Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My childhood PC games

So CutiePieMarzia made a video talking about old PC games she played while growing up and I got so inspired to do a blog post about my own top 6 PC games from my childhood. Let's start by showing you her video:

Let's start backwards. 

Number 6 has got to be Quack Attack. I didn't have it at home but me and my sister spent countless hours playing it on my grandfather's computer. She was better at it than me (she has always been better at platformers than me). But I did have a lot of fun with it. It all disappeared when my grandfather got a new computer.

Number 5 is probably Strawberry Magic. I could only play this during recess in school and during after school activities. It took me forever to find anything about this game cause apparantly it wasn't such a big commercial success and no one I know and have talked to since has ever heard about the game. I can't find it on YouTube and these are all the pictures I could find, most of them from a Hebrew site. I did find a place to download the game in Swedish, though! It's an old DOS-based game and I don't remember much from the story other than that you're playing as a walking, talking strawberry boy who helps people.

Number 4 is Disney's Magic Artist Studio. I played this for a long time and I didn't stop until I was probably way older than the intended target audience. It's a painting game and it's a lot of fun. I still have the disc for this game somewhere. It just sucked that after Vista I could no longer make it work on my computer :( All the videos I can find on Youtube are for newer versions of the game so instead I show you some pictures I found of the version of the game that I played :)

Number 3 is Freddie the Fish. This is a sort of point-and-click adventure game and I was slightly older when I started playing this. I think I played it both in school, at a friend's house and at my grandfather's computer. It was a lot of fun and if I could get my hands on it today I think I'd still really like it :)

Number 2 is a game that I know as Flygande Start Första Klass, but that I found out is called JumpStart First Graders in English. I loved this game as a child and I continued to play it halfway through my teens on days when I was really bored. It's enjoyable and once you're older than the age the game is intended for it's quite easy. A game of a lot of easy fun. 

Number 1 is a game that I still love: the original Rayman game. I have the disc, but I can't get it to work so instead I play the GBA version on my DS :P I love Band Land. The furthest I've ever gotten is to Pen Land (don't even know if it's called that). As I said before I'm not good with platformers, but I can't help but love Rayman. This game (and how amazing it is) is the main reason why I've never liked a Rayman game since. Don't fix it if it ain't broken! -.-

Then of course there are other games I played when I was little that I really loved, but these are the main ones. 

Others are the Pippi Longstocking game I used to play at the computer at the local library, and Bubble Bobble that I used to play at a friend's place, or Super Mario that I used to play at another friend's place... Those last two were of course not PC games but console games, but still... Then there are of course games that I remember that I have played, but I have no idea what they're called and it would take forever for me to find them. I already went through that with Strawberry Magic. 


  1. Hi, there is a download option in the Israeli site, here are the links: . I LOVED this game as a kid :D

    1. Thanks :) But as I said in the post I did also find a Swedish site with a download link while looking for pictures :) So I'm all good.

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