Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Walking Dead & Game of Thrones

Yesterday Toni and I saw all released episodes of season 4 of The Walking Dead. Today we finished season 3 of Game of Thrones (almost a year too late, I know). I need to write a bit about my feelings, because OMG these shows are killing me.


The Walking Dead.
Overall I enjoyed the season, though it became painfully obvious that this new flu was created to kill off every superfluous character that arrived from Woodbury at the end of last season. I like that Carl is more grown up now and less of a crazed child. I loved the scene where the fence breaks down and Rick and Carl together fend of a horde of walkers.
When Tyreese found Karen and David burned I was seriously convinced that it was Bob who did it. I didn't trust him and I still don't. I think he's suspicious. But Toni guessed ahead that it was Carol and it turned out he was right. What Rick did to Carol I think was absolutely right, but I liked Carol a lot and I don't want to see her go.
The scene in Cellblock A when some of the flu victims turned and Hershel was there alone had me on nails. Since the stupid administrators of The Walking Dead's Facebook page had spoiled on beforehand that Hershel would die in this season I thought that this was it. When he lived I was so happy.
Then of course the Governor had to show up. Despite his "rehabilitation" playing house with a new family I knew he wasn't "cured", because if he was there'd be no story. The final fight made me cry. I cried when Hershel died. I loved Hershel, just as I loved Dale. Why do they have to kill off all the good old men in the show? :( Tara obviously wanted to join Rick's side already before the fighting started. Michonne killed the Governor. FINALLY! I thought he wouldn't die cause he'd be a part of the story in the next part of the season too. I loved how badass the children were in the final fight.
But why did the bus leave without Maggie and Beth? Sure, they said they'd leave, but they knew Maggie was on the way! I guess next part of the season will show how the different groups from the prison try to survive on they own before being rejoined at a new place to call home. Because of the stupid administrators of The Walking Dead's Facebook page I also know that baby Judith isn't dead, as Rick and Carl seemed to think in the episode. Cause they wrote "Who took baby Judith?". So there. She's taken, not dead. Lovely. Thanks. -.-
Then there's just the mystery of the rats left. I'm still saying it's Bob cause I really don't like him and I think he's suspicious. But Toni says it's Lizzie and he was right about Carol, so maybe he's right about this too.
I'll just have to wait until February to find out. It could have been worse.

Game of Thrones.
I'm so shipping Jaime with Brianne.
All that's in my head right now is Red Wedding. That bastard Walder Frye! I honestly thought Mummy Stark would live through it, and I feel so sorry for poor Arya. Due to Facebook (once again) I knew that Robb would die, but I thought Mummy Stark would survive. I hoped Robb's wife (what's her name?) would live. Walder Frye is so getting what's coming to him. And it seems like Jaqen Hgarr is returning next season, with a new face of course.
And I'm so frustrated that if only the wildlings had heard Bran and the others inside the windmill then Bran would've been reunited with Jon Snow. On the other hand maybe the fighting would've been even harder for him. I feel so sorry for Ygritte, all alone in a new country.
Then there's Sansa, married to Tyrion. I think that after his little talk with Cersei, Tyrion will probably propose giving a child to Sansa just to put a smile on her face. And before the end of the next season I think Sansa will agree. I am shipping Sansa with Tyrion and have been since Sansa found out what a bastard Joffrey is (this series is made for shipping, seriously). The Lannister weddings were quite fun, though, listening to grandmother Tyrell trying to figure out the family bonds once everyone were married. The only thing missing is her marrying Tywin xD Loras will have to hurry to get an heir from Cersei, because she's fast getting too old. If he'll even touch her seeing as he's so very very gay. Margaery will have her hands full keeping Joffrey in line. But I think once she's had a son with him, and Joffrey has grown to trust her, she'll slip him something and he'll be found dead. And she'll get to act as regent until her son, the heir, is grown.
I wonder what will happen between Cersei and Jaime now that he's returned to King's Landing.
And then there's Daenerys. I love her. Everytime she gets screentime I get goosebumps. What she did for those slaves in Yunkai... She's building an army and she's building it fast. I love her tactics. I have a slight suspicion that Daario Naharis is going to be her new man, but I'm shipping her with Ser Jorah. If someone's friendzoned then it's him.
The whole thing with Theon is getting old. Can we move on now, please?


  1. Läste inte om walking dead för har inte lyckats komma vidare i den än xD Är på tredje säsongen..

    men ahhhh game of thrones! Följer slaviskt och ååås är så taggad inför fjärde säsongen som kommer 4 april OMG!

  2. Tredje säsongen är lite seg där i mitten, men ser du vidare så "shit's gonna hit the fan" ;)

    Är också så sjukt taggad inför nästa säsong av Game of Thrones! Det kommer bli så himla awesome :D


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