Tuesday, 12 June 2012

And that turned into a rant...

I consider it to be awfully hot already and there's still way more to go... I'm in preparation for Metaltown :) Today I went all over town buying things that will be necessary or that I simply just needed. What's left doing tonight is creating some kind of party music list for the nights at the camping and possibly start with the packing, but I doubt I'll do that in any serious fashion. My serious packing will probably start tomorrow evening and then I need to get on an early train on Thursday.

Something else I have done today that I can't help but feeling immensly proud over is that I've repaired my pants, which means I've been sewing. For the first time in, what, 5 years? Nothing complicated just making a new seem where the old one had split and made a hole, but I'm still proud. So I've done some needlework, by hand. Sewing machines and I are old enemies. 

I'm having this great urge to play The Sims 2 again. I want to get going with my families again. I want to continue with my Teague family and I want to really get things going with my Takahashi family. Do you remember my Teague family? This is what the family tree looks like as of now and I haven't really been playing for months. 
Just a few days ago I got this urge to build more houses and get a move-on with my sims. I don't have pictures of all the houses I've built, but I have pictures of these five:
When I build houses I don't really think about what I'm doing... I just add the base and then some random walls and out of that there may be towers, balconys, porches, saunas, green houses, gardens and garages. My personal favourite is the house with many towers. My vampire sim (Ai) lives there with her daughter :) In the first house, which was my first ever house for the Teague family, lives a werewolf couple (Evelyn & Aiden) and in the house next to that (the one that looks like a two-storey cottage) lives a sim-robot couple (Fenrir & Byron) with their soon-to-be-born Alien baby. The bottom image is what the neighbourhood currently looks like.

Alright, fine, I just felt like I had to make a rant about it.

So now I'll try to go and make that playlist...

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