Friday, 29 June 2012

A bit of shopping and some other stuff

Since Toni left last Sunday I've been keeping myself busy.

I decided that I'd try to finish my dissertation before the deadline on July 16, and it's been going well. I may still have a chance to not fail my French course completely :P

I worked on Wednesday and actually felt good about it. That hasn't happened in a while and I'm really looking forward to this weekend's work. The only cloud on my sky is the cold I managed to catch yesterday...

Yesterday I also signed the contract for the new flat I'll be moving into in October :) Really looking forward to it and I wish October would arrive much faster.

Today I picked up some clothes I ordered from Shock:
Except for the corset like vest everything is in the right colour. My corset-vest is completely black. Anyway two vests that are a bit more feminine, I grew tired of only having normal t-shirts to wear to skirts and wanted something a bit more fitting :)

Monday, 25 June 2012

I want to go back...

I dreamed about Tokyo again tonight. Only this time it was different. I dreamt that I had gone there again and  been in class with Massimo, Julian and Sabrina again (the ones that were there when I left). After class we went to eat okonomiyaki. It was raining. Then we decided to go out, despite the rain.

The need to go back to Japan is still there, two years after I left. I still miss it constantly, although less fiercly. I still have my photos from that trip as my screensaver. I still read through my blog posts from that time every now and then. I can't believe it's already been two years, it seems like only yesterday I was taking the underground in the morning rush every day.

This calls for a picture bomb.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


I'm feeling lonely.
And I probably will for the next 9 days.
Cause it's 9 days until I will see Toni again.
It feels like a ridiculously small amount of time and an eternity at the same time.
This place feels so empty, although there's four people here including me.
I will try to keep myself busy for the next 9 days.
Trying to keep my mind off how much I miss him and then maybe it won't hurt as much.
It still kind of scares me how much in love I am with him.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Metaltown 12

On Thursday morning I got up around 6 am to shower and finish packing before heading off to the train. It was sunny and warm already in the morning. 3 hours later I arrive in Gothenburg and it's so cold, cloudy and windy. After waiting around in the waiting hall for about 20-25 minutes the train from Stockholm arrived with Toni and his friends. We got going to Shock to change our tickets for wristbands and then went to have lunch. After lunch we stocked up on cider and beer before finally going to the place where the bus would pick us up and take us to the camping area. Already at the bus stop some of the guys put up their camping chairs and cracked open a can of beer and Toni got his block rocker playing. Arriving at the camping site we put our tents up and after a while even the marquee. But it was freezing cold that evening. I was sitting with sweater, jacket, fingerless gloves and blanket and was still freezing. As time went by more and more campers showed up and the party grew bigger. Around 1 am I was so very tired and Toni and I decided to go to sleep.
Pictures Thursday:

On Friday the festival really started and after getting water, having brunch and going up to the festival area to buy some merch the party started for real. Loud music, singing along, cheering, drinking and crazyness. We hung around there until it was time to head back up to the festival area and watch Jason Rouse around 6 pm. After that we had a look at Avatar. Before going to the stage where Within Temptation were going to play we had dinner. After WT we saw Lamb of God and then Marilyn Manson. It was crowded in front of the stage when Manson played. I was pretty much pressed against a guy who was half a head taller than me. Towards the end of the Manson concert it started raining, first just a bit and then quite heavily. Since we could see pretty much nothing cause the huge guys in front of us obscured our view of both the stage and then screen we decided to go back to the camping at that time and thus saw nothing of In Flames. I like In Flames but I haven't really listened to them since Come Clarity and I haven't been very interested since then. No big loss not having seen them really.
Pictures Friday:

Saturday was just crazy. Party crazy. For brunch we had BBQ with some awesome brochettes. One of them had kangaroo, crocodile and springbok on it xD After breakfast we went back to the camping and stayed there pretty much the whole day. There was no band playing on Saturday that neither I nor Toni was very interested in seeing. Although we got to see some of Mastodon when having nachos for dinner. The rest of the day was just party some of it cramped together under the marquee while wearing rain ponchos to get away from the rain, but still very cheerful.
Pictures Saturday:

Sunday we had to get up early since the camping closed at noon. We packed our stuff and got to drinking the last of the beer and cider and having some final party time before departing. Well back at the central station in Gothenburg we had brunch at NFC (some knock-off of KFC). That's where I met up with Zabini (from the Swedish Harry Potter community) and later also HIM (from the same site where I first met Toni). Around 4.30pm we all got on our respective trains and headed back home.
And that was all from Metaltown 12 :D
I'll treat you to a video too ;)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

And that turned into a rant...

I consider it to be awfully hot already and there's still way more to go... I'm in preparation for Metaltown :) Today I went all over town buying things that will be necessary or that I simply just needed. What's left doing tonight is creating some kind of party music list for the nights at the camping and possibly start with the packing, but I doubt I'll do that in any serious fashion. My serious packing will probably start tomorrow evening and then I need to get on an early train on Thursday.

Something else I have done today that I can't help but feeling immensly proud over is that I've repaired my pants, which means I've been sewing. For the first time in, what, 5 years? Nothing complicated just making a new seem where the old one had split and made a hole, but I'm still proud. So I've done some needlework, by hand. Sewing machines and I are old enemies. 

I'm having this great urge to play The Sims 2 again. I want to get going with my families again. I want to continue with my Teague family and I want to really get things going with my Takahashi family. Do you remember my Teague family? This is what the family tree looks like as of now and I haven't really been playing for months. 
Just a few days ago I got this urge to build more houses and get a move-on with my sims. I don't have pictures of all the houses I've built, but I have pictures of these five:
When I build houses I don't really think about what I'm doing... I just add the base and then some random walls and out of that there may be towers, balconys, porches, saunas, green houses, gardens and garages. My personal favourite is the house with many towers. My vampire sim (Ai) lives there with her daughter :) In the first house, which was my first ever house for the Teague family, lives a werewolf couple (Evelyn & Aiden) and in the house next to that (the one that looks like a two-storey cottage) lives a sim-robot couple (Fenrir & Byron) with their soon-to-be-born Alien baby. The bottom image is what the neighbourhood currently looks like.

Alright, fine, I just felt like I had to make a rant about it.

So now I'll try to go and make that playlist...