Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Nerdiness of April

Harry Potter. Skyrim. The Sims 2. ScaryGirl. Plants vs Zombies. Rayman. Game of Thrones. Mad Men. ANTM. No Ordinary Family. Nightwish. Music.

Harry Potter. It will be a bigger thing when that name won't appear on my list of nerdiness... Although this month there hasn't been a lot. Sure I've been hanging out at that Swedish community as per usual. I've looped this video a few times. I showed this video to Toni and he can't seem to get it out of his head (hilarious). Oh and yes Pottermore opened for everyone. I got Love into making an account just to see which House he would get sorted into and he turned out a Slytherin. Well, he could fit into any House. Then Kajsa decided to make a new account because she was so displeased with ending up in Slytherin (she really doesn't fit in there) and redo the Sorting Hat test. She ended up in Hufflepuff exactly as she wanted to and was really happy about it xD I'm satisfied with being in Slytherin. Because of all the hype around Pottermore opening I ended up making a few potions again.

Skyrim. So I finally got my stuff together and tried out the game. I really like it :D Although now I'm stuck, which is somewhat good timing cause I need to write that dissertation anyway. But I'll probably have to do a few sidemissions before going back to the main one cause I can't seem to get past that troll that blows me to pieces in two hits.

The Sims 2. I've gotten a little tired of it. But I still play at times. My Japanese family recently had twins. Other than that I have nothing new to report.

ScaryGirl. I've played through the demo twice now and I really like the game. I'm actually considering to buy it, but I'm not sure. Why? Cause I find the demo somewhat difficult (I suck) and I think the full game would really be something I would just rage quit on. Somewhat like Alice Madness Returns...

Plants vs Zombies. Playing through the game on my DS. It's a little different feeling from being used to playing it on the PS3. However I still like the game, but I feel a little rusty. Gotta get more practice! Didn't have enough time last time, my DS died on me...

Rayman. I've completed about 20% of the game on my DS which is the furthest I've ever come. But I'm doubting that I'll get much further. As mentioned before I'm kind of sucky at games although I love playing.

Game of Thrones. This series is so goddamn awesome! Tyrion and Daenerys are my favourites. Can't wait til next episode. It bothers me a bit that each season is only 10 episodes long, but at least that's better than BBC's Sherlock which is only 3 episodes per season.

Mad Men. The new season doesn't have me starstruck like the other ones did. I hate Megan. I want to see more Sally. I watch with glee and malice how Betty struggles. And just the sight of Sterling bothers me. And is it only me or does Don seem a little boring in this season? And it needs more Joan!

ANTM. This season is getting interesting. Could it be that America's Next Top Model is a Brit? That would be so awesome. I was very disappointed when Azmarie was sent home but Sophie keeps getting more and more awesome. And I think I'm getting attached to Alisha as well.

No Ordinary Family. Finished the first and only season. A second season of this series would've been so awesome. The series really improved in the second half of the season and it could've gotten really great if it was only allowed to conitnue. Americans just don't know what good TV is, if they did all the good series wouldn't be discontinued. Yes, I'm looking at you Heroes and Firefly.

Nightwish. The concert three weeks ago was just amazing. I was really tired when writing the review and it turned out really crappy. But honestly, the Nightwish one felt so much more amazing than the Within Temptation one. I keep hoping that Nightwish will be one of the final names to be revealed for Metaltown. I want them there so bad.

Music. There has been so much music lately. I'm completely stuck at a bunch of groups now. My post The past hour shows this pretty well. Stone Sour, KoRn, Staind, Sixx:A.M., Alice Cooper, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, The Pretty Reckless, Avenged Sevenfold, Skid Row, Mr. Big, Mötley Crüe, Guns n' Roses, KISS, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Lordi... The list keeps on going and I just want more and more and more...

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