfarande måste påminna mig själv om att spara hela tiden för det finns ingen autosave xD

    Jag vet faktiskt inte vad jag ska tycka om tredje säsongen. En del av mig älskar den, men en del av mig tycker inte att den är lika bra som de andra två... Lite splittrat här.


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