Thursday, 31 May 2012

Nerdiness of May

I really should be blogging more often... Maybe I should start mobile blogging?


Harry Potter. Skyrim. ANTM. Mad Men. Writing. Alice Cooper. Tim Burton. The Avengers.

Harry Potter. I don't know how it happened. But suddenly I started hanging out a lot at reading Dramione and Drarry, there has been one Ginny/Neville too and a really weird one involving Snape/Draco... Can't say that I want to stop reading them with a straight face. The most fun ones to read are the ones rated Mature. Yes, I'm dirty, it's not like I'm trying to hide it. Okay, I was lying. I know how it happened. I got into my head that I should just check out the FanFiction section of the forum at that Swedish community... I read some and then it got advanced... This is nothing new. I used to read fanfics all the time at Either I was simply younger at the time or they were better writers at hoggy... I got bored with the fanfics at the forum and decided to go pro :P

Skyrim. I haven't really played that much, but I decided to go somewhere else for a while and try to get past that troll later. So I've been clearing out some bandit nests ever since. Now it seems like I'm in over my head again as I stumbled upon a camp of mage apprentices. You can't use my own weapon against me?! So not fair! *pout* ;) But I had a lot of fun when I was working on defeating that Necromancer as a way of helping a guy...  I failed the optional directive of protecting the guy so he died in the process... But I did defeat the Necromancer and got to kick some dead guys' asses too :P

ANTM. Saw the finals today. You remember me saying that my favourites were Azmarie and Sophie? Well, Azmarie was kicked out pretty early because of her "too cool for school"-attitude and then I could focus solely on Sophie who just kept winning me over every time. I was so happy for her success when she became the face of "Rude is Nude" and when she booked all her go-sees. But I was seriously doubting that she would win since she's a Brit. But the ANTM judges proved me wrong and she won! Sophie won! Yay! :D

Mad Men. Sad to say but Mad Men is getting boring. Last season was awesome and now it's just blah. What happened?! I keep watching the show just for the sake of it, but honestly... I guess the fact that Peggy quit is the only really big thing that will happen in this season?

Writing. Yes, I did start looking at my writing again. I have whole scenarios in my head for my main story I just need to get them into print and I also need to get to those scenarios story-wise. It's going very slowly...

Alice Cooper. I am not kidding when I say that I really really wanted one of these and that I was so very happy when my boyfriend actually bought me one. I also finally came around to buying five of my favourite Alice Cooper albums: Constrictor, Brutal Planet, Dragontown, Dirty Diamonds and Welcome 2 My Nightmare. I already had Trash, Hey Stoopid and Along Came a Spider before and now this lands my grand total of Alice Cooper albums on 8 :) I'm getting there ;)

Tim Burton. Toni showed me a movie by Tim Burton that I hadn't even heard of before. It was called 9 and it was super-cute, kind of steampunky and really good. My favourite characters being 7 (ofc) and then 3 and 4 :P Then ofc we went to the premiere of Dark Shadows. It wasn't awesome, it clearly wasn't one of the best movies he's done, but it wasn't bad and complete crap either. All on all I liked it and the ending promises a sequel :D And pointing back at my recent Alice Cooper hype... I had no idea Alice Cooper was going to be in Dark Shadows. When the ingress was rolling and it ended with "with Alice Cooper" I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. "Did you know about this?" "No! *huge smile*"

The Avengers. We went to see The Avengers on the premiere as well. I haven't laughed so hard at the cinema in ages. It was so hilarious. The crowd was so geeky and we applauded and laughed so many times. I could see it again at the cinema. So worth it. Also some of the scenes were hilarious like this one. And I still can't stop laughing to "Puny god". "Your brother just killed 80 people in 4 days." "*shrug* He's adopted."

Notice the fact that Diablo 3 isn't on this list. Why? Cause I just can't bother with linear MMO-RPGs that I'll suck at anyway.

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